Celebrity Ghost Stories

Too often we go about our normal routine, not realizing that we have ghosts among us . . . Getting a cold chill out of nowhere — Seeing movement out of the corner of your eye — Smelling something that has no physical reason for being in the room . . . Objects being moved . . . That sense of being watched . . .

How Open Are You About The Paranormal?

I doubt I’d mention to others that I believed there was a ghost in my room . . . It should be a natural thing. Many people have had paranormal experiences. They, unfortunately won’t talk about them — or roll their eyes if you mention it . . . We don’t want people to make fun of us . . . However, we know the truth!!

It’s quite brave of these celebrities to discuss their paranormal experiences. The more people who do, the more we’ll feel comfortable about it.

I’ve had experiences where objects have been moved — even pictures have fallen from the wall. I believe we have spirits among us that are letting us know they are watching over us.

But What About A Dark Entity — One That Means To Harm Us?

It may be time to reach out to someone who knows about such things to help us . . . It’s important to protect ourselves — there is evil . . .

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My All Time Favorite Real Ghost Story

This is one of my favorites that my family loves to hear me tell year after year.

Two young women closed up the diner where they worked.

One of the women rode her bicycle to work, the other took the bus . . . but that cold snowy and windy night, Louise missed her bus because she went back to get the last piece of lemon meringue pie. Emma was locking the diner as Louise rush passed her balancing the piece of lemon meringue pie on a plate as she tried in vain to stop the bus.

“Oh what am I going to do?” Louise asked no one in particular.

“Come home with me and I’ll take you home in my car. The weatherman said it wasn’t going to snow tonight, so I thought I’d save some money by riding my bike.”

Louise agreed and was grateful. It was after midnight, cold and windy. And now it was snowing . . .

Emma lived about a mile and a half down a couple of long desolate country roads. With the wind and snow . . . and Louise balancing her plate of lemon meringue pie . . . they walked down the long dark country road huddled together for warmth. Emma had one hand guiding her bike and Louise had one hand balancing her plate . . . of lemon meringue pie.

Ahead of them, they saw an old van slowly turn off the row in the woods.

They watched as the man got out of the van, he stopped and starred right at them . . . then proceeded to the back of the van and to the other side. They could hear his footsteps as he walked a little way into the woods.

Without a word, the young women started walking a little bit faster. They were approaching a curve in the road. Emma motioned to Louise that they were going to turn . . . That was when the man came out of the woods, ran across the road chasing after them.

Louise ran ahead . . . holding onto her plate of lemon meringue pie . . . zig zagging down the dark deserted road.

Emma was having difficulty with her bicycle . . . she decided to pick it up, propped it on her shoulder and ran as fast as she could trying to catch up with Emma and keeping a distance from the man chasing them.

The man reached out to grab Emma’s hair . . . she turned around so quickly and knocked him down with her bike.

As Emma caught up with Louise, they ran across the road and walked in the shadows, trying to catch their breath.

They heard the roar of a motor . . . It was the van!!

The guy must have gone back to get it.

At the end of the road was an old oak tree which divided the road in a weird configuration — a road went to the left and another turned to the right and if you wanted to continue going straight ahead, you had to jog to the left and then to the right. It was dangerous during daylight hours. At night, even if you knew the road, you had to slow down . . . and the man in the van wasn’t slowing down . . .

Just a few feet in front of the old oak tree was a man dressed oddly for the time of year . . . and oddly for this century . . . he seemed dazed and was crying out for help . . .

The young women had already turned to the left and were a few feet from Emma’s front door when they heard the screeching of tires and a loud sickening thump and then a bang . . .

Inside, Emma ran for the telephone and called the police to report . . . a strange man crying for help . . . a man chasing them . . . what sounded like an accident . . .

Whatever Emma said, she got it all out and the police were on their way . . .

On the table, Louise set down her plate with the single piece of lemon meringue pie . . . it had been bounced around a bit, but it was still intact . . . 

Emma made coffee while she and Louise discussed what had happened . . .

“Did you see that man in the road?” Louise asked. “I think he was a ghost.”

