What Have You Learned Today?

Hi there!

Have you noticed how much you can learn from the internet?

When I got my new printer, I was a bit nervous about setting it up for the first time . . . I got the Epson WorkForce ET-4550 Eco Tank Wireless Color All-in-One Supertank Printer with Scanner, Copier and Fax. I was fine with the plugging in and setting up the wireless connection, but I was more concerned about adding the ink to the various compartments. I was used to putting in a cartridge and away I go . . . but I wanted to try this out and maybe save on ink in the process.

Well, I did find a very helpful YouTube video that walked me through the whole process. I also had the written instructions . . . but there is something about watching someone else do it that is helpful.

I did notice that people do their own thing. Yes, they read the directions, but when it’s time to follow through, they just wing it. That works for many confident people . . . and it was helpful for me to watch someone who wasn’t glued to the instruction sheet.

This wasn’t meant to be a review of the printer, but it is helpful in explaining the point of my post. I do highly recommend this printer. I am really pleased by the results I’ve received in my various printing experiences.

This how to video I watched was extremely helpful and it allowed me to calm down enough to set it up and get printing.

I have found so very many helpful and generous people who share their various craft projects on YouTube . . . and I’ve found some rude individuals, too.

And why is this?youtube

Do they realize they’re being rude?

Is this supposed to be entertainment? Or helpful?

I’ve written other posts about vloggers . . . and there are some popular channels with the whole family . . . on their various sporting events and vacations and outings . . . even chilling at home . . . I know at times not everyone gets along, but do we have to video that . . . or when children are rude or disrespectful to their parents?

I’m not a real fan of watching people argue . . . even in a store . . . or in a movie . . . that isn’t entertaining . . . yes, there are conflicts, but they aren’t for airing publicly . . . I thought adults are to be role models for their peers and the young.

Do we truly like hanging out with angry people or argumentative ones? I certainly don’t. And I don’t want to see feuds going on on YouTube . . . or kids who are out of control . . . rude, disrespectful . . . under of guise of “being cute.”

I’m not here to tell parents how to parent . . . or telling you what to watch or not to watch . . . I’m just saying that I’ve been taught to put my best foot forward and to treat others how I’d like to be treated.

I know when I’m not providing something you’re interested in on this blog, you stop coming.

And I know to stop subscribing to YouTube Channels and to stop watching their videos may change the quality of them . . . or they don’t care . . . or people like what they’re watching . . . and people will continue recording what people like.

I may be in the minority . . . I want the best for everyone. I’m very appreciative of those who share their craft ideas without complaining about someone who “stole their idea” or someone who’s angry because they’re not getting subscribers.

As many of you have found here, many of the crafts I’ve shared with you are not my own. I give credit to those who have been generous in their making templates we can download and print out and make for ourselves. During this process, I hope to learn how to make my own designs and to share them here and on YouTube . . . but that will all come later . . . way later . . . I do have so very much to learn.

And, if I do find a better way of doing something, I’m sure someone else has also found it, too. And they may have shared it . . . but I missed their documented discovery . . . 

Many crafters have mentioned that they learned something from a particular individual . . . and sometimes they say they found if they do it this way, it is easier for them . . . but it may not be an original idea . . . 

I do respect that. It’s like the many explorers who see something in the sky and at that exact moment someone else or several someone else’s have observed the same thing . . . they all seemed to be looking for the same thing, not knowing anyone else was doing the same. It’s only natural with a world full of people someone out there is going to come up with a similar short cut or whatever.

From all the videos I have watched, I’ve received some tips . . . I don’t remember from whom . . . and I’ve heard these tips from others as well . . . Does it really matter who was the first to do it? If the goal is to be helpful . . . then I’d say not . . . but if it is to be original and unique and the person worked really hard on figuring it out . . . maybe . . . or is it ego? I don’t know . . . just asking.

I subscribe to those I like on YouTube and I follow blogs that I like . . . and with the vlogs . . . I don’t watch as many of those as I have in the past . . . either I’ve changed or I’m no longer interested in what they find entertaining . . .

There are plenty to choose from . . . and I go for those with people who are real, gracious and helpful . . . not angry, rude and argumentative.

YouTube is a wonderful platform for just about anyone who has something to share with others. It could be reviewing a product or setting one up. It could be teaching someone how to make something — apply make-up, hair styling . . . buying clothing and matching various elements to make a fashion statement. There are many talented people who have a gift in various areas — even cooking . . . there are plenty of people with cooking channels and there is always room for you, too . . . in whatever area you choose. I’ve learned a lot from people who have shown me some computer stuff for my website . . . and using various software I’ve purchased . . .

There are people with tips for writing a resume or going for an interview . . . maybe even taking a test and how to study for one . . . there could also be tutorials for various subjects . . . and if there aren’t there should be . . . it’s all about people helping each other . . .

Thanks for stopping by!


Blogs and Vlogs

I’ve conducted my own study of blogs and vlogs . . . and video tutorials . . . 

People do love talking about themselves and what they’re doing . . . or about members of their family . . . which includes friends . . .


