Awesome Free Printable Halloween Liter Soda Bottle Labels For Your Party Guests

For this Awesome Free Printable, you’re going to need legal size paper to print it all out on one sheet. This is definitely worth buying the ream of legal size paper or, if you prefer, get it printed out at your local copy center. I prefer doing my projects at home and having everything handy no matter what time of day or night I decide to work. I may also need to buy several different sodas and replace those that are empty throughout the party. Or, you can decide on just the flavors you know your guests will enjoy. I think they are all clever and I want to give my guests choices of:  Zombie Virus, Witches Brew, Devil’s Delight, Jack-o-Lantern Juice, or Spider Venom.


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The Zombie Virus works well with a green bottle like 7-Up, Mountain Dew or Sprite. Jack-o-Lantern Juice has to be orange soda. With the Witches Brew you have a choice of going green or try grape soda or be bold with root beer. The Devil’s Delight would go well with something red and fruity. Then there’s the Spider Venom which would be excellent for the cola drink of your choice.

It’s your party, buy what you like and slap on the labels! Variety may be nice, but not necessary.