There are plenty of old houses where I live. I sometimes get a weird feeling from houses, just passing by them.

Some are inviting and others feel creepy and I don’t even want to look at them. Has this happened to you?

I believe every house has the potential of being haunted. Not scary haunted, just having a previous owner who has passed still living there. It starts out with a feeling of being watched. Then you may feel cold or increasingly uncomfortable. Depending upon the spirit, you can either feel welcome or unwelcome. I have walked into houses and immediately wanted to leave. It’s awkward when you’re invited to dinner and just don’t want to stay another second. You truly believe something horrible will happen to you if you do stay. Sometimes you see something out of the corner of your eye. You know you’re not imagining it, but you do shrug it off. You don’t want to say anything, not everyone shares your belief in the paranormal. And, honestly, how do you tell a friend that their house is creepy?

The interesting thing is when you do make contact with a ghost, who doesn’t know he or she is dead.

There have been times when I’ve talked with a ghost and didn’t know it was a ghost. It thought I was a ghost.

I was looking to buy a house a number of years ago. There was a great open house that served food and allowed potential buyers to look around and get a “feel” of the house. I suppose it was a way of imagining how it would feel to live there as opposed to most open houses where they invite you in, quickly show you around and out the door you entered.

It was a friendly crowd who were sitting around enjoying the buffet. I wasn’t sure how many realtors were there and how many were potential buyers. It didn’t matter to me. I was enjoying the setting and was curious about other homes in the area they may have seen. For me, it seemed to be a way of comparing notes of different houses in different price ranges.

I noticed an elderly woman standing off to the side with an unpleasant expression on her face. She seemed to be upset about something. Being a curious person, I walked by her and stood close by, but not too close.

She immediately said, “Why are all these people here?”

I told her it was an open house.

She said there must be some mistake, she wasn’t selling her house. She also explained that no one would listen to her. “These people came early and started setting things up and snooping all over the house. They woke me up at the crack of dawn.”

Then she got a really frightened expression on her face. She was sure her house was haunted by these “party makers.”

Well, I’m not one to tell her they were real. At the moment I didn’t know I was talking to a ghost.

Later, my realtor was asking me why I was standing there talking to myself.

Fortunately, she shared my belief in ghost so I told her I was talking to the previous owner who didn’t know she was dead and didn’t want to sell her house.

She left to talk with the realtor who was hosting this open house. We did make a hasty retreat. He was probably afraid I would tell his potential buyers the place was haunted.

I can only imagine how the family that moves into that house are going to feel to have a resident ghost who doesn’t want them there.

Well, I’m usually at my local coffee shop, if they wish to talk . . . I wonder how the dear old woman is coping . . .

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I hope you liked this real ghost story and it got you thinking about the paranormal.