Feeling A Bit Lost After HalloweenAutumnDay2

It’s interesting how the let down of one holiday event drives one forward to another holiday.

I have been anticipating Thanksgiving prior to the Halloween celebration. Then, once Halloween arrived, I was at a loss to proceed forward to Thanksgiving.

I believe the weather has a lot to do with it. We’ve been experiencing warm days — still summer, early fall type of forecasts. The rain, then the wind and the heat . . . now the forecast of rain . . .

I can get into the rain. It seems appropriate for the onset of the Thanksgiving season.

Strange How Thanksgiving Is A Transition Holiday

We’re bombarded with Christmas ads . . . Thanksgiving seems to be the forgotten holiday.

I do enjoy Thanksgiving. It’s a time of reflection for me. A time to get together with family and be very grateful for the love, caring and sharing the holiday provides.

I reflect on all holidays, actually. Thanksgiving seems to have this quality built-in. Yet, it seems to have become a “transition” holiday. A prelude of sorts for Christmas.

In my family, Thanksgiving was celebrated as a major holiday. We would get together for either Thanksgiving or Christmas, rarely both. It seemed to always coincide with work schedules.

This may be true today and also flight schedules and various other factors. The media puts much more focus upon Christmas . . . and all the songs associated with the holiday . . . and the sense that one must be home for Christmas.

For me, the weather makes a big difference in how I feel about the holiday season.

If we can get some rain and maintain colder temperatures, then I’m good to go.

I remember having a warm Thanksgiving and Christmas . . . it just didn’t seem the same. I feel myself with this lackluster feeling.

We did celebrate as usual, but something was entirely different within me. It may have been better for us to celebrate in another location where the temperature was a bit or quite a bit colder.

I don’t know if this is common for most people. Perhaps they just flow with it. I’m happy for them. I need a complete package to completely the embrace the holiday.

My Local Market Has A Sign On The Door “The Turkeys Are Coming”.

It’s our notice to reserve our Thanksgiving turkey.

But, the sign doesn’t amuse me as it once did. Maybe it’s no big deal. Or the weather has me in a funk.

I dislike it when I get this way. I ran an errand and stopped at the park to reflect for awhile. I thought the change of scenery would give me a more positive perspective.

I thought it would be good to get out in nature and perhaps among the population and see if I could catch some of that holiday enthusiasm.

Nope, not there.

Even the clerks in the various stores don’t have that holiday spirit.

Weather Has Much To Do With How We Feel

There has been scientific research that has proven this fact.

I don’t know if they’ve studied weather we’re experiencing with the specific anticipation of a holiday season. I’m doing my own unofficial research and I’ve found sales were down for Halloween and during this transition period before Christmas the stores are relatively empty.

Unofficially, in my area, others are feeling the same lack of enthusiasm as I am.

People involved in various sports and the fans are into their team games. This seems to bridge the gap.

For me when the weather becomes a bit cooler, I’ll get into my stride and get the holiday spirit going full steam ahead.

Thanks for stopping by. Please leave me a comment to let me know your thoughts about the weather and the holidays and whether it affects you or not.

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