I don’t seem to share a lot about what I’m doing . . . but maybe I do more than I realize.

I do love holidays and special occasions that we have in common.

TwoCansOnAString.com is about sharing crafts and recipes and products . . . just stuff I find interesting and may also be of interest to you. I love giving free printables and templates so you can make your own without having to join some membership site or buy them . . .

I do appreciate all that the internet has to offer . . . for free . . . I do understand how some people do need to make money in order to keep their websites running . . . and to review products . . . to buy supplies and materials for their craft tutorials . . . or to afford to go where they need to go to vlog about different locations . . .

There are many vloggers and YouTube Video Makers who do make a nice income from what they’re doing.

I think that’s great! I love success stories!!!

Many are very generous in telling you how they make their videos, how they get subscribers, what equipment they’re using, how they set up their video studio . . . and the list goes on and on and on . . .

They have a confidence about them . . . they love what they’re doing . . . they’re having fun . . . they have a great personality that draws you in . . . and there are probably hundreds more ingredients that are necessary for a successful YouTube Channel with hundreds of thousands or even millions of subscribers.

The good news is that everyone can do it . . . the same with having a blog . . . your degree of success may differ considerably, but you can give it a try and see what develops.

Study the blogs and videos you enjoy . . . see what they’re doing that is so entertaining . . . decide what you can do that would be beneficial to others . . . and that you would enjoy doing . . .

Success comes in various forms . . . and comes at varying time frames . . . some people achieve success right away while others struggle . . . and never reach the level others have achieved . . .

This isn’t to discourage you . . . it’s just to not set you up for major disappointment.

This reminds me of a video I saw a few weeks to a month ago where someone signed up with a crafting site . . . a multilevel marketing venture . . . it does cost money to make money in some of those business opportunities . . . plus you need to sign people up under you . . . and since this is a crafting MLM, it’s an excellent way of building up your inventory or craft items in order to video making various products . . .

I guess the concept is to have the materials readily available to make a variety of products for various purposes. And, those who watch your videos may agree that they, too, want to buy into the MLM so they can do the same . . . make money while they’re making videos of products . . . some sell them on Etsy or other websites . . . some have worked out a way of getting people to buy finished products for some of their functions . . . so, it may not be the MLM that is bringing them money, but YouTube and their other marketing ideas . . .

Well, she didn’t make the strides she thought she would make. She made almost 100 videos. She didn’t have a lot of subscribers . . . and no one signed up under her for the MLM venture . . . thus, she was calling it quits . . .

It makes me wonder if she gave it enough time . . . or just got discouraged . . . or ran out of money . . .

There are many factors involved . . . but one observation I made was that she didn’t seem to be enjoying herself or engaging with her audience . . . I didn’t feel that what she had to share was of great value to me . . . I wasn’t drawn in . . .  She didn’t seem to have the confidence in herself that others seem to have . . .

We all can’t be socially engaging, confident and crank out winning videos . . .

Just food for thought . . .

And, it comes down to how much time are you able to devote to your blog, vlog, MLM, store, etc.

It does look like fun . . . and seeing people with expensive homes, going on major shopping trips . . . and traveling . . . or wearing expensive clothing and jewelry . . . driving fancy cars . . .

It is, obviously, more than meets the eye . . . they may have other employment . . . they may be wealthy with a trust fund . . . they may be lucky . . . or it’s all a scam . . .

I don’t have all the answers . . . I’ve just been making observations . . .

I have found that I genuinely have to care about the person before I’ll subscribe to their YouTube Channel. It’s like choosing a friend. Some people you’re drawn to . . . and others you’re not . . .  The same holds true for blogs . . . You share their interests . . . or you don’t.

The good news from all of this is that you can do what you set your mind to accomplishing. You may not become a millionaire, but you may decide that isn’t important to you . . . You may have other goals . . . and those goals will shape your blog, vlog, videos, etc. And, in the process, you’ll grow as your success grows . . . maybe with baby steps . . . but you’ll be moving in the right direction.

Another observation I’ve made is that some popular YouTube Channels lose their quality over time . . . either the people involved lose interest or become so comfortable that they forget their subscribers or they’re so “full of themselves” that they feel whatever they do will be loved by others. I don’t know . . . but I have unsubscribed . . . and if more people do the same, maybe the quality will improve . . . or the views will decrease . . . these are indicators that popularity is decreasing . . .

The same is true for blogs . . . fewer people stop by to read what you have to say . . . Yes, we all have bad days, but it is important to have something meaningful to say . . . from time to time . . .

I do appreciate your stopping by. Leave me a comment, if you so desire to do so. I’m interested in what you have to say.

Until next time,


Change Like The Autumn Leaves

October 9, 2015, I wrote my 300th blog post. I didn’t make a big deal about my 200th or even 100th here at TwoCansOnAString.comTwoCansOnAStringLogo1 

Maybe it was no big deal to me because this was the second time around for me with this website.

So why is this 300th post so important? Well, it’s fall for one thing — a time when change is in the air and I’m itching to do something new.

