How Many Ghost Hunters Are There?

I’ve been watching some YouTube Videos.

I’m truly amazed by the number of people who go out to explore haunted locations.

I have always been fascinated by haunted stuff and haunted locations. Some people are into cemeteries, hospitals, schools … roads, tunnels, bridges … I get creeped out by abandoned places, too. I like ghost towns and malls that have shut down due to lack of business — this is truly sad when a city or town can’t get enough business to support a mall.

I know, at one time how I didn’t like how “down town” turned into a “ghost town” because the malls took away all the business … Now, perhaps due to the internet and people preferring to shop “online” rather than in physical stores, this is going to be a reality in most towns and cities.

So … How many people actually like going ghost hunting and have started their own YouTube Channel?

This is obviously something they truly love. Otherwise they wouldn’t do it. Getting the wits scared out of me isn’t something I truly enjoy … but it is interesting for me to watch.

I truly am grateful for all the paranormal investigators out there who like going to various haunted locations to film whatever it is they capture on tape or audio.

Below I have a couple of video I’d like to share. The first one is because I could hear the train whistle … it was kind of cool and also a bit creepy. I do like trains and train whistles,

The second video shows clips taken from different individuals who wanted to share the paranormal activity they caught on tape.

Waverly Hills Sanitorium Paranormal Exploration

Ghosts Caught On Tape In Abandoned Places

I believe just about every time I watch “haunted” videos or “ghost” videos or those of abandoned properties and places, I discover more and more people have picked up this interest in “ghost hunting” or investigating the paranormal.

It truly is exciting to watch these videos in the comfort of your own home without having anything jump out at you or getting a creepy feeling as doors slam and shadows dart across windows or in hallways. It is truly creepy to hear footsteps causally walking or running … Equally unnerving is having someone or something touching you with icy cold fingers … or getting scratched.

And how about that loud ringing or noise heard in the first video?

There are a lot of strange things that happen to those investigating haunted places … Many feel they’re being watched or they get a creepy feeling with the hair on the back of their neck standing up … or breaking out in goosebumps. It is truly scary when one is pushed or hit … this happens more often than not … What makes these paranormal investigators continue … The love of sharing their videos and perhaps discovering something about life after death.

It is a scary business of going out to abandoned haunted places. I’m glad so many do … This allows me to share real ghost stories from various places.

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Keeping A Ghost Hunting Journal

My Ghost Hunting Group met at our favorite coffee house the other morning.

Many of them keep a journal of their paranormal experiences. I don’t keep one and neither does my friend Barbara. We usually remember our experiences when prompted by another member who shares something or asks a question. Maybe this blog is my paranormal journal of sorts.

My experiences seem to repeat from time to time. For example, there’s a place where I pick up “ghosts” in my car. This is the route I take to go to the bank and to the vet. This particular corner seems to be where they hitch a ride. I don’t especially like it, because they seem to suck the air out of the car. I open the windows and the moon roof to bring more air in. I’m also hoping the added air will suck them out. They don’t need to hitch a ride with me. They can get where they want to go on their own.

I did share this experience at one of our gatherings and others have experienced the same thing on this same corner and also when they leave the cemetery.

Spirits do attach themselves to you.

That’s why it’s a good idea to let spirits know they can’t hitch a ride with you, especially when you’re on your way home.

I know on my recent trip to the vet, I had a few spirits with me. For one, my little Yorkie was barking and growling at something that wanted to get in her seat. She was having no part of it. For two, before we walked into the waiting room, several dogs were barking and whining. I just hope they don’t connect the mayhem with me –I may be looking for another vet.

I do tell my hitchhiking ghosts to get out and not to follow me, but they do what they want. Some follow others out the door and hitch a ride home with someone leaving the vet’s office. Or they go to the various examination rooms snooping around and causing havoc.

I’m wondering if these spirits just want to have fun or if they are looking for a place where they can be comfortable. I always make it a point to drive by mortuaries so they have a chance to find their way to the light and go where they belong, but who am I to say where they belong.

Carla has been plagued by a ghost.

“It started when I was a little girl,” she began. “We were on a camping trip with my aunt and uncle and cousins. We had separate tents — one for each family, but I wanted to be with my cousin, so I was allowed to set up my sleeping bag next to hers.”

After dinner, sitting around the campfire, Carla’s aunt told of a ghost of a little girl that has been with her her whole life. She sees her reflection in the mirror or in a window. It’s odd when she doesn’t see her from time to time.

Carla’s mother remembers that little girl and when she first attached herself to her sister.

“I remember when you were having trouble at school,” Carol said.

