Witch Shoe Party Favor

Witches, ghosts, goblins, ghouls . . . Pumpkins, skeletons, spiders and spider webs . . . Mummies and monsters . . . Super Heroes and cartoon characters . . . Pirates and Princesses . . . And so very many more “things” that go bump in the night on All Hallows Eve . . . 

Or are in costume greeting us at our door hoping for a sweet treat.witchshoe2

Yes, Halloween is definitely in the air. I noticed Amazon has their Halloween Shop open. I’m sure everyone is looking for just the right costume for each member of their family . . . I wonder what it will be?

These witch shoes are always fun to make and give as gifts this Halloween season. It works for different age groups and can be decorated to go along with the theme of your party or get-together.

You can use your own designer paper for the inner lining and for the shoe as well. It can be creepy or funny . . . depending upon how you view Halloween.

Click the links above for the PDFs of the shoe and the lining. Then find ribbon and buttons and maybe some suitable clipart that will decorate your witch shoe quite nicely. It’s always fun to have designer paper at least for the inner lining, but you can use any solid color . . . cardstock does work well for the shoe . . . it needs to be sturdy to hold your bag of assorted goodies.

This is a fun way for your children to give candy to their school friends . . . and even for their teacher.

Start early with this project . . . you’ll be making dozens of them.

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I Love Paper Crafts

I’ve been surfing the web . . . again . . . 


For the Pink Box Camera Click Here

I came across a lot of different fun paper crafts.

Strange how I’ll be looking for boxes . . . then I find 3-D houses and even a gazebo . . . and I thought, Yes!! This is perfect for spring and summer. I could have some fun decorating this with flowers and adding all kinds of things inside . . . Then I thought of other things that would be season appropriate . . .

And then there were vintage-type stuff that I truly love . . . and it got me thinking . . . about spring . . . and summer . . . and vacationing . . . and picture taking . . . so, a camera would be quite appropriate . . . even a vintage one . . . Just click the image and you’ll be taken to the page to download and print out the black box camera.

This is a box camera . . . and there’s a box inside where you can keep some small pictures . . . maybe a few sweet treats . . .

The internet is a definite feast for the eyes and the mind . . . 

And can cause a lot of confusion in the process.Sneaker

I found so many things I’d like to make . . . and then wondered what would be appropriate on TwoCansOnAString to share with you . . .

Decisions, decisions, decisions . . .

I had to do a lot of thinking . . . and wondering what you would like to make. Do you want something simple or quite involved? Would you like it to be functional or decorative?

I decided on a sneaker . . . something you could make and fill with goodies . . . Also something I associate with summer . . .

Just click the image and you’ll be taken to the PDF for downloading and printing. There’s also a white shoe version you can print out here.

I hope you found this post helpful and worthwhile. Have fun putting the cameras and sneakers together!


Cold And Wet Outside

I’m sitting on my patio, drinking a hot cup of coffee.

It could be considered gloomy, but I’m feeling good. We need the rain and I was enjoying hearing it. I do find it relaxing.RainyDay

I am a bit cold, so I’ll move inside.

It’s interesting how a previous post can fill one’s mind . . . especially a craft idea. I’m thinking of using elements from something I shared on my website OldHauntedStuff.com

It is spring and I’m thinking Halloween. I guess with crafts, it’s never too early to get started. I do subscribe to a scrapbooker who is always waiting for pictures from her kids to add to the scrapbooks she’s making for her grandchildren. It is all a labor of love . . . and the pictures she receives, she makes the layout . . . no matter the season.

It’s refreshing to know how most crafters and scrapbookers are always behind . . . or ahead, depending upon one’s perspective. I know there are many who are planning their Christmas in July videos . . . that’s when I’m into my Halloween stuff. Well, this year I’m getting to it earlier . . . along with Christmas.

I guess it doesn’t really matter the season, the important thing is that we’re doing something worthwhile for upcoming holidays.

I would like to be current with my crafts and the season, but I do plan ahead and by the time the actual event occurs, I’m pretty much over it and moving forward to the next.

Disney always come to the rescue when it comes to making an idea a reality . . .

Spring is a time of new growth . . . all kinds of flowers and perhaps a fairy or two . . .fairydoor

Something to capture the imagination . . . and to take you into another world of peace and tranquility. We do need as much of that as possible. And exercising the imagination is always fun, too.

