The Beginning Of A New Week

    This does seem quite refreshing . . . after last week . . .

    Yes, for one . . . my air conditioner decided to go on the fritz.

    It was repairable . . . it was repaired . . . and much more comfortable with the three digit temperatures . . . which are to get a bit cooler this week . . . hopefully.

    Oh, my thoughts are turning to the wonderful blissful fall . . . but, alas, it is much too soon to be yearning for fall . . . but I can pretend and get into the fall crafts . . . which goes into the Halloween thing.

    Yes, it may be too soon . . . but better early than too late.

    Halloween party preparations should be planned carefully and not rushed.

    The same goes for the party favors.DeluxCoffinBoxes1

    I have all these great coffins to make. Have you tried them?

    They do come together rather quickly, but they do need something more . . . and here I have a stack of these that need to be embellished and stand out . . . And to do that takes time.

    I’ve been thinking of cobwebs and maybe pumpkins . . . perhaps a vampire, witch, ghost . . . a haunted house . . . or school . . . Something that would be more exciting than the candy inside the coffin . . .

    I’ve always thought these would be good to hold a mini-album . . . or an original story . . . something creepy and spooky . . . but then, again, guests are into the candy . . . just like when we were children . . .

    There are just some things we don’t outgrow . . . no matter how old we get.

    But, decorating has to do with getting into the moment . . . the essence of Halloween . . . which is basically imagination . . . drawing others into our imagination . . . and sharing it . . .

    Could be a bit lame . . . but worth a try.

    These could go with the theme of your party . . . pirates, perhaps . . . witches . . . or the Legend of Sleepy Hollow . . . Whatever happened to Ichabod Crane?

    cavaleiro-sem-cabeca-imagem (1)That might be a lovely way to spend All Hollow’s Eve . . . figuring out what happened that fateful night returning home from the Van Tassel’s Harvest Feast . . . after Ichabod left crushed by Katrina’s refusal of his marriage proposal . . .

    So caught up in his own imagination and the story told of the famed Headless Horseman . . . Yes, the ghost of the decapitated Hessian soldier in hot pursuit on his tail . . . Ichabod crosses the bridge near the Dutch burial ground — supposedly the ghost was incapable of crossing that bridge . . .

    Ichabod foolishly assumed he’s safe . . . when the Headless Horseman throws his own severed head at Ichabod . . . knocking the heartbroken and terrified school teacher off his horse and “tumbling headlong into the dust.”

    The next morning, Ichabod’s hat is found abandoned near the church bell bridge . . . and not far behind, a shattered pumpkin.

    And . . . what are we to make of this?

    Many do believe that young Ichabod Crane left Sleepy Hollow . . . and sought comfort in another village . . . with another farmer’s daughter . . .

    Or was it more sinister? Did Ichabod get spirited away by the Hessian soldier . . . was he, Ichabod, now destined to ride through the night, reliving over and over again that fateful night?

    Or was there an encounter with the town rowdy, Abraham “Bron Bones” Van Brunt?

    Many do believe he dressed up like the Headless Horseman to run his rival for the fair Katrina affections out of town . . . Did he succeed? And did they work together to carry out this charade?

    demented-face-pumpkin-carving-patternWith a little imagination . . . you and your guests can come up with dozens of possibilities.

    And the gift you make for each of your guests will be a paper craft coffin with an Ichabod Crane hat and a shattered pumpkin on top . . . maybe that bridge would be a good touch or the graveyard . . .

    And, of course, there will be a lovely assortment of sweet Halloween candy inside.

    Let me know what you think . . .

    Thanks for stopping by!


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    ‘Tis family fun to make some really cool and frightening things for Halloween that are cheap, fun and easy to make.

    My cousin and her daughter are getting into the Halloween decorating mode of the season. It’s good to include the kids, but it may start out as a mother-daughter project. As you look through the archives, you’ll notice lots of great paper craft projects for the kids.

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