Cemetery Scare

    Karen couldn’t shake the desire to visit the cemetery.

    She had no relatives buried there.

    A few years ago she had a bad breakup and instead of going home to an empty house would go to the cemetery after work. She would walk among the headstones thinking about her life and the changes she had to make. She realized Kyle wasn’t the best boyfriend and since meeting him, she broke ties with friends . . . she now had some serious mending to do.

    So, the cemetery was a quiet place for her to go and think.

    Karen hadn’t been back for years . . . Why the sudden desire to visit?

    She made dinner plans with a woman from work, Beth, who was grieving the loss of her husband.

    Karen thought if she made plans for after work, then this crazy notion of going to the cemetery would stop weighing on her mind.

    Beth walked in Karen’s office, “Hey, would you mind stopping at the cemetery with me before dinner? I want to place some flowers on his grave.”

    Karen couldn’t believe it!! The cemetery!! Why on earth . . .

    “Wouldn’t you rather go alone? I can meet you at the restaurant.”

    “Oh! All right. I thought you liked going to the cemetery to clear your head.”

    “I did when Kyle and I broke up . . . Beth, just this morning I felt this ‘pull’ to go to the cemetery . . . I know it sounds crazy, but I’m afraid to go . . . ”

    “That’s strange. My daughter and I usually go on Sunday after church, but I felt a ‘pull’ to go today after work. Something strange is going on.”

    Karen nodded.

    “Well . . . aren’t you curious?”

    “More afraid than curious.”

    Karen called a psychic friend of hers. She needed answers.

    Rachel, the psychic, listened to Karen’s concerns and began spreading out her Tarot cards.

    “I see danger. Where were you when you started feeling pulled to visit the cemetery?”

    “In the break room.”

    “And where was your friend, Beth, when she felt pulled to put flowers on her husband’s grave?”

    “I don’t know. Let me check.” She put Rachel on hold and called Beth.

    “She was in the break room.”

    “I’ll meet you after work in your office and ask Beth to join us.”

    Karen and Beth were on needles and pins the rest of the work day.

    They didn’t dare go into the break room. They sensed that Rachel sensed something sinister in there. They tried to figure out what was different from the previous day . . . Did someone bring something in?

    They no longer pondered the possibility when Hank came in with a relic . . .

    “I’ve been looking high and low for my good luck charm I got from one of my professors when I graduated from college. My day was going nowhere. I had cancelled appointments and a couple of clients quit and told me they were going elsewhere. I retraced my steps . . . ”

    Karen stopped listening . . . Hank must have dropped it in the break room.

    But how could Hank’s good luck charm be giving out messages to both Karen and Beth?

    Rachel arrived while Hank was still rambling on about his good luck charm and his run of bad luck since losing it.

    “Hank, why do you think this is a good luck charm?”

    “It gives me hunches . . . ever since I received it. First, it was to apply here for a job. Then finding my wife. Do you believe it, she was eating lunch in the park, just like I planned to do . . .”

    “Have these hunches always been right?” asked Rachel.

    “Yes . . . ” Then he paused. “Come to think of it last winter I felt a strong desire to go to the cemetery and then strange things happened. It was freezing cold and I just wanted to lay down on the grave of my professor and die. I almost did, but I had this . . . guy help me to my car . . . once I got warm I drove home. I never told anyone what happened . . . not even my wife.”

    “We can cleanse this . . . or you can return it to your deceased professor . . .”

    Hank didn’t wait for any other suggestions . . . “I’m going to the cemetery and returning it!!”

    “Wait!!!” Rachel, Karen and Beth yelled simultaneously.

    Rachel got to work. She cleansed the amulet, put a protective shield around Hank, Karen, Beth and herself. Then they left the office and went to the cemetery.

    Rachel saw the apparition of the professor.

    “What do you want?” Rachel asked.

    “I want Hank to know he doesn’t need a good luck charm. He has what it takes.”

    “But why lure Karen and Beth into this?”

    “And what about my cancelled appointments and the lost clients . . . and almost freezing to death last winter?” Hank wanted to know.

    The professor admitted there was a downside to the amulet and it was time to get rid of it, but not give it to someone else. Since it was cleansed, it may do no more harm, but it was time to let go of it. So Hank buried it on the professors grave.

    Then Karen started to laugh.

    “Here I am at the cemetery . . . the absolute last place I wanted to be today.”

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    Evil In The Basement

    There’s a legendary haunted estate not far from my home.

    Many of my ghost hunting friends have visited this place several times over the years, bringing in psychics and other paranormal investigators who have all experienced the same creepy feeling … some even refusing to walk inside.

    That’s basically the my feeling when I was invited to visit the place. I could feel my heart racing before we even arrived on the property. I could also sense that we were not welcome — even though we received permission from the home owner.