“Yes,” Candy said with a faraway look in her eyes — remembering.  “I remember when these boys used to follow me around and tease me. Sometimes they would push me. I don’t know why they targeted me to pick on, but it was horrible.”

This little ghost girl was able to knock them down and kick sand in their faces. Instead of this helping Carla, it made me more angry and escalated the situation.

“Come to think of it,” Candy said, “This little girl was not helping me at all.”

But as the story goes, this little girl had been taunted years earlier by another group of boys who were responsible for her death. It was claimed to be an accident, but many believed it was murder.

Ruth Ann, the ghost girl, was a good student and a pretty girl. She lived on the poor side of town, but with the busing, she was assigned to that school along with a whole bus load of other kids. They may have been picked on, too, but Ruth Ann was the main target for this group of bullies.

Ruth Ann missed the bus one afternoon, because she was locked in the bathroom. By the time the janitor heard her pounding on the door and screaming, the bus had already gone without her.

She had no choice, but to walk home.

Rocks were thrown at her — it seemed from all directions. Ruth Ann took off running, but one hit her in the head. When she fell to the ground, the boys circled around her and continued throwing rocks. Some were grabbing at her clothes.

It’s a tragic story and days before DNA testing, but since those accused were from a “good family” and Ruth Ann was from the wrong side of town, nothing much was done about it.

Ruth Ann attached herself to Candy, Carla’s aunt to protect her from the bullies.

Why did she attach herself to Carla during that camping trip?

Carla was having a bullying problem at school. She was a good student and the girls and some boys were calling her a geek and other unflattering names.

It seemed over the years with Aunt Candy, Ruth Ann acquired more skills of protecting the human and seeking revenge upon the bullies. In the lunch room she became quite adept at exploding the catsup and mustard packets to soil the users shirt or blouse or to dump their food on the floor. She thought it great run to have tatter tots scattered in the path of the bullies and watch them slip on them while they were carrying a tray of food.

Eventually, the bullies stopped tormenting Carla, but Ruth Ann continued bothering them.

Carla and her aunt do see Ruth Ann from time to time, but she may have moved on to other children who are experiencing bullying. It may be Ruth Ann’s calling in her afterlife to help others and encourage bullies to change their ways.

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Spirit Communication

Have You Been Thinking About Getting A Pendulum To Communicate With Loved Ones?

Pendulums have become popular for communicating with spirits.

There are some who put pendulums in the same category as Ouija Boards and recommend staying away from them. If you choose to use a pendulum to contact your spirit guides here are some guidelines:

1. Before using your pendulum for the first time, it is important to cleanse it. This is easily done by holding it under running water for a few seconds then patting it dry with a soft cloth.

2.  It is important to center yourself before beginning. Take a few cleansing breaths, clear your mind and address your spirit guide. It is worthwhile to ask for guidance and protection.

3. You will be asking “yes” or “no” questions. I usually begin by asking my spirit guide to show me the symbol for “yes” and then the symbol for “no.” I hold my pendulum in one hand with the chain between my thumb and index finger. I steady my arm by resting my elbow on the table.  Some people believe that a “yes” answer swings in a vertical direction and “no” in a horizontal direction, but I have found it varies from time to time with the spirit guide I’m contacting and is not always consistent. Some go clockwise or counter clockwise, sometimes at an angle or in circles. There are no set rules — that’s why I ask before I begin.

4. Before I begin a session, I write down a series of “yes” and “no” questions. Sometimes I do go off script by an answer I receive. I do not have any preconceived notion of what answer I will receive. Some people like to “test” the pendulum for accuracy by making statements like: My name is . . .  or My address is . . .  these can be true or false statements giving you a “yes” or “no” answer. I would stay clear of times like Today is Wednesday, [date] because time and space have no meaning to spirit. You may say My favorite time of year is . . . or My favorite color is . . . or My favorite food is . . . or My child’s name is . . .

5. It is important to close your session with a thank you and statement that you are finished. It could be a good bye or an amen. Just be sure it is clear that the session is over and closed.

You don’t need to buy a pendulum.

I have used a key or ring on a string or chain. Some people like to use a piece of paper with a circle with a horizontal line cutting it in half and a vertical line to cut the circle in fourths. It is up to you.

Some people have found it difficult to get the pendulum to move or respond to questions or statements. It is a matter of becoming familiar with your pendulum and relaxing. At the beginning, I would limit such sessions to no more than 5 minutes. I would also use different pendulums to find one that works for you.

Using a pendulum can be useful, but I would keep notes as to the accuracy. There are many factors that could interfere with the answers you receive. You may be thinking “yes” and your subconscious would direct the pendulum to swing in the affirmative.

