We did “fall back” with the time change this fall.

Some experts say that it takes about a week for us to catch up to this time change.fallback

I haven’t found it to be such a big deal, but I live a more relaxing “retired” life and lifestyle. I personally like getting back to normal with the time. It’s nice having shorter days going into winter.

We are in an election year . . . be sure to vote.

I don’t take sides. I have my own opinion regarding the candidates and the propositions and I vote according to my best understanding of the people and the issues. I feel it is my civic responsibility to vote. It is part of being an American. That’s just my opinion. You may not agree and may not want to vote. That’s fine, that’s your choice. So vote, if it’s your thing to do . . . and don’t, if it’s not. It’s your thing and your choice.

The same is true with celebrating holidays. Some of you may be into it . . . while others of you don’t celebrate them. There is no right or wrong, it’s just your thing or not.

I know I get into the holidays. With Thanksgiving coming up . . . many of you may be more interested in Black Friday for all the great deals you may be taking advantage of participating. Well, Amazon has you covered!!

I’ve always found Amazon is the best place to shop. I find it interesting to discover what others “wish for” and then look at the “top gifts” and then explore the “hot new releases.” That gives me a good idea of what gifts to buy for family and friends . . . or something for myself . . .

This gets me thinking . . . And Amazon has great prices and great deals.

It is relaxing to shop at home . . . You can have your purchases delivered to your home or directly to your family and friends. I’m always excited when I get an order delivered to my front door.

Amazon makes it so easy! Just click one of the links above and explore the great products you know you want . . . and those your family wants . . . and maybe a friend or two . . . We’re always on the outlook for that “perfect gift” . . . don’t worry . . . Amazon has it!!!

If you don’t usually shop on-line, this may be a positive change for you. Once you see how secure and relaxing it is to shop on Amazon, you’ll never want to fight the traffic and crowds . . . Amazon’s assortment of products can’t be beat.

Thanks for stopping by!

I hope you have a delightful time shopping on Amazon.


New Beginnings

Every Spring Is A New Beginning

I find it interesting how nature takes care of itself.SpringWallpaper3

There’s the growing season and after the harvest, then a period of rest . . . then back to new growth.

So, if nature does this naturally, do we as humans run through similar cycles?

Usually a new school year begins in the fall . . . the spring brings a closing . . . then summer vacation which sometimes brings catching up or getting a head start on the fall . . .

I’ve always thought of fall as the new beginning, but as I walk in nature I see new growth all around me. The rains come to water and nurture the new growth . . . and our thoughts go to spring cleaning . . . and maybe new beginnings by taking care of things that need to get done . . . or thoughts of beginning a new life with someone special . . . or planning a vacation to rest and reflect . . . even contemplate one’s future.

Change Is Something That Occurs Regularly

Maybe I’m thinking of “change” because of the political climate.

An election year . . . change . . . perhaps . . . We won’t know until election day in November. But the summer will bring the opposing candidates together in debate and discussions . . .

With the new elected officials being announced in November, but not taking office until after the New Year.

It seems we do have to wait . . . wait through the seasons . . . and with each season . . . experiencing the changes nature brings . . .

When it comes to change . . . we can only change ourselves . . . our behavior . . . our thoughts . . . our actions . . . We’ve probably made adjustments throughout the year. I know when I was attending school, I was in a constant state of change . . . focusing more on one subject or another . . . then once I got a handle on that, gave more time to another subject . . .

School was probably preparing us for life . . . for work . . . for our own homes . . . our families . . .

This Spring I’ve Been Thinking A Lot About Paper Crafts And Mini Albums

I’ve thought about taking more pictures.springwallpaper

I did get a new printer . . . and I haven’t used my “new” camera as much as I anticipated when I bought it a couple of years ago.

I’ve been thinking of making videos. I’m not much of a vlogger, but I thought recording paper craft projects would be fun. Perhaps a reason for doing paper crafts in the first place.

I’ve decided not to get caught up in the news casts and all the election stuff. I like being informed, but I don’t need to get all tangled up in it. Many of my friends have found that just being informed is enough. When they spend half a day listening and watching, they find they become anxious and unhappy.

