My Precious Diva

My Yorkshire Terrier Diva and I have been together one year today!!!

This bundle of love arrived to her “forever home” a year ago.DSCN0024_edited-1

This is truly cause for celebration!!! She’s still training me . . . I can’t imagine my life without her.

This first year has been a joyous adventure . . . with many more years to come. She’s a California girl . . . she doesn’t like the rain . . . she loves the sunshine . . . she loves her walks and her backyard explorations.

I’m sure everyone believes their dog is the smartest and the best . . . and this is how it should be. We are very blessed to have such loyal precious companions.

Diva has been very supportive with my blogging and my crafting. She gets in the thick of things when I’m decorating for each season and holiday. She likes to see what’s in boxes and selects what appeals to her. She prefers the bright colors of Christmas . . . and the smell of toys and goodies in her stocking . . . she does like ribbons and bows . . .

When I’m crafting and discover something missing, I can usually find lace and ribbons in her bed. She does have the decorating spirit.

As I said, this first year has been a joyous adventure for both of us . . . and we look forward to many more to come . . . I believe Diva is a blogger . . . and when I begin doing videos of my crafts . . . Diva will be part of that as well.

My life is truly enriched by having her.

I need to plan a special treat for us . . .



My Precious Diva Is Going To The Groomers

I honestly don’t know who is more nervous, Diva or me. 


I think Diva likes this picture — it looks like she’s growing antlers just like her little stuffed toy moose.

Well, it’s grooming day. I need to deliver Diva early in the morning and hope they won’t keep her all day. I’ll miss her. She’s going for a trim . . . I hope that doesn’t mean anything too drastic. I know how fond Diva is of her pretty fur, but it’s getting too long on top and too long on the sides . . . I don’t want her tripping on it. I’d also like her back end short so she doesn’t collect leaves from the yard. It seems they do cling to her like a magnet. Maybe it’s because she’s so low to the ground . . . her fur seems to act like a rake . . . then when she gets in the house that static electricity is broken and I have leaves all over the floor. At least it’s easier to clean up than trying to get it out of her fur as she’s dashing around saying, “Chase me! Chase me! Chase me!”

At least, I think that’s what she’s saying . . .

I’m anxious to see her. The most difficult part about taking pets to the groomer is leaving them there and then waiting. I know Diva will be getting plenty of attention. She’s such a sweetheart.

I finally got around to taking Diva’s picture. It’s rather dark, but we’ll do another one during the day when the lighting is better. I don’t know why people want a picture of me in the picture, but maybe a dark one would be better 🙂 Well, here goes! It’s my personal debut on the internet. I do like being anonymous . . . but I’m doing this for my sweet Diva.


Today is little Miss Diva’s birthday! A whole one year old today!! Isn’t she adorable!!! She may be waiting for the cake and ice cream . . . but I don’t know the doggy equivalent. I’m sure we’ll figure something out!

Thanks for stopping by!

Bragging On Lil Miss Diva

My precious Yorkshire Terrier Diva was out in the backyard getting some exercise when a gray cat came running out of the hedge . . . with Diva right behind. I shouted “No!” then “Come, Diva!” and to my surprise and delight she stopped chasing the cat and came running to me. I can’t take credit for teaching her that command, all the credit goes to Yvette, the wonderful woman who cared for Diva from birth to the time she sent her to me all the way from Wisconsin.



Sorry I didn’t capture Diva’s beautiful face, but she was busy exploring the backyard. Do you see the fluff on Diva and in the grass — that’s the fuzzy stuff that falls from my old oak tree. If she would have raised her head for the picture, that fluff would have been all over her pretty fur. If you look closely you can see the fluff on her eyebrow. She’s an absolute magnet to that stuff.

The gray cat was twice, if not trice Diva’s size. Plus I have a section in my yard separated by the hedge that drops a good 4 to 6 feet. If Diva didn’t break something, I surely would going after her. This is part of the yard I haven’t allowed her to explore. She’s very good with her boundaries.


As you can see, with only a portion of the yard visible, Diva has plenty of room to run around without going into the “lower 40.” No, I don’t have 40 acres, I just like to say that.

With Easter almost upon us, I’ve been teaching Diva a little game called “find.” I hide something and give her the command. I think she sniffs out where I walked. She’s good at tracking me . . . and finding what I hid. We both get exercise while having a bit of fun. I think she’ll be ready for the big time Easter Egg Hunt!!

Have a fun and safe Easter!