Haunted Farm House

When Rick was six years old he moved into an old farm house in Georgia with his parents, grandparents and siblings.


It was exactly what one would imagine a haunted house to look like. When they first arrived to their new home, Rick and his brother were excited about the old barn, out houses and sheds that were in the back of the house. His sisters were interested in the house and choosing their rooms.

This old farm house had a tin roof. The interior was wood, wood floors, wood walls, wood stairs and banister. The woodwork was extraordinary, but there were small images in the wood that somehow seemed creepy. Rick’s father didn’t notice it when he saw the house. He was interested in the 500 acres and the barn. He also noticed that the farmhouse was huge with six bedrooms and four bathrooms. There was a huge family kitchen he knew his wife would love. Some improvements were made to the house without taking away the charm of the original woodwork. There was also a three bedroom house on the property for his parents and another that would be great as a guest house for his brother and his family.  The price was a factor that made this farmhouse an absolute bargain.

There was going to be a lot of work in clearing away debris in the yard, but Rick’s father was planning to start out small by planting a garden near the house and to build a chicken coop for fresh eggs and buying a cow for fresh milk. He didn’t think beyond that, but he believed he had plenty of time to decide. First he had to move his family from California to Georgia.

Rick and his siblings didn’t like the idea. Their mother was concerned, but she had every confidence in her husband and father-in-law. She thought a farm would be a great place to raise her children.

Rick’s grandfather had recently retired and sold his construction business. He thought a farm in Georgia was perfect for his retirement. They liked the idea that they would have a house of their own close to their son and grandchildren.

They arrived on a cloudy, windy day. By evening, it started raining. They noticed the roof leaked and the wind and rain seeped through the windows. There were eerie creaking sounds from the floors and the walls. Although the electrical wiring and plumbing were only about five years old, there were problems due to the house being empty for a couple of years.

The strange thing was that the house was fully furnished. It looked as though someone had packed up what they could take in their car and left, never to return.

That first night was an experience they would never forget with lights turning on and off and toilets flushing and faucets turning on and off. Not to mention mopping up the rainwater under the windows and emptying the buckets to catch the drips from the ceiling. And, of course, the creaking of the house.

The next day was cloudy, but no rain. Rick’s mother took them to register for school. Although they wanted to go back to the farm and get settled before starting school, they did begin that day. There was also a bus that dropped them off after school at the long driveway to their property. It would be there at 7:30 the next morning.

While the kids were busy at school, repairs were made on the farmhouse. There was a crew of workers packing up when the kids arrived home from school.

The overgrown grass and weeds were cleared away.  The old farmhouse didn’t look quite as scary as it had when they arrived.

The smells coming from the kitchen were inviting to four hungry children.

After dinner the children settled down to do homework in front of the television. Their grandparents sat at the table playing cards. By 9 PM they went to their house. Their house came furnished as did the guest house. These two houses were in better shape than the farmhouse because they were not as old.

There were the regular creaks from the house, but Rick was tired from school and not getting enough sleep the night before.

He did wake up in the middle of the night. He felt a weight sitting on his chest. He tried to move, but it was impossible. He couldn’t even open his eyes which scared him. He tried to yell, but he couldn’t open his mouth. He remembered praying for Jesus to help him. In a few minutes the weight was off of him and he was able to move. He jumped out of bed and ran to his parent’s room, turning on the lights in his bedroom and the hallway and in his parent’s bedroom.

He told his parents of his experience, they checked his room, but found nothing and left the light on in the hallway.

He slept through the rest of the night undisturbed.

At breakfast in the morning he thought it had been a bad dream as his mother suggested.

The kids got on the bus and were off to school. Rick learned from one of his new friends that the old farmhouse had a dark history. They said it was built by an old ship builder, but his wife was a witch. Rick liked the idea of an old ship builder building the house, but he didn’t know what to make of a witch living in his house at one time. Then he thought about the creepy symbols carved in the wood.

Rick’s older sister was way ahead of him. She heard the story, too, and went into the library to look up some of the symbols she remembered seeing repeated throughout the house. She discovered these were for protection, but didn’t know what they needed protection from. She was level-headed for a 12-year-old and didn’t allow her imagination to run wild.

Rick’s 14-year-old brother looked up old newspapers articles from two years previous when the old farmhouse was abandoned. He was told about the murder of a small boy in the house and how the parents ran off leaving their son dead in the house. He couldn’t believe it and had to check it out for himself.

There it was in black and white. A picture of the old farmhouse, a black body bag on a gurney, policemen on the front porch and he noticed something dark looking out of an upstairs window. He made a copy of the article.

Soon Rick’s parents learned some history of the house. It is interesting how people seem to enjoy telling tales after someone moves into a haunted place, but no one is to be found to warn them from buying it and moving their family into it.

They had the house blessed, but that seemed to bring the stories into reality.

