Halloween Sign You Can Make

I’m wondering whether to put this on my front door, out in the yard or somewhere in the house.HalloweenSign

This is a fun project you can make. Just get a wooden plaque at your favorite craft store or building supply place. Then with some letters, paint and sealer you’re ready to put it wherever you like.

I think this would creep out just about anyone who reads it. And the thing is you can’t resist reading it!!

The reactions you’ll get will be absolutely priceless!!

You know everyone will first look behind them . . . some may laugh . . . or be creeped out all day!!

I think I may put it on the back of a sweatshirt. Then I have more of an opportunity to creep out more people. Or would the front of a sweatshirt work better . . . hummm, decisions, decisions.

However you use the creepy saying . . . Have fun!!

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Centerpiece Witch’s Hat

I’m all into fall decorating and this witch hat is an excellent place to begin.WitchHat

You can check out any left over items from last fall that would be excellent to decorate this hat for your table.

I love the rustic natural feel of the decorations. I have some small plastic cauldrons I’d add plus maybe a frog and a black cat.

It may be a good idea to put batting or tissue paper inside the witch’s hat to keep it standing up. The stars are a nice touch.

I’m sure you have dozens of ideas and items you could use to decorate your witch hat and proudly display along with the party food.

This hat truly needs a party!!

I’ll try to attach a witch’s broom to the display to let your guests know the witch is home for the night.

Have fun!!!

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Have Some Fun With Skeletons

It’s Great Fun To Get Your Halloween Projects Started Early.skeletontrophies

Grab what you can early in the season and you’ll have time to play around with these before you decide on what you’re going to do with them.

It seems natural that these would make great trophies for a Costume Party or Halloween Party. You could also make an interesting wreath with these skeletons all dressed up or in their glory in different poses.

There’s the adorable couple on the left and the one on the far right seems to be taking a bow. The one in the middle is “striking a pose.” And the other remaining ones may be doing some sort of dancing . . . They do indeed look like people we know, don’t you think?

Buy some bases for them and you could have a great time posing them and gluing them in place. You could use some spray paint and make them shine!

It is inspiring to see these skeletons and allowing the imagination to go a bit wild. I’d like to get some mini pumpkins and put them in a pumpkin patch for an interesting centerpiece display.

It’s interesting how one idea leads to another . . . and another . . . stock up on these guys! Good times on in store for you!

I know I changed the theme quite a bit with the mini treasure chests and gold coins, but I have to grab ideas as they present themselves. Pirates is a major popular theme and I could see these mini treasure chests selling out before you’ve discovered they’re available.

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Burlap and Ribbon Witch Wreath

Halloween Witch Burlap Wreath for Nee***I believe she needs to see a Nationwide agent if she continues to hit doors and walls...LOL! Just saying!

Image Compliments of https://www.etsy.com

Yes, I may be jumping into Halloween too fast, but when I see something fun and interesting, I have to post it so I won’t forget it.  As the expression goes, a picture is worth a thousand words — so take a good look at this picture and get some inspiration of your own to make your own Halloween wreath. 

I think witch wreaths are fun to make. There are the colorful leggings and the hightop shoes with the little curl at the tips. The hat is also a fun feature that can add some real character to your wreath.  And, of course, there’s the broom! You can have quite a lot of fun when it comes to building your unique wreath for your door this fall.

Half of any project is thinking about it and allowing the idea to grow a bit within your imagination. By the time you’re ready to build your wreath, you’ll know exactly what to do.

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Glow Stick Lighted Masks

There are so very many clever ideas using various products that are easy decorations you can set up indoors and outdoors. I hadn’t thought much about glow sticks until I saw this clever idea using masks. They do light up a path for the trick-or-treaters who will be coming the end of October.

This would be nice for parties year round, just change the masks to something else that go along with your theme. I like using alternatives to candles. There is always stringing lights to lighting a pathway. It is quick and easy. I have found they are used year round. I have some out for summer bar-be-ques. They light up where I need the light in my patio and eating areas.


Image Compliments of http://www.pumpkinrot.com

I’m always looking for unique ideas that are easy to do and safe for children. These masks fulfill my criteria.

I hope this post was inspiring for you. I do have some links you may find helpful:

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