They worry . . . they become very concerned . . . So, it’s best to be informed and then do something that is enjoyable and relaxing.

The thing is, we can’t control the beliefs and actions of others. We can only do that for ourselves and our families. And we need to make our life as pleasant and enjoyable as possible for ourselves and for those around us and those who mean the most to us. We can’t help others if we’re anxious and angry. And we need to unplug from the “noise” and do something relaxing.

You can play a card or board game, make something out of paper, cook . . . learn something new . . . something you’ve always wanted to do. Or even relax with a jigsaw puzzle . . . or a good book or DVD . . . maybe even listen to music.

Spring is an excellent time to enjoy nature and to move away from the stresses of life . . . Yes, and life does bring us unpleasant things to deal with from time to time.

A friend of mine is grieving the decline in health of her father. It is very difficult for her, but she keeps herself busy . . . doing things that allow her to relax and sleep so the next day she will be there for her father. He depends upon her as does her own family and siblings . . . They work together to support one another . . . as does her friends . . .

This spring does remind me of a spring 10 years ago when I lost my mother and another spring 8 years ago when I lost my father. Time does heal, but . . . even after the grieving . . . there are times I do feel the void. It’s not that I want to fill the void, but to reflect positively and productively . . .

And for many of you, you may have a different season of loss . . . remembering . . . and reflection . . .

I’ve always wondered about “spring fever” . . . is it only during the spring or does it occur at different times?

I thought mine was in the fall . . . wanting to do so much more than what I was supposed to be doing . . .

Isn’t that what “spring fever” is about?

Thoughts wandering . . . instead of focusing upon tasks at hand . . .

This post is a wandering piece of my thoughts . . . ramblings . . . perhaps sorting out what is truly important and what isn’t.

Are you going through something similar?

I appreciate your stopping by and reading this post. If you’d like to leave a comment, please do.

Until next time,


Change Is In The Air

Do You Feel It?

You may be all wrapped up with Christmas shopping, decorating and preparations.ChristmasElves

Yes it will be here before you know it!

I’m changing some websites. I’ve eliminated one and plan to eliminate another one and perhaps a third one. It’s interesting how sometimes we have to let go.

This refers to many things besides websites, but that’s been a major concern of mine over the past several months. And the time has come for me to do it.

You know, I feel really good about the website I eliminated. And I know letting go of a second and perhaps a third will be a major weight off my shoulders.

The same is true of letting go of those things that are weighing on you. I’m not saying it is going to be easy, but once you decide to do it, you’ll feel so very much better.

This applies to letting go of people, the past and even stuff. As a wise friend of mine said, “It’s only stuff.” Well, I had a sentimental attachment to it . . . or thought I should. But in reality, it is only stuff.

I Built A New Website

Here I’m all happy about getting rid of websites and I built a new one.

I am a puzzle I can’t figure out most of the time. I’m been thinking about having a Christmas website for quite some time. You’d probably think I’d do Halloween. I thought so too, but Christmas seems more exciting to me.

If you want to check it out:

It’s a year round Christmas website. This is why I’m getting rid of the other websites. I lost interest in them and I can do more with Christmas Go Round than I can with them.

I’ve decided I’m more of a kitchen junk drawer type of blogger than a niche one. Over time it doesn’t work for me. I lose interest or run out of things to talk about. But with a junk drawer . . . there’s lots to talk about and to share.

There’s always an interesting “find” that was pushed back — way back in the back of the drawer — waiting to be rediscovered.

Tomorrow I Have A Webinar Boot Camp

It’s going to run a few hours and tell us about the best way to blog and those blogs that make it and those that don’t.

I can almost hear you say, “You should have waited until you attended the webinar before delving into a new website.”

Yes that did cross my mind, but I went for it . . . tis the season and all that. So, technically, instead of a niche, I have a theme.

I’m beginning to think I like having a theme instead of a niche. But I’ll see what I learn from this webinar.