It is a good idea not to jump to conclusions, especially if you desire a certain outcome. It is also common sense not to ask the pendulum questions that you can decide on your own.

Disclaimer: This article is for entertainment purposes only. It is not to take the place of medical or legal advice. It is not to be relied upon exclusively — common sense should be used. You must take responsibility for the decisions you make in relying on the answers received from your pendulum.

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Does Ghost Hunting Have A Season?

I like to give my ghost hunting friends something to think about while we’re at my favorite coffee shop.

I was surprised they didn’t laugh me out of the coffee shop. I just got thinking about different hunting seasons and different holiday seasons along with the seasons of the year. Is there a season that is better for ghost hunting? Fortunately, they took me seriously and we had an interesting discussion about their various ghost hunting experiences.

I know when we were having a founders day celebration in town, there were ghostly spirits all over the place. When there are concerts in the park, you’re apt to see ghostly apparitions. Just about every event attracts spirits to them. This got me wondering if these spirits were just having a good time with the crowd of people, sucking up the energy or if they were there because of something else.

It seems one question always leads to another.

Matt didn’t think there was any particular time that was better than any other, but it may have to do with the location and how many other people have been there.

Some people are looking for the “thrill of the moment.” They hope to capture an EVP or have something happen so they can share the experience with friends. “Ghosts aren’t trained animals that follow your commands,” he said. Many times amateur ghost hunters will say such things as move the chair or close the door or move an object. For some spirits it may be difficult to do that and to be honest, would you want to move a chair, close a door or move an object at someone’s command?

If spirits want you to know they are here, they may speak to you or move something. We need to use common sense and treat these entities as humans who are no longer with us.

It seems I got a bit off track, but it explains why Matt believes Halloween isn’t the best time for ghost hunting. All the time up to Halloween, people are visiting haunted sites and making demands and acting like complete jerks. This turns off spirits as well as turning off the living.

Matt did share an experience he had to a known haunted theater.

He got permission and went in with several people who were both curious about the theater and what Matt was going to do. He was upset as were the others by how someone got into the theater and vandalized it.

He spoke with those with him and then spoke to the spirits that were supposed to haunt the old theater. He didn’t speak to them about the vandalism, but of the various plays that were presented on that stage. He spoke of the conversion to a movie theater and mentioned how his father used to go there with his brother and sister on a Saturday afternoon while their parents were in town doing their shopping or his dad was at the barber shop.

As Matt could feel the nostalgia of the moment, he could also feel spirits gathering. The room took on a definite chill. He mentioned many old movies and the various stars. He spoke of how his father told him about the pop corn and the ice cold root beer with so much carbonation that the bubbles wet his nose, but the heady fragrance added to the taste. There was never anything as refreshing.

He was definitely making a connection with the theater ghosts. He thanked the spirits and those who accompanied him and left. He made arrangements to visit again. Matt prefers to make several visits to a location. He does his research between visits. He doesn’t draw any conclusions until his investigation is done, but he admits he has never completed an investigation because he enjoys the spirits he finds and there is always something new to learn.

I remember being in a local cemetery delivering flowers to various grave sites.

It was before Halloween with a nice nip in the air. I could hear movement that echoed throughout the cemetery.  I tried to concentrate on where I was going and what I had to do, but the crunch of fallen leaves seemed to get louder and closer to me. I called out saying I had two more deliveries to make and I’d be on my way. I honestly thought it was the caretaker or someone else who had permission to be there. And if it was kids who got in somehow, I’d alert them to the fact that I was aware of them and they weren’t going to scare me.

As soon as I spoke, the crunching of leaves stopped. It seemed more frightening to me to not hear anything than to suspect that someone was out there watching and waiting. I tried to shrug it off, but the longer it took me to locate the right grave site, the more frightened I became.

I started talking again. “Have you seen the grave site of Mrs. Emma Lindquest?” I asked. “It seems she’s around here someplace, but I can’t seem to find her. Her son will be disappointed if this isn’t delivered on her birthday.” I rambled on about what a wonderful mother she was and how her son told me how he liked to surprise her on her birthday with breakfast in bed. He would pick a flower out of the yard and put it in a vase or have it on the tray.

I heard some scuffling of leaves and followed the sound. Someone had cleared away the fallen leaves from her headstone assisting me in making my delivery. I expressed my thanks and gratitude that I never would have found it without their assistance.

Off in the distance, I heard a hollow sounding voice ask, “Who else?”

I immediately said the name and the grave site number. I followed the sounds to my destination.

I believe there had been some Halloween-type pranks being pulled and the spirits that were present at the cemetery when I got there were going to take the upper hand and scare me away, but once they realized I had a job to do and I wasn’t there to cause trouble, they came to my aid.

