Are You Familiar With Ravensblight?

Ray O’Bannon is a talented artist who created Ravenscraft.

Since it is finally fall/autumn, I thought I’d share some of my favorite Ray O’Bannon Haunted Toys.

Of course, it’s The Ghost House!

It also has a Secret Chamber . . .

Well, as I remember the story . . . The house was built in 1820 by Captain Joshua Harsh. Yes, his temperment seemed to match his name. He was a seaman — a Ship Captain as I recall . . . but he was rumored to be a pirate . . . and into the dark arts.

He built this house, but the building only occurred at night . . . not a strange occurance in Ravensblight . . . but all the same, it seemed quite odd.

He did bring home a bride to his new home . . . who was heavily veiled . . . 

And she died mysteriously after lighting the lamp post in the yard . . . do you see it?

That lamp post still burns brightly . . . even to this day . . . inspite of other residents who purchased this property . . . and is still burning as it is awaiting a new owner . . .

This papercraft has a Secret Chamber which I mentioned earlier . . .

That’s what makes this paper craft Ghost House so special to me! I can put some of my own “treasures” inside.

I’ve made several of these in the past and given them as gifts . . . I wonder if they found the treasures I selected for them . . .

It really doesn’t matter — about the “treasures” . . . just that there is a secret chamber waiting to be discovered.

I also added some spooky characters to dress us the place a bit . . . 

There are two sets . . . It is difficult to decide which are my favorites so I have a selection from both sets decorating my Ghost House . . . and, of course, you can do the same . . .

And, my Ghost House has a story all of its own . . . I just did that for my own amusement, but you can be true to Ray O’Bannon and stay with his story . . .

I kind of like having a mad scientists . . . or maybe a coven of witches building this Ghost House . . . and, of course, mine isn’t from Ravensblight, but built in my own hometown . . . which has a colorful haunted history all of its own . . . for those who are interested . . . but not everyone is into ghosts and real ghost stories . . .

Seriously, who wants to know that such “interesting” monsters are haunting their hometown . . . ???

All of these Free Printables are compliments of Ray O’Bannon over at Ravensblight. Just click any of the images above to print out your Ghost House and Micro Monsters.

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Halloween Is In The Air

October is scooting by quickly.

We had some cooler temperatures . . . and then it got warm again . . . Anticipating cooler temperatures again.

There is something about autumn and getting ready for Halloween.

I found this image and just had to use it. It is a bit spookier than I like, but as you look closely, there isn’t a skull moon, but it is made from the tree branches. I think this is quite clever along with the children walking along in their pursuit of candy.

Initially I didn’t see the children walking. My focus was captured on the moon.

That may have been the whole point, but once we begin to look around, it needed to be more of an All Hollows Eve picture . . .

This is something I need to keep in mind when I’m doing my paper crafts. It is great to draw the eye into the card initially, but there does have to be a complete “picture” once one decides to look around.

This reminds me to get your Halloween Treat Boxes together and ready to fill with delicious treats.

Remember our friend Ray O’Bannon over at Ravensblight Paper Toys . . . 

Remember all of his great treat box coffins?

This year I’m favoring the weathered crate for my Halloween Treat Box. I can decorate it with pumpkins and may have a spooky cat or a witch . . . maybe her feet sticking out of it or at least have her hat on the crate.

The weathered crate can be made spooky by having a skeleton trying to get out . . .

What’s great is that all of Ray’s paper toys are free to download and assemble — he has excellent instructions.

I do love Ray’s Haunted Houses.

I especially like The Ghost House.

It has a secret chamber under the house that is a great place to put some treasures.

If you’re into building a paper craft Haunted Ship, Ray O’Bannon has a collection of them along with cars and trucks and even a train. You can have some great fun exploring everything he has available to download, print out and assemble.

Click the image of the Ghost House to the right to be taken to the PDF and click here for the assembling instructions.

It would be best for you to begin right away with the Ghost House or one of the ships — this will take some time to assemble.