Emma nodded on both counts — yes she saw the man and she, too, believed it was a ghost. “I think he saved our lives.”

When the police arrived, they learned about the man in the van — he was abducting women throughout the county.  A police officer confirmed their belief of seeing a ghost. Back in the early 1900’s there was an accident on the road — he and his family were badly injured. The man went to get help in the nearest town, but died from his injuries before arriving.

There had been reports of other sightings of a man walking on the road calling out for help.

As for the piece of lemon meringue pie . . . it was delicious!

I hope you enjoyed this Real Ghost Story and will tell it when family and friends gather— be sure to have a lemon meringue pie handy to share with your guests.

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Did You Hear That?

Jill was attending a party with some of her co-workers.

She was fascinated by the house more than mingling with the party attendees.

There was an elderly man sitting at the top of the stairs.

“This is a lovely old house,” Jill said, hoping to learn more about it.

“Yes, it is. It’s been in my family for generations, but my grandson, Jerod, doesn’t seem to like it much. He’d be comfortable in an apartment . . . which I just may get for him.” The elderly man drifted off in thought.

Jerod, who was Jerod? Jill wondered. She went in search of him when she suddenly heard, “GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!”

Jill and three others promptly ran for the door . . . but the majority of the party guests continued talking, laughing and drinking.

Jill left the party with her three new friends. They stopped at a coffee shop to discuss their experience. Evidently, they were the only ones who heard the old gentleman’s request.

Jill told them about talking with the elderly man at the top of the stairs.

“Jill, I saw you standing at the top of the stairs . . . talking to yourself. There was no elderly gentleman.”

“He told me he was Jerod’s grandfather.”

“Jerod’s grandfather has been dead for 20 plus years.”

Jill realized she was talking to a ghost. She was getting those side-eyed glances people give you when you talk about ghosts and hauntings and such.

“Hey, wait a minute!” Jill demanded. “What made you run to the door? You heard it, too, didn’t you?”

They slowly agreed, but that was different from conversing with a ghost . . .

Jill thought about it over the weekend. She did some research on the house and Jerod’s family history.

Monday morning she was ready to find Jerod and receive an explanation.

Well, she found that Jerod was no longer working . . . he had been confined to a wheel chair after being hit crossing the street. He was currently residing in a nursing home.

After work Jill went to pay him a visit.

She learned that Jerod’s younger brother worked at the office in the mail room. He was looking after the house until Jerod could return home. He was supposed to be making it handicap ready instead of throwing parties.

Jill, told him about meeting his grandfather and hearing him bellow from the top of the stairs to get out.

“Oh, so you heard it, too!!  Did you hear anything else . . . the women talking in the kitchen . . . the bouncing ball in the driveway . . . “

Everyday after work, Jill went to visit Jerod. They spoke of other things besides his grandfather.

Jerod’s physical therapy was going well and soon he would be out of his wheel chair and walking with crutches and later with a cane.

They eventually married and moved into the lovely old house along with the resident ghosts . . . and may I add . . . they all lived happily . . .

This was a fun Real Ghost Story!

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It Happens The Same Time Every Night

Jill worked the night shift at a convenience store.

There were gas pumps and a car wash.

Right at midnight, every night the car wash would start . . . but there was no car . . .

The manager thought it might be a timer he wasn’t aware of, so he checked it out. Nope! No timer . . . just the detectors when a car came through the door.

Of course, Jill thought of a phantom car which creeped her out. She was busy with customers and restocking as necessary. She knew when the shifts at the hospitals and nursing homes changed there would be some hungry customers. They would fill up on gas, but rarely used the car wash.

Jill was going through her normal routine when there was a lull in business . . . washing down the front of the walkway, sweeping up any debris, emptying the trash barrels, etc.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a black hearse ease its way into the car wash.

It didn’t seem solid to Jill . . . it was a dark shadow shaped like a hearse . . . She was the only one there at the time, too scared to move . . . but her body and neck tried to have a look inside the car wash.

When a customer came in with a half dozen kids, Jill went back in the store.