    I’ll admit I’m not all that brave when it come to exploring haunted places. I do have a fascination about the whole paranormal realm, but I won’t put myself in harm. I don’t like being pushed or knocked down — which has happened.

    I’m not immediately prone to anger, but with whatever was in the basement of this house wanted to provoke anger and feed off of it.

    I mentioned this to my friends before entering the house.

    I’m not sure if they heard me or just ignored me because I’m usually the first one to leave an investigation.

    We heard very clearly “Get Out!” and much profanity … but we continued investigating the house. I loved the antiques and was surprised by how neat and tidy the house appeared since no one was physically living there.

    It was interesting that the farther away from the basement I moved, the calmer I felt … until I opened the door to one of the bedrooms and immediately jumped back.

    I later learned of family members who occupied that bedroom were into the dark arts. It is believed they invited some evil entity into the house and it decided to occupy the basement … But there was definitely something going on inside that bedroom.

    I heard growling and saw dark shapes moving around. There were knocking sounds coming from a clocked closet door. I heard voices of crying out for help, but I wasn’t stepping foot in that room.

    I did call out to them to move into the light, but informed there was no light only darkness and it was blazing hot inside.

    I explored some of the other upstair bedrooms.

    I could feel a lot of sadness throughout the house.

    There had been suicides in the house as well as deaths of natural causes. So, this estate was haunted by a number of entities.

    I was curious about those people who had lived and died there and their feelings about the place. I did hear one woman say it was a great place to raise their family, but when some cousins came to stay they got into the dark arts and left the chaos from their rituals behind them when they moved out.

    I heard arguing downstairs and decided to see what was happening among my friends and suggest we leave … or at least step outside.

    We didn’t need to feed the anger and rage that fed the “beast” in the basement.

    It was interesting to see how everyone was on edge after exploring the basement. I suggested they go upstairs and explore there or explore the grounds … but they wanted to stay and argue.

    I took the arm of my friend, Barbara, and forced her to come with me outside.

    It was almost as though she was in a trance once we got outside on the porch. We sat down on some chairs and after a few minutes Barbara was back to her ol’ jolly self telling me how scared she was in the basement.

    “There was something growling at us and swearing … I wanted to leave, but Hank insisted we all stay together and explore every inch of the basement.”

    Barbara did return inside the house to get everyone else outside.

    It was interesting to watch how at first they continued arguing … but then suddenly stopped … They didn’t seem to know where they were or what was going on.

    After a few minutes in the fresh air, everyone was calm and back to “normal”.

    I think in some ways that scared me more than what I heard and saw inside the house.

    I thought it funny how at one point the “house” wanted us to leave and when we decided to leave the “house” wanted us to stay and explore some more. The front door even opened for us.

    Fortunately, we’ve all had enough and were soon on our way back home to have another Real Ghost Story to share.

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    Can Evil Spirits Affect A Loving Relationship?

    Demonic Entities love causing problems.

    Ryan and Liz didn’t know what was going on with them. It seemed little things would set them off.

    For their wedding anniversary they decided to get away and work on their marriage.

    When they reurned home, Liz noticed the silver candle holders they received as a wedding present were missing. Ryan noticed the bracelet he made for Liz was missing. Instead of getting upset, they decided to sit down and discuss the situation logically without emotion.

    When did all of this begin?

    Ryan and Liz sat down and thought about when they moved in. They also went over the wedding gifts they received. They also listed the furniture they bought or was given to them. They were narrowing down when they started arguing about petty things. They knew something was in the house that wanted them to argue.

    Ryan knew that demonic entities feed off discord and can cause it. Liz was aware that demons can be in objects as well as houses.

    Finally they narrowed it down to a dresser they found in the basement and were using it in their bedroom. They emptied it and instead of returning it to the basement, they set it outside to the curb. They also removed other items left by the previous owners. Liz was quite fond of the hutch where she placed their fine china and crystal stemware, but she knew it had to go.

    Liz cleaned the basement from top to bottom. She said a prayer and demanded that any evil leave in the name of Jesus Christ.

    They felt confident when they went to bed that evening.

    Around midnight they heard loud banging on the front door.

    Turning on the porch light, they saw that the furniture they put to the curb was on the porch. Was the furniture trying to get back in the house?

    As strange as it sounds, that’s exactly what they believed was happening. They didn’t have a sage smudge stick. They did have a rosemary herb candle that they lit and did their own ritual of blessing their house and demanding that all evil leave their doorway.

    The banging grew louder and more insistent. They continued praying.

    By day break, the pounding stopped.

    Liz and Ryan were exhausted. They slept for a few hours before Ryan called his brother to help him take the furniture to the dump. Or to take it out to be burned.

    They were awakened by loud banging on the door.