Do you believe this webinar had a price in dollars to pay for attendance? They’re usually free with a “buy to learn more” component. I think I like paying to get the information and my questions answers than listening to a “pitch” and then getting the real information.

I guess it is all a matter of perspective . . . and the major changes I’m feeling I need to do.

Watching Movies Make Me Think

I don’t believe we choose movies by accident.

There were two about making major changes in the main character’s life. One was trying to hold on to a failing business when she had a passion for something else. The other was delving into a job to avoid “going home.” This involved dealing with the loss of her mother and then her best friend. She didn’t really know her father, but he was there all the time. So, she did go home and faced her grieving and developing a relationship with her father. It has an interesting twist, but just given those elements, it was an interesting story.

And then, there’s the first one of doing something that she lost interest in doing. This one truly hit home. And the reason for delving into a new website and the long awaited decision to let go of what wasn’t working for me.

Change in the only constant in our lives. We sometimes get blindsided by having to do it, but in the end it turns out for the better. Just as losing my content here when I moved the hosting of this website.

More Change May Be In Store For

This will have to do with tomorrow’s webinar.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed it or not, but the more I learn, the less I really know. Seems strange on one level and makes perfect sense on another.

I definitely won’t be letting go of, but I may be letting go of my current direction. I don’t believe it is working. I can always have my random thoughts, but maybe I need a theme. Yes, the kitchen junk drawer concept works for me, but maybe I do need something that means something to you.

Yes, it is my blog, but I need you to read it and be a loyal follower of this website. I need to give you what you want to see regularly. Giving you those treasures pushed back in the drawer.

And there may be more I need to let go of in order to see things clearly. Just go through the clutter of my mind and do a major cleaning.

Clarity is so very important. Until we have clarity, it’s difficult to make informed decisions.

You may be fortunate and not feel the need for change. It is very likely you had to move furniture around to make room for your Christmas tree. And, perhaps, for some of your decorations.

Change Is Inevitable

No matter the season or the reason.

I noticed a neighbor bought a new car. Not something I’m in the market for right now.

I want to write, but I also need people to read my blogs. I need to give value than just my rambling thoughts. Yet, this is basically food for thought for those rare souls who have been wrestling with changes in their own life.

It’s nice to know you’re not alone.

Blogging is my passion . . .

May each day be bright and productive,



When You Find You No Longer Belong

That’s Harsh!

Yes, but there are times when you discover that many may have moved on without you.Life

I remember how I lost interest in school when my best friend moved away. Sure, I had other friends, but with my best friend gone . . . I felt lost.

This demonstrates that at that time in my life I was a follower, not a leader. Without my leader, I didn’t want to go on and things didn’t really seem to matter.

Of course, I was down in the dumps when I walked home from school. My mother was fully aware of my best friend moving away and she wondered how it was going to affect me.

It did. Quite profoundly. But it didn’t have to and my mother didn’t want it to linger.

Getting Over It

It didn’t happen magically after baking cookies with my mother.

She would have loved that, but it did continue for a few weeks. We were asked to bring a wire close hanger from home. The teacher also said if we didn’t have one, she would have extras. So, I didn’t bother to bring a close hanger. I don’t remember the project . . . in fact I don’t remember much of those first weeks to a month of that school year.

I just know I did my school work, but nothing extra.

I don’t know what woke me up, but I was in my fog of sadness over not having my best friend with me. I looked around the classroom and noticed everyone was busy and having fun. I had a blank piece of paper in front of me. I looked to see what others were doing.

Oh my goodness! They were writing and drawing pictures about their first day of school — their first day of school at that particular school.

That was when I met my best friend. So I got to work on that. I did remember everything about it. And I ended my story with her moving away and how awful I felt. I even drew a picture of a dark cloud over me.

The teacher collected our assignment and we went out for recess. Some of my friends were talking about the assignment. They spoke about how they, too, had met their best friend and how the next year they weren’t in the same classroom and each of them made other friends.

Things did work out for them. And they would work out for me, too.

A Lesson About Moving On

The teacher didn’t seem surprised by the theme many stories and pictures took.

She was prepared with a story of her own. Yet, hers had a very different twist.