“You’re out late . . .” Jill said as she rang up the purchases.

“Yes, we had a fun day at the zoo,” the woman answered. “My husband should be in shortly, he’s filling the car with gas.” She left with the kids.

Jill watched as the woman got the kids in the mini van. The man’s attention was drawn to the car wash. He finished pumping the gas and quickly got into the mini van and drove away. He paid at the pump, so it wasn’t as though he was leaving without paying . . . but something spooked him . . . and it had something to do with the car wash.

She told Rick, the night manager what had happened.

He confirmed that something strange was happening. He saw what looked like an old-fashioned undertaker in a black suit walking out in the field with a shovel. Rick said it was clear . . . but it wasn’t . . . The man looked right at him, he nodded and gave him a strange smile before taking off in the field with the shovel . . . That was when the apparition was wispy and not as clear.

Rick was shaking from his experience, but when the customers were coming at a steady pace, he settled into work and was greeting the regulars and helping them in record time.

Jill was busy, too . . . but she still wondered about the hearse and the mortician . . . 

She did some research in the library the next day and discovered that over a hundred years ago there was a mortuary on that property. The county bought the land to enlarge the road.

From the old photographs, the carriage house was located where the car wash was built.

That was evidently residual energy that repeated an event over and over again . . . But what doesn’t fit is that the mortician saw Rick and nodded to him . . . and maybe to the man in the mini van . . .

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Is There A Difference Between A Ghost And A Spirit?

I enjoy having interesting discussions with my ghost hunting friends.

We had a lively discussion and finally settled on ghosts are tied to a particular location and spirits are free to roam as in the expression “free spirit.”

Now that I think of it, there were ghosts at my parent’s old place that seemed to belong there. They were primarily in the yard. They didn’t follow them when they moved, but the new owner  complained about lights turning on and off and the electric bill being more expensive each month.

I doubt these ghosts went inside to cause problems for the new owners. I believe the new owners brought their own spirits with them. Or attracted new ones.

The house was located approximately 5 miles away from a hospital and there was a cemetery across the street from the hospital.

I know I’ve had spirits trying to come home with me after visiting someone in the hospital or cemetery. I’ve had to be very firm with them to stay where they were and to not follow me home.

I have heard that spirits feed off the electrical system.

My cousin has seen her deceased father in her car waiting for her when she’s shopping at night. It’s comforting for her to know he’s still around to look out for her, but she has had to charge her battery regularly or replace it before the warranty is up. She has had the car checked to see why the battery is being drained, but there is no mechanical explanation.

There is always a fear that spirits will follow you home.

Many times they do, but we must not invite them to do so, unless you want to. The problem is most of us don’t know what we’re inviting in. Too often what we believe to be children turn out to be demons that create all kinds of problems.

I had once been of the belief of allowing ghosts and spirits to stay where they are, but when they impact my life in unpleasant ways, I have been forced to send them on their way elsewhere. Preferably “into the light.”

There can be ghosts, demons and spirits in antiques and old homes.

There is plenty of old haunted stuff out there waiting to be picked up by someone and brought into their homes. I have a friend who picked up an interesting piece of wood that was once part of a picket fence in front of an old house that was being demolished. He had it in his car and pretty much forgot about it, but he was getting speeding tickets, parking tickets and also had people running into him. He attributed it to that old piece of wood.

He later put that piece of wood in his yard to stake up a rose bush. It wasn’t long that sprinklers would turn on and off, he had a couple of pipes burst because of high water pressure and the rose bush died — some may believe from over watering or lack of watering which is possible, but he believes it had to do with that old haunted piece of wood he picked up.

This can be true of many things that one finds.

I found an odd coin that I believed to be lucky, but it was anything but.  My lucky day was when I lost it.

To tell you the truth, I was tempted to leave it some place for someone else or even throw it out, but I kept it thinking I would do some research on it — of course, I never did. I only hope whoever has it now is having better luck with it than I did and has taken the time to research it.

I hope this article was helpful and informative or got you thinking of some of your own personal experiences involving ghosts and spirits. I’d love to hear about them.

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