    Oh no, not again they thought.

    When they looked out, it was a young couple who wanted to know about the furniture on their porch.

    Liz and Ryan were hesitant about allow the young couple to take the furniture away, but it would solve their problem.

    Liz did try to explain that they should smudge the furniture before putting it in their house, but they were told they didn’t believe in that mumbo jumbo superstitious nonsense.

    With the furniture gone, Liz and Ryan did have their house blessed. The said a prayer for the young couple who took the furniture.

    Everything has been calm and peaceful in their home.

    A few years later I saw a beat up old truck with antique furniture stuck at the side of the road.

    The couple sitting on the hood of the truck looked bruised and battered with scratches on their arms, legs and face. Being the curious person that I am, I stopped to ask if they needed help. They waved me away saying, “You don’t want any of our bad mojo.”

    They were right, I didn’t need their bad mojo, but I had to know if they were the young couple that took Liz and Ryan’s furniture.

    While we were talking, a man stopped and asked what they were planning to do with the furniture. He seemed interested and gave them an offer they immediately accepted.

    Once the furniture was removed from the old battered truck, it started right up. I met the couple at my favorite coffee shop to hear their story.

    Yes, they did find the furniture on someone’s porch. They were hesitant to confide in me that the furniture was possessed and demons attacked them while they slept. Their life was one problem after another since they took that furniture. The pipes burst in their apartment and they had to move. They were both having problems with their jobs. Their friends and family abandoned them. Bad things happened to people around them. They were given the reputation of being jinxed.

    Having sold the furniture to the man on the side of road, I wondered if they felt anything about not warning the guy about the furniture.

    All I can say is “Buyer Beware.”

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    Why Hunt For Ghosts In The Dead Of Night?

    There is a common belief that 12 midnight is the bewitching hour when ghosts, spirits, poltergeists, what have you will appear.

    For ghost hunters, many have day jobs and night is the best time for them.  I believe it is spookier at night and having some nice scary pictures to go along with your explorations doesn’t hurt.  I believe it adds atmosphere and gets you in the mood.  It is also a reminder to be alert.

    Remember when you were a kid and how the creepy old house down the street was creepier at night?  It may also have something to do with Halloween when we dressed up in costumes and went trick-or-treating in the dark.  Maybe at that time in our lives we were only interested in the candy and seeing our friends, but if you remember back it was so very quiet.  You could hear your footsteps echoing behind you.  The silence was only broken by the occasional chorus of voices calling out, “Trick or Treat!”

    There were the creepy lit jack-o-lanterns that adorned porches and fence posts casting an eerie glow to the yard.  Some played scary organ music with occasional screams, rattling chains and moaning wind.  Things may have changed over the years, but the basic atmosphere and our enthusiasm hasn’t.

    In the “still of the night” has been an ideal time to hunt for ghosts.

    It is obviously quiet and you have a better chance of picking up something on your recording devices.  It appears ghosts don’t like being in crowded places, if they are at all aware of their surroundings.  There are haunted houses, hospitals, restaurants, libraries, and open spaces.

    There was a mall in a neighboring town that lost its anchor stores and soon became a “ghost town” of sorts. I’m not saying it was “haunted”, but I did feel uncomfortable walking around in there during the day. Others had remarked that they got spooked walking through the empty mall one night after a meeting.  So I suppose ghosts prefer to be where we don’t like being.

    One personal experience I had recently was at a well known slaughter house in town.

    Just the idea of a slaughter house would instantly make one think it would be haunted.  The thing about this place is that there have been stories,  many have been proven to be hoaxes perpetrated by local teens having fun and perhaps wanting to create an urban legend of sorts.

    Well, it wasn’t my intention to go to the slaughter house, but I was out with friends and we saw something that came whoosing out of the sky at us.  We followed it to the old slaughter house.

    I tried to convince everyone it was an owl, but they gave me reasons why it couldn’t possibly be.  So there I was walking along this empty field late at night to this building that had a questionable reputation.  The old brick building had been broken into numerous times over the years and visitors would take a brick as a souvenir.

    Hoax or not, this was a creepy place.  There was this unsettling scent in the air — like death, but the slaughter house hadn’t been used for decades.

    The air had a chill in it I didn’t notice until I got closer.  I wasn’t thinking of anything in particular, just placing one foot in front of the other, not wanting to fall into a gopher hole and twist my ankle.

    All of a sudden there was an ungodly screech and this black mass with a white skull face came swooping down upon us!  I took off running!  The others followed.

    Pity no one had the peace of mind to take a picture, but we’re not the bravest souls who go off exploring in the dead of night.

    What Scares You?

    The easy answer is the unexpected.

    I truly wish there was a camera set up awhile back when my ghost hunting friends and I came running out of an abandoned house like scared children. You’ll just have to imagine a group of senior citizens running for their lives down a deserted street.

