Ray O’Bannon has been busy in his toy shop coming up with yet another fun papercraft project.

These fellows have bored themselves to death at the cemetery and decided to form a band.theband1

The thing is, each one has their own favorite style of music . . . But they do look good together . . . like a real band!!!

Let’s see . . . What did Ray say their names were?

Oh goodness! Fortunately mine are peacefully quiet.

They each have their own stage . . . they are stand-alone band members . . . You can choose your favorite . . . MIC is to the far right and you can figure out the rest . . . BOOTS on drums and NASH with his bass guitar on the left.

These paper crafts make a great centerpiece for your Halloween Party . . . and they make great gifts for the music lovers in your family. They’re fun to have around to decorate your fall decor . . . They’re wonderful conversation pieces . . . You may be surprised that your dad had a garage band when he was a kid . . . or your tone deaf Uncle Clem was in a band way back when . . .

I hope you enjoy these guys.

Thanks for stopping by!