From what the family experienced that Friday night, they knew the little boy was not beaten to death by his parents, but some evil entity was in the house and did a repeat performance on Rick, but, fortunately, he didn’t die. His brother heard strange growling sounds coming from Rick’s bedroom and got up to check on him. He saw something dark on the bed hitting his little brother. He tried to grab it and throw it off him, but there was nothing for him to grasp. He was shouting for it to stop, walking up the whole house. His father came in and rush for his young son and was able to get him away from the dark entity.

It then turned on the elder son. His father returned with a shovel, swung it at the entity, hit it several times before it finally left through the ceiling.

It was tempting to leave the farmhouse, just as the previous owners had, but they decided to defeat this thing and banish it from the house.

The family moved into the guest house.

With help from the priest and church members, all the furniture was removed from the house, including the basement and attic. It was taken out into a pit the grandfather made in the middle of the field and burned. The fire department was there to make sure the blaze didn’t get out of hand.

There were plenty of witnesses to hear the screams, growls and cries from the burning pile of furniture and boxes left by previous owners.

The house was blessed again and the family slowly bought furniture and returned to live in the old farmhouse.

Rick was still bruised from his ordeal, but he returned to school. He became a bit of a hero among his peers for surviving the demon’s attack.

The girls seemed most reluctant to return to the farmhouse. They stayed with their grandparents at night, but did have dinner in the farmhouse. Eventually, they decided the farmhouse was safe for them.

The houses and buildings on the property were free from demons, but as for the woods, that’s another story entirely.

That was truly a creepy Real Ghost Story!

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Do You Believe In Demons?

To be honest with you, I try not to give demons much thought.

Yes, I have seen demons and I have felt them.  I’ve had to remove them from my house and antiques.

I thought with the movies and some YouTube videos, people put too much emphasis on demons. They could be ghosts or poltergeists.  Now, those are evil.  The more research I’ve done, the more I’m believing there could be something to demons and I shouldn’t dismiss them.

Linda is an old friend who confided in me one day that there was a demon in her house.

“It’s the strangest thing,” she said.  “I was in bed, about to go to sleep when I heard deep breathing at the foot of my bed.  Without warning I felt a weight on top of me and it felt like a vacuum cleaner hose was stuck in my mouth sucking all the air out of me.”

She paused, watching my reaction.

“I heard that the name of Jesus chases demons away, so I chanted Jesus, Jesus, Jesus in my mind.  The sucking stopped and the weight was off of me.  I then heard footsteps in the hallway outside my bedroom door.  I whispered ‘Jesus help me’ and the pacing stopped.”

Thinking it was over, Linda did drift off to sleep only to be awakened by a non-human growl at the side of her bed.  She froze. Then screamed, “Jesus help me!”

She jumped out of bed and turned on the light.  Within a second of it turning on, the light bulb blew.

“In the name of Jesus get out of my house!” Linda exclaimed as calmly and forcefully as she could.

She grabbed a pillow and a blanket and went to sleep on the couch in the living room.  She’d change the light bulb in the morning.  She had enough of whatever it was in her bedroom.

Linda knew it was evil.  She wasn’t prepared for what she saw next.

“I have a mirror behind the couch,” she explained. “I expected to see my disheveled reflection, but instead, I saw a small child wearing an old fashioned school uniform.  I looked behind me, but there was nothing there.  I looked back in the mirror and there she was.  It was almost like she was waiting for me to invite her to sit down.”

Linda knew demons can appear innocent and even act so in order to gain your trust. She was torn. Was it a ghost of a child or a demon?

“As I observed this young child in her school uniform, I kept thinking about that old scary story of the girl in the red cape.”

For those of you not familiar with the story, there was a girl babysitting a five or six year old little girl.  Her mother told the babysitter that if her daughter wanted ice cream a little later on, it was in the freezer down in the basement.

The little girl did ask for ice cream and the babysitter went down in the basement for it.  She saw out the basement window a little girl in a red cape. It was still light out, but the babysitter thought it strange for a young child to be outside. She got the ice cream and went in the kitchen to scoop it into a bowl.

The little girl wanted some chocolate sprinkles on it.  Those were also down in the basement in a cupboard above the freezer.  The babysitter went back in the basement, looked out the window and saw the same little girl in the red cape.  She was wondering if it was a friend of the girl she was babysitting.

While the little girl was eating her ice cream, the babysitter asked the little girl about school and if she had any friends in the neighborhood.  It seemed there were no other children her age who lived nearby, but she was very eager to tell her about her ballet lessons and all the wonderful girls that were in her class.

By 8:00 the babysitter helped the little girl into her pajamas and into bed.  She read her a story and the little girl fell asleep before the end.

The babysitter turned out the light in the little girl’s room and went into the living room to wait for the parents to return.