This would be great for a card or to set up on a shelf . . . it is a freestanding door . . . inviting you to peek around it . . . or open it . . . Just click the image to be taken to the free template.

You can make a wonderful diorama . . . with plenty of flowers . . . even attach the door to a box and build your fairyland inside it . . . there are many uses . . . and hours of fun for you as a crafter and for your children . . . share the fun.

I know many crafters do work with their children or grandchildren. There is a spark that children have in bringing the best out of adults. This allows you to play, imagine and explore . . .

You’ll probably want flowers, too. And the most unusual, the better. This may spark an idea or two of your own once you print out these and assemble them . . . you’ll have plenty of unique flowers to add to your special fairyland . . . 

These were inspired by Alice In Wonderland, but you can adapt them however you want. Just click the image to be taken to the free printable.

It’s always delightful to have some friendly flowers . . . these would make a beautiful bouquet to make and share. You can always add pictures of your family in these flowers . . . that would make them very special, indeed.

And, you’ll need fairies, too . . . I wonder . . .fairypals

Well, with Disney, you don’t have to wonder very long. They do have exactly what is necessary to create something special and memorable.

Remember to click on the image to be taken to the free template you can print and cut out. This is truly a wonderful template where you mix and match pieces to create your own unique fairies . . . and you can add your own special touches to make each one unique . . . and just right for your creation. They do bring happiness.

And, as with the flowers you can make your friends and family into fairies for your special wonderland/fairyland.

Yes, spring is that time of wonder . . . of joy and delight . . . a time to get out in nature and enjoy yourself with family and friends. And use these free printables and templates. You will definitely have a wonderful time.

I’ll leave you with one more link. Something you may find fun to put on your next batch of cupcakes. It’s appropriate for spring . . . with some of your Disney pals.

I hope this post was helpful and inspiring.

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Free Thanksgiving Mickey and Minnie Candy Boxes You Can Make

Family.Disney.com has the absolute best FREE Templates you can print out for Thanksgiving.

I don’t believe Thanksgiving would be complete without having some hostess gifts for your young guests. It gives me a warm feeling inside that I’ve given something special to prolong the celebration just a bit longer.

These candy box Mickey and Mini Pilgrims are absolutely perfect. You make them by printing them out on card stock, cut them out and assemble them. Then you fill them with something yummy or special trinkets. It’s that special touch, only you can add that makes these Mickey and Mini Candy Boxes so special.

Without further chatter, here are the pictures and the links:


 Now isn’t he a handsome fellow with his Pilgrim hat, a pumpkin and his own turkey drumstick!

Click Here for the Free Template

I haven’t forgotten Mini! She does look lovely as a Pilgrim with her special bonnet, apron and a beautiful big smile.

Thanksgiving-Mini Mouse

Click Here for Pilgrim Mini Mouse

This handsome couple will definitely brighten up your Thanksgiving decor. I always like to add a bonus or two in my posts to give you something else you can use by printing out on card stock, cutting out and assembling.

Chip and Dale are fun little characters to make this special Kids’ Table sign enjoyable.

Here’s the Free Template

You’re going to need a wooden dowel and a flower arrangement or a pumpkin to secure the dowel into.

Mickey Mouse Happy Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

You can print these out on either plain printer paper or card stock. They tie the Disney theme together at the adult and kids’ tables.

I have one more surprise free template for you.

Thanks for stopping by and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Free Paper Craft Christmas Village

This is truly an impressive Christmas or Winter Village that you can make and display. It is a Christmas diorama of Pretzschendorf (paper models).  You can access them at http://www.grundschule-pretzschendorf.de/en/Our_village/paper_models.html

There are 48 historical models for you to make. They are from the early 20th century. Make them all or select the ones you like.  They make nice gifts, too. You may like to decorate packages with them or display them with a plate of cookies. I’m confident you’ll find many wonderful uses for the various buildings. I’ve cut out some windows and put battery operated tea lights in them to light up my village. I also have an N-Gauge Train Set running through my village. I do not have any powered cars, but I do have various accessories to populate my village.

The workmanship on these paper craft models is outstanding and well worthwhile for you to check out.

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