    Was it a ghost or something more sinister?

    At the time we believed it to be something more sinister, but in reality . . .

    It’s important to begin at the beginning.

    One of my ghost hunting friends is a real estate appraiser. He was given the task of appraising an abandoned house. He asked the owner if he could bring some friends with him and the owner agreed.

    So there we were in an abandoned house. I do find it strange and rather creepy what people leave behind when they move out. Is it something they forgot or intentionally left? This thought was on my mind while I explored the house. I ended up in the basement when my friend Barbara called me down there.

    She heard scratching. I told her it was just a mouse or rat. Then she drew my attention to the warm and cold spots in the room.

    I could hear the scratching coming from a closet-type cabinet. I opened the latch and the door slightly. I was braced and ready to run out of the basement if anything came out.

    Of course, I was expecting a rodent or something evil.

    While my attention was on the cabinet, something behind me made hissing sounds.

    I shot up the basement stairs with Barbara right behind me. I didn’t stop when I noticed Ralph running from upstairs and Frank from the kitchen. We kept running out of the house, the yard and even past Frank’s SUV.

    Once we felt we were far enough away from any danger we regrouped and returned to the house.

    The basement hissing was, of course, a cat that caught a rat.

    What scared Ralph was something else entirely.

    There was a fully furnished room upstairs. The woman who had once occupied the room had it all neat and tidy. Clothes were still in the closet and the dresser still had clothes in it. The night stands were full of odds and ends, too.

    The first thing I noticed was a night gown on the bed.

    Ralph assured me that it was the night gown that chased him out of the room and down the stairs. He was sure it was possessed. He kept hearing, “I’ll kill you!” as he fled the room and the house. Of course, we didn’t hear the threat on Ralph’s life.

    Frank was in the kitchen when he ran out of the house.

    He heard the locks on the back door snap into place. He had a feeling of being trapped.

    That wasn’t what had him running for his life, though.

    He was doing his inspection under the sink. Looking for leaks and evidence of dry rot.

    He heard movement behind him.

    “It sounded like a family preparing the evening meal, but when I straightened up and turned around I saw something out of a scifi movie. It was huge and had sharp teeth. It seemed to be eating something.”

    Frank didn’t want to be its next course and ran out.

    I decided not to go into the kitchen.

    There was definitely something going on in that house. I wanted to meet the people who lived there before and hear their story.

    Most of the time people like to move on and not dwell on past unpleasantness, but Frank was able to persuade the owner to give out the name and whereabouts of the renters and they were willing to meet us.

    The family consisted of a man and his wife, his mother and 10-year-old twin boys.

    The boys agreed there was something evil in that house. They couldn’t play video games without the controllers taking on a life of their own ruining the game for them. Even playing with toys was no fun in that house. Whatever was there would make them fly off and sometimes chase them out of the room.

    They didn’t want to sleep in their room after awhile.

    The grandmother explained that something was in the house. She didn’t think it evil until that last night when her bed caught on fire.

    The problem with the paranormal is that she saw what she was supposed to see, but when we were in that room weeks earlier, the bed was not burnt.

    The parents of the twins explained what happened to them next.

    Connie was in the kitchen preparing dinner. Bill was in the basement mopping up a leak from the water heater.

    He was just going up the stairs when he heard and felt an explosion.

    The explosion knocked him off his feet and he did lose a leg to the experience.

    Bill was the only one with a physical injury, but the water heater did not explode. The paramedics were called and they took him to the hospital.

    Frank believed that creature he saw in the kitchen had something to do with it, but Bill was sure it was the water heater.

    Can one evil entity cause this much trouble to a family?

    Evidently so.

    But in so many forms?

    That’s the problem with the paranormal, once you think you have something figured out, something new comes along.

    It’s no wonder the family didn’t return to remove all of their possessions. When Frank volunteered to pack up their belongs and deliver them, the family politely declined his offer.

    I couldn’t blame them. They wanted to get as far away from that house and their belongings as possible. They didn’t want some evil entity following them.

    With the family experiencing different things and with us seeing things differently than what the family claimed to happen, we concluded that something evil was indeed going on in that house, but we couldn’t explain it and we weren’t going to contradict them.

    It is a strange world we live in when evil forces invade our physical realm of the universe.

    Fear does come in all forms, we experienced the unexpected as did the family that lived there. It came in different forms to the different individuals to the degree that got us all to run away in fear for our lives.

    Barbara and I got off easy . . . a cat catching a rat . . . I do wonder why such a “natural” thing like that when the men had definite paranormal experiences. Or . . . was the cat and the rat what we were meant to see . . . and in reality it was too easy to get us out of the house . . . and where’s the fun in that for an evil entity?

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