Cute Halloween Box Printables

Halloween is always a fun time to make up favor boxes filled with sweet treats.

I’m always looking for some fun treat boxes to print out, cut out, assemble and fill will goodies.halloweencandycorntreatbag

These are great for parties and for your kids to give to friends and classmates. I like this design because it seems appropriate for all age groups and for those who may not share the ghoulishness of the Halloween season.

This is a clever way of wrapping up candy corn characters to adore a cute favor box.

halloweencutefavorboxClick the image to be taken to the PDF for download and printing. Click either image, both are included.

I love Halloween . . . It’s a fun way to participate in a neighborhood activity . . . I like to see the kids and their parents . . . all decked out in costume with that fun anticipation of getting some delicious chocolate candy!

I enjoy going to the store and looking at all the bags upon bags of candy selections. I like to find a good assortment . . . and I especially love it when the store has their buy one get one free special . . . but I haven’t seen that in awhile. And . . . what would I do with all that candy!!!

I like having these boxes around to give to family and friends . . . and to surprise neighbors who don’t go trick-or-treating, but would love to have a few candies. They’re fun to leave on doorsteps. I’m not into ringing the doorbell and running like a fool down the street . . . my quick dashes are a thing of the past . . . but I don’t mind leaving it, ringing the bell and walking away.

The important thing is to spread the cheer of Halloween  . . . early works . . . that’s the whole surprise element!

I found a few more Halloween Favor Boxes that may add to your Halloween fun. You can’t have too many favor boxes.

Have fun with these boxes!

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Do You Boo Your Neighbors?

I’ve recently learned about this tradition of Boo-ing Neighbors. You do it a few weeks before Halloween. It’s quite exciting, actually. What you do, for those of you who don’t know about this, is make up some signs one with a poem about “Being Boo-ed” and one announcing “We’ve Been Boo-ed”  — it’s a sign neighbors are asked to put on their door or in a window to let others know they’ve been boo-ed and to go boo someone who hasn’t been boo-ed, yet. You put the poem and sign in a container of your choice with candy and goodies. I go with the wrapped candy and goodies, because no one knows from whom it came.

Here’s a Halloween Party Favor Treat Cone Free Template you may like as a container for your “Boo Delivers.” Here’s the link right here at Two Cans On A

Image and Free Printables Courtesy of

Under cover of darkness you deliver your “boo deliveries.” The fun part is ringing the doorbell and running for cover so you don’t get caught. Kids really like this part, sneaking up to porches, leaving the goodies, ringing the doorbell and running for cover in the bushes, behind trees and maybe they make it down the street to where you’re waiting in the “get-away car.”

I like the idea, because it is a nice thing to do for a neighbor. It also creates a buzz of goodwill around the neighborhood of neighbors doing something nice for neighbors. It’s fun to see the “I’ve Been Boo-ed” signs pop up on doors or in windows. The great thing is when everyone has been boo-ed.

You can start this tradition this year. You can give just one or more. Neighbors are encouraged to do the same to two neighbors . . . then those two boo two others . . . it should spread throughout the neighborhood quickly . . .

Here are the Free Printables:

You’ve Been Boo’ed and We’ve Been Boo’ed

If you’d like to give packages of Pumpkin Poo as treats, here’s another Free Printable:  Labels for Cheese Puffs

I make up four of these and place them at houses where I know there are elderly people who don’t normally participate in Halloween, but deserve something special. I leave it on their doorstep without ringing the doorbell. I also make up two more for families with kids. I know they are very likely to participate in this boo-ing activity. That does get the ball rolling — and when I get boo-ed I can make up two more and have some more fun. Or, I can put the “We’ve Been Boo-ed” sign on my door to help keep the mystery going of who started this. . . but, to tell you the truth, I do like getting “Boo-ed.”

Have An Old Fashioned Gothic Halloween With These Free Printables

I absolutely love Vintage art. This collection of Free Printables is compliments of
It’s such a delightful collection that includes invitations, drink bottle labels, plus other labels you can use in a variety of ways to add a special touch to your elegant food display and a Trick or Treat Banner for your party decorating theme.

I’m thinking this would be an excellent theme for that Tween Halloween Party your kids are begging you to let them have. Yes, my Two Cans On A String are vibrating with excitement for this party pack of free printables.

I’m thinking the Martha Stewart Coffin Treat Boxes would fit in nicely with this gothic theme.

Yes, excitement is in the air. Fall can’t come too soon for me.

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