She remembered how she was the new girl at the school. None of her neighbors were in her class. She had friends outside of school, but not in school. Everyone had their own friends and there didn’t seem to be room for her to join in their games.

So she made the most of it by playing on the playground equipment by herself, eating lunch alone and walking home from school alone.

Well, one day several kids were out sick with a cold or flu which left many kids alone without their friends.

That’s when she was invited to play with other kids. They were so afraid of wandering along alone, they reached out to her . . . forgetting how they treated her previously.

She decided not to remind them of their rudeness and played with them knowing when their friends returned to school in a day or two she’d be out in the cold again.

But it didn’t happen that way. Some joined in accepting her in the group and some formed other groups. It was all part of how kids change from moment to moment.

There’s nothing wrong with feeling down in the dumps, but there is always a way of making friends and making the best of every situation. Yes, it is sad to be alone, but it’s what you do with yourself that makes the difference.

Many people feel like this and there are plenty of movies about it . . . in all phases of life.

Growing From Our Experiences 

The only thing we can be sure of is nothing stays the same.

There is always change. Some good and some unpleasant. But we cope. We make the best of each and every situation. No matter how long it takes.

We learn to not let things bother us.

I found how I was missing something valuable by being down in the dumps. I almost missed that assignment. I was too busy not paying attention. The thing is, my former best friend was having a great time in her new school . . . making the best of her move. She may or may not have thought about me. It really didn’t matter because I didn’t know. Any more than she knew I was down in the dumps missing out on meeting new people and forming new friendships.

No matter what’s going on with you, you can overcome it and move on with your life. It does take some effort to look for the good and to put your best foot forward.

Just flow within the now . . . that’s basically all we have.

I remember a scene from an episode of All In The Family where Edith spoke about a snap shot of how all the action stopped in that picture. One minute they’re going on with life, pause for the picture, then continue on. It’s like that in real life. We’re constantly moving on.

If we’re not physically moving, our thoughts are. It’s seeing the next thing or doing something or making something or talking with someone. We’re constantly bombarded with thoughts. Some we act upon and others we ignore.

We may miss out on opportunities . . . or we avoided something unpleasant. But we have our set of priorities and we pretty much stick to them . . . until we realize we need to change them . . . open up a bit to new opportunities . . .

Life is ever changing . . . we can stay stuck or be happy where we are and ride it out through the end . . . or take a chance on doing something new and different . . . we may fail or succeed . . . and learn something in the process.

Every day if you’re aware of it or not are given options . . . most of the time we’re busy with what we’re doing to notice or we notice everything and are confused about weeding everything out . . . Life is a process . . .

Once again I don’t have answers for you . . . you’re the only one who knows what’s best for you.

I may know what’s best for me now . . . but I do try to keep my options open.

I wish you all the best in your daily experiences,


Change Like The Autumn Leaves

October 9, 2015, I wrote my 300th blog post. I didn’t make a big deal about my 200th or even 100th here at TwoCansOnAString.comTwoCansOnAStringLogo1 

Maybe it was no big deal to me because this was the second time around for me with this website.

So why is this 300th post so important? Well, it’s fall for one thing — a time when change is in the air and I’m itching to do something new.

I do have two new websites:

And I have three additional niche websites:

TwoCansOnAString has always been special for me . . . even when I moved the website and lost all the content and had to start over. The original website developed into OldHauntedStuff, TheGreatTrainShop and BoardGameDiva as niche blogs.

IndefiniteVacation was the result of Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Boot Camp and GreenSmoothieRecipesWeightLoss appeared out of a challenge one of my affiliate marketing friends made to a group of us. It was a friendly challenge, nothing serious, just to see how successful we could be within a couple of months.

The original idea was a micro-niche, but I wasn’t thinking of centering my new blog around a single product. I’m not one to put all my eggs in one basket . . . thus TwoCansOnAString is still very much a kitchen junk drawer niche. I do like the concept, but I started thinking . . . yes, a dangerous sign.

