Tri Cornered Pirate Hat You Can Make — Free Printable

Tri Cornered Pirate Hats are fun for kids of all ages. Even Chuckles, my dapper skull enjoys wearing it from time to time. He enjoys the eye-patch, too. This project is made from brown wrapping paper at least 2 feet wide and 4 feet long.

You’re going to need a bowl about the size of the head that’s going to be wearing it, three twist ties, scissors, a pencil and glue. Plus the directions that include the eye-patch and emblems you may want to add to your brown paper tri cornered pirate hat.


The image and Pirate Hat Instructions plus Eye-Patch are Compliments of

Pirate Hat Instructions Plus

Well, there you have it. This pattern could be adapted to any material you think is appropriate for your Pirate Hat. I’d make one out of paper first before cutting into fabric.

Enjoy and Thanks for Stopping by!