When the parents arrived, the mother went to check on her daughter and found her dead.  The police were called and the babysitter was the prime suspect.  She remembered the little girl outside the basement window in the red cape.

The mother said, “There are no windows in the basement, just mirrors.”

I agreed with Linda it was a creepy story, but did she really believe the child she saw in the mirror would be the evil she felt in her bedroom?

Yes, she did.  No angelic face was going to fool her.

She did tell the entity in the mirror to leave her alone, to get out of her house.  She did get a priest to bless her house and she regularly burns sage to cleanse it.  She also got rid of the mirror above her couch and sold her bedroom furniture and bought new.

Some people go to extremes, but they do what they believe is necessary.

I guess the moral of this story is to realize that demons are real and whether you believe in them or not, don’t trust anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Well, I gave you two Real Ghost/Demon Stories rolled into one!! I seriously get creeped out about the girl in the red cape — that’s one of those stories that has stuck with me for a very long time. And, it is one I tell others . . . I don’t want to be the only one with creepy stuff bouncing around in my mind.

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Who’s There?

I’m absolutely thrilled by the increase in the number of visitors who have been visiting TwoCansOnAString.com with my Real Ghost Stories. Thank you so very much!!

I have had some strange paranormal activity in my current home. At times I wonder why I’m still here . . . and then again, I realize it is not so much where I live . . . there are always spirits around and I have to learn to get along with them.

I’m fortunate to not have really creepy stuff happen that makes me run out of my home screaming!! But, this has happened to Sandra and her daughter, Mary.

I was at my local coffee house having a normal coffee with my blueberry muffin when I was approached by Sandra. She learned of my interest in the paranormal and how I love hearing the true paranormal experiences of others. And she said she had a great story to share with me . . . and I’m sharing with you.

Sandra and her husband Dan moved into their new home with their daughter Mary in the spring of 2016. It started out as their dream home . . .

There was a lot of work that needed to be done around the house and Dan wanted to do most of it himself. He was between jobs and Sandra was working as an elementary school teacher. Financially they were doing well so they didn’t have any concerns in that area, but Dan started to change . . . little things at first . . . short tempered . . . and he couldn’t get warm. He always complained about the cold.

For many of you alert readers, you’re picking up on the possibility of possession . . . due to the change in personality and the feeling of being cold and not able to get warm.

Sandra suggested that they hire a crew to repair the house and then flip it and find another one. But Dan went off the deep end said some unforgivable things to her. This scared her, she was tempted to leave with Mary, but wanted to help her husband through this.

After work one day, Sandra found Dan on the ground with a deep cut on his leg. She immediately called 9-1-1 and got medical help for her husband. He lost a lot of blood and was near death, but he did survive his injury . . . but his mental state concerned the doctors.

While Dan was in the hospital, Sandra followed through with her plan to hire repair men and get the house ready to sell.

One thing after another happened to the workers . . . tools were always being moved . . . they heard strange sounds along with footsteps . . . but they never saw anything . . . But when the men started getting hurt, the crew refused to continue working and quit.

It is true that spirits don’t like construction . . . but these were merely repairs not any major changes to the house.

There was another crew that agreed to work . . . but things started happening in their homes. The spirits not only were making their lives miserable at work, but also in their own homes.

So, needless to say . . .

That house started to get a reputation of being haunted, but more than haunted — something sinister was in that house and it was out to destroy everyone who worked there . . . including their family.

Dan was taken to a mental institution instead of being released from the hospital to come home. Sandra was embarrassed to say she felt relieved . . .

One night during dinner, the house took on a life of its own — doors were opening and slamming closed, cupboards were opening and banging closed. One would think a massive earthquake was happening . . . but it was the house and the spirits in the house that were causing the chaos.

Sandra and Mary ran out of the house to stay with Sandra’s parents.

She did contact a psychic who wouldn’t step foot on the property. She felt something sinister about the place and suggested Sandra put it up for sale as soon as possible.

Sandra and her father went to the house to collect they clothing and some personal items. Also do some minor cleaning when suddenly her father received chest pains and shortness of breath. The paramedics were immediately called.

He wasn’t having a heart attack, but felt hands around his neck and a knee pressed into his chest. He said it was the strangest thing, but it was real . . . something was attacking him, but he couldn’t see who or what it was.

Sandra felt awful about putting her parents in danger and promptly found an apartment. She and Mary seemed to be doing fine until Mary started getting scratches on her back — scratches like claw marks. She also had bruises that couldn’t be explained.

They consulted another psychic for an explanation and help.

Other specialists were called in. Sandra, Mary, Sandra’s parents and to a degree Dan were interviewed and given suggestions and assistance in getting rid of the demonic entities that were attacking them.

It took time and consistency, but they were eventually free from those entities.

The strange thing was that when things were getting back to normal for Sandra and her family, Dan died and the dream house burned to the ground!!

We can only hope this freed the repairmen and their families as well.

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