What’s Your Favorite Holiday?

We all seem to have a favorite holiday or holiday season.

The most popular are Halloween and Christmas in that order.HalloweenTrickorTreat_edited-1

I do have a website of haunted stuff with ghost stories. I love them, as many do. I also have one of Christmas. Then, there’s this one that allows me to celebrate the holidays as they come. And, you may have noticed how I really do get into Halloween . . . it is my favorite season.

I’m not into the real creepy stuff with the violent make-up and gross food. It’s interesting how make-up can be applied to scare the living daylights out of you . . . I admire it, but it’s not something I would do.

If Halloween is for children, I’d go for the more mild fun stuff . . . but to each his/her own.

Halloween2Yes, there is definitely humor in being scared . . . and children running around at night in costumes gathering sweet treats is all about the fun . . . yet, the idea of being out at night . . . the lit pumpkins with scary faces . . . the decorations of tomb stones . . . and witches, ghosts, skeletons and other scary stuff heightens the imagination.

Also going to the doors of stranger’s houses is a scary activity.

For me, it is about the children and their enthusiasm of getting all dressed up and going door to door collecting candy. And, if they scare each other along the way, it’s all in fun.

I love that parents are with their children. Some dress up in costume, too. Or, they’re with older siblings. Times have, unfortunately, changed and we need to make sure children have a safe Halloween experience.

Many people opt to have parties in their homes rather than allowing the kids to go out . . . this works out well. It is fun to gather friends together and have fun and games and maybe watch a Halloween DVD . . . and, of course, have some delicious food . . . it may look a little odd, but the taste is wonderful.

I haven’t noticed as many Christmas Carolers.

I’d love to hear them sing . . . going door to door.Christmas-Dona Gelsinger8

One neighborhood church would have young and old alike singing carols throughout the neighborhood. You could join them, if you wanted to. It would turn into a rather large group.

Then, we’d have an impromptu pot luck dinner. We’d all contribute and share the news of the families. It was a nice way of getting caught up on marriages and births, graduations and jobs . . . we seemed to keep up with the sorrow of death . . . but it was a time of letting neighbors know we do care . . .

I enjoyed listening to the stories of different families . . . some could trace their ancestry way back . . . This was good for everyone to hear and there were history lessons involved, too. You had to understand the times, to understand the hardships and the joys . . . how how certain traditions developed and are practiced today.

Each and every one of us has a history . . . a story to tell  . . .  maybe about our ancestry . . . and our own story . . . from humble beginnings . . . and the opportunities we were given . . . and the decisions we’ve made . . . all shaping the life we now live.

Whatever, holiday or holiday season you enjoy . . . it’s wonderful to be with family and friends . . . and to share what you can about life and aspirations.

We all have a life and aspirations . . . it’s interesting to see how things work out.

Until next time,