I do have two new websites:

And I have three additional niche websites:

TwoCansOnAString has always been special for me . . . even when I moved the website and lost all the content and had to start over. The original website developed into OldHauntedStuff, TheGreatTrainShop and BoardGameDiva as niche blogs.

IndefiniteVacation was the result of Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Boot Camp and GreenSmoothieRecipesWeightLoss appeared out of a challenge one of my affiliate marketing friends made to a group of us. It was a friendly challenge, nothing serious, just to see how successful we could be within a couple of months.

The original idea was a micro-niche, but I wasn’t thinking of centering my new blog around a single product. I’m not one to put all my eggs in one basket . . . thus TwoCansOnAString is still very much a kitchen junk drawer niche. I do like the concept, but I started thinking . . . yes, a dangerous sign.

I enjoy celebrating “the holidays” here within this blog. The recipes are fun, but I’m not too sure about continuing them. There’s the paper crafts that I absolutely love. Of course, they’ll stay. Then, there’s the name, two cans on a string which could mean a niche of cell phones and cell phone accessories . . . but then this blog will be like all my other blogs to a degree. I’ve thought about “wearable gadgets” and delved a bit into the electronics realm . . . but it just didn’t seem appropriate given the different faces of this website over the years.

The only thing we can all count on is change. Nothing seems to remain the same.

Then, I put this picture on my Wealthy Affiliate blog to see what reaction I’d receive. You may remember it from this post.HalloweenSign

To be honest with you, I wasn’t sure of the reaction I’d receive. It seems as though my original reaction and thoughts about it have changed since I first saw it.

It seemed appropriate for Halloween . . . but it could also be appropriate all year round . . . because we never know what might be “creeping up behind us.” It could be a new idea or a direction in life. A change . . .

It can be inspirational . . . and we do need lots of inspiration in our lives. One thought or quote can mean so very many different things to so many different people based on various factors.

One day you read the sign in the picture, smile and subtly glance over your shoulder. Another day you could feel all creepy as though you’re being watched. You could take the message as some opportunity coming your way or something not so pleasant. It is all a matter of perspective.

I don’t find it especially threatening, but I do find it as a message that I want to take TwoCansOnAString.com into a different direction. 

One where, hopefully, I’d receive more interaction with my visitors. I don’t want to get all cranky on you, but I’ve given you a lot and I’ve received no comments from you. And maybe that is a sign that I haven’t given you what you want and/or you haven’t been moved to leave a comment.

I know I need to make it easier for you to share posts with social buttons. I’ll get rid of the captcha in the comments section — I’m not very fond of that. I’ll also invite you to subscribe to my blog. This may give you a better sense of belonging and feel welcome to leave a comment or share a post.

I know there is so much more for me to do than just talk about it. I do need to implement the changes I suggested and make TwoCansOnAString more engaging.

What message did I communicate when I played with two cans on a string so very many years ago on a summer’s day with my friend who sat on the other side of the hedge?

Was it, “Can you hear me?”

Or was it something much more profound . . . for a six year old?kitten

I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t a nursery rhyme or something we sang while jumping rope or playing hop-scotch. This was my world with roller skates, tea parties, dolls, comic books, fairy tales, playing board games and jacks on the front porch.

Maybe it was about Mrs. Livsey’s kittens. She invited me to see them in her garage. The little fur-balls were so tiny..  I fell in love with a grey one with white little mittens on his front paws. He was a sassy spit-fire my brother named “Spit!” Yes, with an exclamation point.

Our mother refused to call him by that name. So we worked on finding a suitable name for him. I wanted something to rhyme with mittens and my brother was thinking of the kitten’s grumpy expression, so we combined the two and came up with Griffin. Yeah, I know it doesn’t work out phonetically, but what did we know, we were just kids.

I loved Aesop’s Fables as a child. I especially liked . . . “the moral of the story is” . . . or words to that effect.

As a child it was nice knowing the significance of the story. It was also interesting to discover how many of these stories or the lessons found their way into literature and movies and everyday life. It may have been my lesson in thinking and discovering for myself the meaning behind words.

The great thing is that there is a definite lesson to be learned in many quotes of famous people that stem from their particular background or what was going on at the time. It’s easy to draw wrong conclusions . . . we hear them everyday in the news and by some commentator . . . it is their interpretation. I guess the common jargon is “spin.”

I’m not into the controversy of every situation, as adults we can sift through that. But, I do like the idea of writing about thoughts . . . something that would build conversation. There could be a lesson or moral . . . it could be based on historical significance . . . or even family traditions. I’m a bit fascinated by that and how many of us relate because we were raised similarly and we’ve read the same books or watched the same movies.

I love learning something new. This may be what I’ve been missing here. So, this is where I plan to take TwoCansOnAString.com and we’ll discover together where we’re going. I remember hearing it isn’t about the destination as much as it is the journey. We’ll see if this is true . . . or not.

Thanks for stopping by and reading through this blog post. If you’re so moved to leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you.