Invite A Monster To Lunch

For Halloween, it’s great to have fun nutritious lunches and snacks for the kids.MonsterSandwiches

Everyone would love to have one of these sandwiches! So why not make up a platter of them for your Halloween Party!!!

Now, normally, you’d attach toothpicks to the olive “eyes”, but for a school lunch, I’d prefer to attach them with something edible. I’d go with pretzel sticks. And, I’d do the same for the party platter.

As you look at the picture . . . they are a lot of work with the cutting of the bread and the cheese . . . but they definitely add to the Halloween theme of your sandwich platter.

When you get down to it, it’s fun and it’s about having fun . . . tell me about it after 100 sandwiches . . .

In the end it is all worth it when you receive the compliments and see them being gobbled up . . . wanting another platter of them.

So, this time you bring out a platter of bread, condiments, cold cuts, cheese, olives, pretzel sticks — see how many people will cut their bread into a circle and make their cheese look like spikey teeth. You’re going to have them make themselves a sandwich!!! A real sandwich with olives and pretzel sticks on the side. So, you got to be the great hostess and then feed the hungry crowd . . .

You can have other things besides sandwiches, but those will come as the season progresses. It’s just that sometimes “finger food” isn’t enough to satisfy an appetite. How many times have you gone into the kitchen to make a sandwich after a party? Oh, yes you have!!! Admit it!!!

These are cute sandwiches and fun for a kid’s lunch — maybe two would be good. Very few monsters travel alone.

Have fun!!! Please leave me a comment below.