Occasionally when I meet my ghost hunting friends at our local coffee shop there is a ghost or two hanging around.

They do try to get our attention in various ways.

On this particular morning I kept hearing a strange buzzing sound. I thought it was some kind of buzzing insect. I waved my hand next to my ear to chase it away, but I felt something ice cold. I knew instantly that some spirit was whispering in my ear, but I couldn’t make out any words.

I tried to communicate with the spirit by talking to it in my mind. I explained that I was sorry, but all I heard was a buzzing sound. I was interested in what it had to say, but it needed to find someone else who was on their frequency.

Evidently, my group was on the same frequency as I, because I noticed each one waving it away.

I explained to them that it wasn’t an insect, but a spirit trying to communicate with one of us.

Hank suggested to the spirit that it try to communicate with us in another way.

Great, I thought, now we’re going to have parlor games right here in the coffee shop.

Not to be disappointed, the chalk board with the daily specials was erased and the word “HELP” in all caps appeared on the board.

Hank told the spirit that he appreciated the message, but needed more information.

The next word was “FOLLOW.”

Great, now we needed to follow a ghost that we couldn’t see or hear someplace we didn’t know.

I wasn’t thrilled by the idea, but we left the coffee shop and got into Hank’s SUV to go on an adventure.

Hank was asking questions such as right or left as he drove out of town. Evidently, the ghost would tap Hank’s shoulder in reply.

We were heading out of town.

My friend Barbara didn’t seem at all concerned. Hank was concentrating on his driving. I seemed to be the only one who wasn’t keen on the idea. I guess I’m not much of a ghost hunter.

Off to the distance I saw an abandoned house.

As we drove up, there was a “Keep Out” sign nailed to the fence that was missing pickets and seemed to lean to one side.

When we got out of the car, we heard someone calling for help.

We immediately hurried to the sound of the cries being careful not to trip over debris that might be hidden in the tall grass.

When I saw the man on the ground, I immediately called 9-1-1 to get an ambulance out there as soon as possible. The man had broken his leg and I could see the bone poking through the skin.

I went outside to think about what had happened that morning. A spirit came to get us to help the man in the old abandoned house.

How was that possible?

I wanted to know more. Were they related? Was this the ghost’s house? Why was this man there? How did he break his leg?

It seemed to take forever for the ambulance to arrive, but they did with police and fire truck.

How was I going to explain why we were out there?

Fortunately, Hank did all the talking and Barbara and I nodded like bobble heads.

A couple of days later we visited the man in the hospital.

He told us he was hired to tear down the old place and level the lot. Since it was an old stone house, he was wondering if it was worth saving. He didn’t like destroying old buildings.

As he was climbing the stairs, he heard a buzzing sound in one ear, then the other. He also saw something pass him and run up the stairs. He was so startled that he lost his balance and fell down the stairs.

Since he believed in ghosts, we shared our experience at the coffee shop.

We were all pleased that the ghost that startled him also rescued him.

What happened to the old stone house?

It’s still there, but it has been renovated and the yard landscaped. The man who wanted it destroyed changed his mind after hearing what transpired in the house. He moved from Utah with his family and made it their home.

What about the ghost?

He’s still there with his wife. He’s the great-great-uncle to the man from Utah. The children like the elderly ghostly couple and their parents have learned that they can all live peacefully in the same house.

It’s nice when a ghost story ends happily.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you liked this real ghost story!