Depending upon the number of “coffin” treat boxes you have to make, time is of the essence.

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Disney Free Printables

This is my 500th post here at — I should make it something special.

With Valentine’s Day right on our heels, I think maybe something to print out would be in order.

Something simple for a children’s school or church party.

Or something for you to give your special valentine’s.

These Disney cup cake toppers and cup cake doilies are great . . . you can pack the cup cakes in a lunch or have them for dessert. They do look lovely.

For the toppers, just glue on a toothpick . . . and for the cup cake doilies, you’ll wrap them around the cup cake papers to make them look festive.

Just click the image to the left or to the right to download the PDF and print out.

I do like these. I’m also wondering about other things that may be of interest to you . . .

We’ve done the Valentine Mickey Candy Box and the Valentine Minnie Candy Box . . . but what about a Stitch Valentine Candy Box?

The links above will take you to the PDFs to download and print out on card stock. I think that would be enough to keep you busy this day before Valentine’s Day . . . I’m always thinking something else might be fun to make for you to give or decorate . . . or for your children to make and give to friends . . .

Something simple, but fun . . .

How about some Disney Lollipop Labels — They’re a Valentine that has a lollipop attached. They are cute and fun for your children to hand out to friends. There are five of them — Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto and Goofy. I think they would be fun just to have around the house . . . or give at work . . . You could have them in a cup and people can pick the one that appeals to them.

There are a lot of links on this page for you to click . . . I do hope in this 500th post, I have something you like . . . if not, it wasn’t for lack of trying on my part. Thank you for stopping by!


Cute Halloween Box Printables

Halloween is always a fun time to make up favor boxes filled with sweet treats.

I’m always looking for some fun treat boxes to print out, cut out, assemble and fill will goodies.halloweencandycorntreatbag

These are great for parties and for your kids to give to friends and classmates. I like this design because it seems appropriate for all age groups and for those who may not share the ghoulishness of the Halloween season.

This is a clever way of wrapping up candy corn characters to adore a cute favor box.

halloweencutefavorboxClick the image to be taken to the PDF for download and printing. Click either image, both are included.

I love Halloween . . . It’s a fun way to participate in a neighborhood activity . . . I like to see the kids and their parents . . . all decked out in costume with that fun anticipation of getting some delicious chocolate candy!

I enjoy going to the store and looking at all the bags upon bags of candy selections. I like to find a good assortment . . . and I especially love it when the store has their buy one get one free special . . . but I haven’t seen that in awhile. And . . . what would I do with all that candy!!!

I like having these boxes around to give to family and friends . . . and to surprise neighbors who don’t go trick-or-treating, but would love to have a few candies. They’re fun to leave on doorsteps. I’m not into ringing the doorbell and running like a fool down the street . . . my quick dashes are a thing of the past . . . but I don’t mind leaving it, ringing the bell and walking away.

The important thing is to spread the cheer of Halloween  . . . early works . . . that’s the whole surprise element!

I found a few more Halloween Favor Boxes that may add to your Halloween fun. You can’t have too many favor boxes.

Have fun with these boxes!

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Free Halloween Printables

A-Manda is giving away a whole collection of Halloween Printables!!!

There are cupcake wrappers, candy wrappers, juice box wrappers, gift boxes and so very much

This is truly a whole party ready to happen!

Just click the picture to the right and you’ll be taken to A-Manda’s PDF page to check out, print out and create.

This is truly excellent to have everything so coordinated for your Halloween bash. Wow! I’m truly impressed . . . And It’s FREE!!!

This would work for school parties, too. There are goodie bag toppers and cupcake toppers you can easily print out, cut out and use. Choose what you want and save other things for later . . . and give yourself some time to view the PDF to decide what you want to use. You may be pleasantly surprised with all the ideas to get.

I do like the colors and the images. It works well for all age groups.

Have some fun with this bundle of Halloween bliss!!

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