I was curious about the ghost who helped me, but this didn’t seem to be the time to poke into his business. I know I’ll be there again and if it is meant to be, I’ll make his acquaintance.

Since ghost hunting doesn’t seem to have a definite season, it is good to note that it is best not be frequent places during times of high tourism when some tourists may have personal agendas that chase ghosts away. It’s also good to remember to treat ghosts as we would like to be treated — with kindness.

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Cloudy Weather And Ghost Hunting

I’m always curious how the weather affects ghosts and spirits.

I am reminded that ghosts and spirits were once living beings and for some reason are stuck here or chose to visit here to look out for others. It may be where their friends are and they enjoy being with them or they may have unfinished business or have business of another sort.

As I said, ghosts and spirits were once living beings and should be treated as such. So, cloudy weather may affect them as it did in life. I like cloudy weather. I love the rain, thunder and lightning. I know others who don’t. So, I would imagine going out on such a day to look for ghosts would uncover nothing or a cranky ghost.

I’ve been investigating an old haunted theater for a few months now with some ghost hunting friends. They are quite serious about their ghost hunting. I’m a bit more laid back.

On this particular cloudy, fall day, I went to the old haunted theater with a card table, a jigsaw puzzle and a couple of chairs.

I set it up in the lobby where the light was best, since the place had been abandoned for a number of years with no utilities turned on, I wanted to have natural light.

Just as a note, we do get permission from the owner each time we visit.

My friends thought I wasn’t into today’s ghost hunting adventure, but it was just the opposite. I wanted to see if there was a spirit who was into jigsaw puzzles and wanted to spend some time with me. I’ve noticed whenever a jigsaw puzzle is set up, no one can resist stopping for a few minutes, checking it out and putting a piece in place. Sometimes they get “hooked” and sit down. This was the behavior I was counting on for my ghost hunting adventure.

Along with the card table, puzzle and chairs, I had my camera, tape recorder and EMF meter.

As I was setting out the puzzle pieces, I spoke aloud to the ghosts. I explained how on cloudy days I had a bet with myself. The bet was to see if I could complete the puzzle before the first drop of rain fell. Now this was no idle bet. I have puzzles with 1000 pieces or more. I was serious. I chose a jigsaw puzzle of candy wrappers — theater . . . candy . . . This theater was originally built for live performances and later converted to show movies and later abandoned when a multi-plex came to town.

I rambled on a bit longer about the puzzle and the various candies and settled down to business.

I started with the frame and noticed the chair opposite me move to one side. I didn’t think a spirit was sitting down, but just moved the chair a bit to let me know someone was there. My EMF meter lit up.

I said, “I don’t know why I brought this puzzle, it always makes me hungry.”

I heard very clearly, “Sugar Babies.”

“Oh, are those your favorite? They certainly are chewy, but stick to my teeth.”

I was hoping the EVP was being recorded.

Not knowing the age of this “ghostly spirit,” I didn’t want to ask too many questions, but to share information. I do talk when I’m nervous.

I noticed the “Sugar Babies” coming together to one side of the puzzle pieces I set out. Was the spirit telling me what pieces he/she was putting together?

I decided to test this out and did the same with “Junior Mints.”

“Mary Jane” was spoken next and the pieces came together.

This went on for some time and the puzzle was taking shape.

“You’re good at this,” I said. “We’ll get this finished before the first drops of rain.”

I then heard quite distinctly, “No rain today.”

I answered with, “You’re probably right, but it’s a good day for a jigsaw puzzle.”

My answer was “Cards.”

This spirit evidently enjoyed playing cards. I waited to see if he/she was going to say more.

I wasn’t sure if this spirit had moved on to see what the others were doing or not. My EMF meter was still on, but I may have been visited by another.

I declared my experiment a success and made a mental note to bring cards the next time, but I didn’t know what game this particular ghost preferred and I didn’t know many, just the basics. Maybe the others would like to participate next time.

I got the feeling from this brief encounter that this ghost may have been an actor and was used to passing the time playing cards. Or it may have been the one running the films and played cards between changing reels.

I did some research and discovered that the original owner of the building did set up a weekly poker game. He made his business legitimate with the playhouse. His son started running the movie house to bring in more customers, but his father still ran his poker games. He did expand it to nightly when it became a movie theater and the games were set up behind the stage in the old dressing rooms.

I learned of other businesses in town that ran “after hour” events as well.

It’s interesting what you can learn about a town by asking questions of the living who are willing to share. It’s just a ghostly nudge that gets the mind thinking about the random words that were spoken.

By the way, the spirit was right, no rain.

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