It’s Going To Be A Hot One Today

Yes, I’m talking about the weather!summerwallpaper

In my little corner of the universe it may get 110°F today. Fortunately, I have no plans other than working on my websites and taking care of my precious Diva. We’ll be out from time to time in the backyard . . . but other than that we’ll be indoors with the air conditioning and a fan circulating the air.

I may have mentioned a time or two that I’m doing a Boot Camp with the Affiliate Marketing group I’ve joined and been a member of for the past year . . . Since February, 2014. I now have 5 websites . . . my newest one is is about Affiliate and Internet Marketing as a broad topic. I review products of the work at home on-line variety. There are still scams out there, so beware. It’s a shame how too many people are out to get money from people who don’t have money to waste on tomfoolery.

I’m learning quite a lot about keywords and found a program for screen capture. I’m working on making Power Point Videos . . . I found a lesson on that from changing a slide show to a video. I need to check into that.

It’s truly amazing what is available to learn on-line and getting free software or apps that will do some amazing things. But, Power Point is a paid program . . . I got it with Word . . . I love having a word processing software. Office Word is still quite popular which seems surprising to me, but there are students who still use it and I’m definitely old school when it comes to the computer. I’m not up on the newest, greatest and latest.

I enjoy my blogs and learning something new each and every day. 

Now, back to the weather, we’re into August, the hottest month of the year, but we do get some warm days up until Fall, my favorite time of year — how many times have you heard me say that? And, of course, I’m going to mention that false fall that gets my hopes up . . . only to be dashed with another hot spell we call IndianSummer1Indian Summer.

I do wonder where the term Indian Summer came from and if I’m using it right. So a little research was in order.

I have found I’m in error. It usually occurs between November 11 through November 20. But that’s on the east coast . . . here in Southern California we get a bit of a cold spell and then warm weather kicks in during late September and through October . . . but the evenings do cool down quite a bit . . . which has been happening this summer as well. We’ve had a few warm nights though.

The term goes back to the early settler in New England. In late October they would welcome the arrival of cold winter-like weather allowing them to leave their stockades unarmed. Then it would suddenly turn warm again. The Native Americans would take advantage of this change in the weather and have another go at the settlers. So, the settlers named this last go around “Indian Summer.”

Isn’t is great to learn something new?

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Still In The Heat Of Summer

August is one of those months without a “holiday,” but it is a big month for many throughout at least North America. There’s going back to school, preparing for the change of season, getting ready for Labor Day — just one last trip to the mountains or a family BBQ.

There may be many of us in the southern regions who are concentrating on keeping cool. Our days may be warm, but our nights cool down nicely.

My thoughts turn to fall and a nice cup of cocoa with family and friends with conversation. Or maybe break out the graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate bars to make a gooey treat.

I’m sure if I put my mind to it, I could come up with 101 variations of making S’Mores. I do wonder where that name came from.

No one has announced that they’re the original creator of S’Mores, but back in 1927, a recipe was published in Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts. Loretta Scott Crew is credited for  what she called “Some Mores.” She evidently made them for the Girl Scouts by the campfire.

I imagine, they were roasting marshmallows when Loretta got the brilliant idea to add the chocolate to a graham cracker with the toasted marshmallow and make a sandwich cookie. Or maybe it was one of the young ladies.

Well, the tradition definitely took off! I don’t know who changed the name to S’Mores, but that has caught on quite nicely.

Then people decided to mess with the recipe, but keep the authentic taste. It can be made with all kinds of chocolate candy mini bars. Roasted marshmallows have remained as have the graham crackers.

I’m sure if you search the net you’ll find someone who gave s’mores a complete makeover. You may have your own variation that you share with your family.

If you haven’t had S’Mores this summer, I suggest you give them a try. Or at least roast/toast some marshmallows.

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