Sonny was haunted by a little girl.

It seems my local coffee shop is the place for me to learn about the paranormal experiences of others. I guess I’ve gotten a reputation in my little corner of the city that I’ll listen to the strange and unusual stories of others without judgment. All I can say is that I’m delighted most of these things haven’t happened to me . . . but I’ve had my share of experiences.

It’s unfortunate that in many places throughout history there have been men and women murdering their families. For this and many other possible reasons, one never knows for sure what has happened in their own homes by previous owners or visitors.

Sonny lives with his grandmother in an old mansion near the cemetery. That, in and of itself is spooky enough, but that has no baring on this story — the location. What is significant is that there was a murder in the house. It seemed back in the 1940’s a family of five invited a long lost cousin to stay with them for a visit.

What happened in the house?

Hugh and Suzanne Williamson lived in a lovely mansion with their two sons and a daughter. Mrs. Williamson was in contact with a man who claimed to be a cousin from Montana. In their correspondence (this was during the 1940’s when snail mail was the preferred means of communication) it became clear that Suzanne’s father and Brian’s (the cousin) mother were cousins. As usually happens when one exchanges letters Suzanne extended an invitation to visit if he’s ever in California.

After a year of corresponding, Brian says he’s taking a train trip out to California for a visit. He gives Suzanne the details of when he’ll arrive.

The Williamson family picks up cousin Brian at the train depot and brings him into their home. He does come with gifts and photographs of the shared family history in Montana. It all seems legitimate and true. Suzanne has photographs of similar pictures. What the family doesn’t know is that Brian had a troubled upbringing and for the past several years was institutionalized for the criminally insane.

It is unknown if he escaped or was released.

Brian was the perfect house guest for the first couple of days. Then he stopped interacting with the family. He would stay in his room all day and would be out all night.

Suzanne and Hugh waited up for him one night and told him it was time for him to return home — his visit was now over.

While the Williamson family slept, Brian murdered them all and was on the train early the next morning, destination unknown.

It took a couple of days before the bodies were found. (This was told to Sonny’s grandmother by a neighbor who lived next door to the Williamson’s when it happened.)

Sonny is a college student. He lives with his grandmother, aunt and little cousin, Gillian.

One Saturday morning, Sonny was doing laundry in the basement. His grandmother, aunt and little cousin were out shopping. He saw a little girl he thought was Gillian playing in the basement. She asked him for a glass of water. He went into the kitchen to get the water for her. He set the glass on the counter when his grandmother, aunt and cousin walked in with their arms full of grocery bags. He went out to the car to help bring in more bags.

When he went back into the basement to put his laundry into the dryer, he noticed the glass next to some toys. Sonny realized that Gillian wasn’t in the basement with him asking for a glass of water. She was out of the house with her mother and grandmother.

The creepy thing was that the glass was empty — no evidence that it had spilled.

He immediately told his grandmother what had happened. He was shaken up by the experience.

No one else has seen the ghost of the little girl or any other Williamson family member.

Sonny believes the little girl is with him all the time. He’ll see her in the house and at college and every place he goes.

I noticed Sonny brought his coffee and a glass of water to the table. He drank his coffee and never touched the water, but by the time his story was completed . . . his water glass was empty.

Now that was a Creepy Real Ghost Story!!