I enjoy celebrating “the holidays” here within this blog. The recipes are fun, but I’m not too sure about continuing them. There’s the paper crafts that I absolutely love. Of course, they’ll stay. Then, there’s the name, two cans on a string which could mean a niche of cell phones and cell phone accessories . . . but then this blog will be like all my other blogs to a degree. I’ve thought about “wearable gadgets” and delved a bit into the electronics realm . . . but it just didn’t seem appropriate given the different faces of this website over the years.

The only thing we can all count on is change. Nothing seems to remain the same.

Then, I put this picture on my Wealthy Affiliate blog to see what reaction I’d receive. You may remember it from this post.HalloweenSign

To be honest with you, I wasn’t sure of the reaction I’d receive. It seems as though my original reaction and thoughts about it have changed since I first saw it.

It seemed appropriate for Halloween . . . but it could also be appropriate all year round . . . because we never know what might be “creeping up behind us.” It could be a new idea or a direction in life. A change . . .

It can be inspirational . . . and we do need lots of inspiration in our lives. One thought or quote can mean so very many different things to so many different people based on various factors.

One day you read the sign in the picture, smile and subtly glance over your shoulder. Another day you could feel all creepy as though you’re being watched. You could take the message as some opportunity coming your way or something not so pleasant. It is all a matter of perspective.

I don’t find it especially threatening, but I do find it as a message that I want to take into a different direction. 

One where, hopefully, I’d receive more interaction with my visitors. I don’t want to get all cranky on you, but I’ve given you a lot and I’ve received no comments from you. And maybe that is a sign that I haven’t given you what you want and/or you haven’t been moved to leave a comment.

I know I need to make it easier for you to share posts with social buttons. I’ll get rid of the captcha in the comments section — I’m not very fond of that. I’ll also invite you to subscribe to my blog. This may give you a better sense of belonging and feel welcome to leave a comment or share a post.

I know there is so much more for me to do than just talk about it. I do need to implement the changes I suggested and make TwoCansOnAString more engaging.

What message did I communicate when I played with two cans on a string so very many years ago on a summer’s day with my friend who sat on the other side of the hedge?

Was it, “Can you hear me?”

Or was it something much more profound . . . for a six year old?kitten

I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t a nursery rhyme or something we sang while jumping rope or playing hop-scotch. This was my world with roller skates, tea parties, dolls, comic books, fairy tales, playing board games and jacks on the front porch.

Maybe it was about Mrs. Livsey’s kittens. She invited me to see them in her garage. The little fur-balls were so tiny..  I fell in love with a grey one with white little mittens on his front paws. He was a sassy spit-fire my brother named “Spit!” Yes, with an exclamation point.

Our mother refused to call him by that name. So we worked on finding a suitable name for him. I wanted something to rhyme with mittens and my brother was thinking of the kitten’s grumpy expression, so we combined the two and came up with Griffin. Yeah, I know it doesn’t work out phonetically, but what did we know, we were just kids.

I loved Aesop’s Fables as a child. I especially liked . . . “the moral of the story is” . . . or words to that effect.

As a child it was nice knowing the significance of the story. It was also interesting to discover how many of these stories or the lessons found their way into literature and movies and everyday life. It may have been my lesson in thinking and discovering for myself the meaning behind words.

The great thing is that there is a definite lesson to be learned in many quotes of famous people that stem from their particular background or what was going on at the time. It’s easy to draw wrong conclusions . . . we hear them everyday in the news and by some commentator . . . it is their interpretation. I guess the common jargon is “spin.”

I’m not into the controversy of every situation, as adults we can sift through that. But, I do like the idea of writing about thoughts . . . something that would build conversation. There could be a lesson or moral . . . it could be based on historical significance . . . or even family traditions. I’m a bit fascinated by that and how many of us relate because we were raised similarly and we’ve read the same books or watched the same movies.

I love learning something new. This may be what I’ve been missing here. So, this is where I plan to take and we’ll discover together where we’re going. I remember hearing it isn’t about the destination as much as it is the journey. We’ll see if this is true . . . or not.

Thanks for stopping by and reading through this blog post. If you’re so moved to leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you.