I Was Watching A Movie From Amazon Prime — It Was A Blend Of Suspense, SciFi, Paranormal And Perhaps Drama

    It took place at a unique gift shop late on Christmas Eve … Definitely a last minute shopper.

    What was of interest to me was that each item in the shop had a unique story that went along with it … I love old unusual things … 

    I did enjoy the movie … It did get me thinking about items in your home and mine. Some could be inherited items … Some could have been purchased from an antique shop or garage sale … Or a gift from someone — even from a State Fair … I wonder about something you may have picked up on a beach or while out walking …

    I wonder how many of those would have a story …I would imagine quite a few … It’s uncovering the story that may be a bit difficult … 


    There Are Many People Who Go Out Exploring In The Woods … Searching For Abandoned Places

    I find this interesting, but I’m usually not brave enough to venture inside … And I definitely wouldn’t take anything!

    It’s both fascinating and creepy to go into abandoned places. I think I would prefer to take pictures of interesting places and objects …We can do that quite easily with our cell phones. 

    I would carry an EMF Meter with me to see if any ghost activity is present. I’d also try to get some EVPs … Then put together a story about the place or about a particular object of interest.

    It’s Always Good To Be A Big Part Of Your Own Adventure

    Take pictures. Video your reactions. Write about it in a journal along with some pictures.

    I’m not one to get out the camera at the right time to capture something interesting. I’ll think about it later … I should have taken a picture of that!!

    Hopefully during the New Year I’ll be taking more pictures and capturing some interesting EVPs … I would imagine there are many spirits around who would love to tell their story.

    Thanks for stopping by!