Is Your House Haunted?

    Ghostly Activity Interrupting My Internet Connection

    I’ve been having a difficult time adding content here at This does happen from time to time, but it has been going on for much too long. I’ve been smudging and have had to call in experts to move some unwanted “visitors” out and hopefully keep them out …

    Of course at this time of year I’m yearning for Halloween … actually fall with cooler temperatures. I do love wearing sweat shirts … there is something comforting for me with a sweat shirt rather than a sweater … Yet, I do have some sweaters that feel yummy. I’m all about my personal comfort moreso than great fashion …

    Well … today I have a great video to share with you discussing some of the activities you may be experiencing in your home … I’d love to receive your comments on this subject regarding hauntings in your home.

    In Anticipation Of The Fall/Autumn Season …

    I thought it appropriate to discuss whether or not your house is haunted … or if the sounds you hear are the normal creaks and groans of your home … or some activity outside …

    Many times there are logical explanations … and sometimes … you’re not alone … So … when you feel someone is watching you … maybe there is … and it’s not a peeping Tom … but something from another realm … 

    Guiding Echoes’ Signs That Your House May Indeed Be Haunted


    I Hope You Found This Post And Video Helpful And Informative

    I’m delighted my spirits and internet connection have been quite cooperative 🙂

    I do wonder if watching videos and playing with the spirit box and other tools have been attracting more spirit activity into my home. I may need to do more of this outdoors … or use a ritual that invites messages and also closes the session inviting them to move on to where they belong … 

    This does seem to be a concern many have …

    I do thank you for visiting … Please leave me a comment …


    Different Types Of “Hauntings”

    I’m aware of 4 different kinds of “hauntings”.

    You may know them by different names . . . or you may know of some that are “new” to me. From my understanding, these are the basic types of “hauntings” or “spirits” — other ones may fall into these categories.

    First there are Impression Hauntings.

    This is usually “left over energy” from a person who is now deceased. It’s not a conscious ghost, nor conscious ghost energy. This “impression energy” can also be given by the living.

    Huh? Let me give you an example: let’s say you’re a college student. At the beginning of the term you had good feelings about all your classes and viewed the text books as a welcome source of information. Later on, one of those text books became a source of great anxiety to you. The class was difficult and the subject matter was near impossible for you to grasp. So, over time, that book picked up on your anxiety to the point where you couldn’t even look at it without getting upset. And, if you sold the book back to the bookstore, your anxious energy would have built up in association with that book and would be left on that book.

    A sensitive person, upon touching that text book could detect this anxious energy you placed on it.

    I’ve had similar experiences with a particular chair or desk in a classroom. As though it was the “hot seat” — the one the teacher would invariably call upon to answer a difficult question. There was a build up of “anxious” energy on that chair or desk. The student felt it — and the teacher felt it . . . It could have been anyplace in the classroom — it wasn’t the location, but the seat itself.

    Second we come to the Loop Apparition. 

    This is basically the same concept as an impression haunting, except of it being left behind energy on an object or place, there is an image associated with it — a ghostly apparition may appear which is a left over energy source of an event that occurred during a critical part of a person’s life..

    These loop apparitions are not conscious ghosts. They are more like a recording, stuck on repeat and replayed over and over again of what the person was doing before they died.

    An example would be the Battle at Gettysburg. Many people have seen ghostly apparitions on this site. There have also been reports of people seeing Civil War soldiers sitting around a table cluttered with maps, planning their strategy.

    A friend of mine recorded an apparition that would come in through the front down and walk to the kitchen . . . then disappear. She recorded it on consecutive days — the same woman, same movement.

    I’ve heard of “hauntings” where a lit candle is placed in one particular window night after night. Or a woman walking night after night on a “widows walk” waiting . . . watching . . . That, I believe is an excellent example of an energy source apparition rather than a conscious ghost.

    Third, is one most of us are aware: Earth Bound Spirits.

    These are conscious ghosts whose passing was unexpected, usually through an accident or murder.

    They could also be of those who were not ready to “pass over” because they felt their life was “cut short” due to illness or had regrets of being unable to complete something important to them. This even happens to those who died peacefully in their sleep. They are unaware of their passing.

    You may be familiar with EVPs who ask, “Am I dead?”

    These earth bound spirits remain in familiar surroundings. This could be the land, the house, a favorite place where they “felt at home.” That’s why many children haunt a playground of a school or even their classroom. If people loved their job, they may want to be there.

    And, there are those who have a treasured possession and want to stay near it. This happens with jewelry, household items such as cabinets, music boxes and various furnishings. They seem to move about in unpredictable patterns. These conscious “ghosts” may interact with you. You’ll feel as though you’re being watched or followed when you wear a particular object. Or, if it is a household possession, you’ll feel as though you’re not alone in the house.

    I’m reminded of a story I read about a man who saw a woman every morning standing at the picture window in the living room. It was as though she was anxiously watching for someone to arrive. That’s a non-conscious loop pattern energy source apparition. She’s following a repeated pattern, completely unaware of the man watching her.

    These “earth bound spirits” can and do move objects, open and close doors, walk around the house day and night, etc.

    I had a “resident ghost” who would move my furniture around. Obviously, she didn’t like the way I arranged my furniture and kept moving my furniture. Sometimes she became fixated on a particular piece and would move it around — even to different rooms. It became quite annoying, so I sent my “resident ghost” on her way.

    Finally, we come to the Malevolent Spirits.

    I’m not at all fond of these non-human spirits. Their purpose is to cause bodily and emotional harm to living human beings. These are extremely rare, but they can come from evil or possessed deceased humans.

    They usually are attached to a toy or doll. They prefer contact with children rather than adults. We’re very aware of malevolent spirits being attached to Ouija Boards — more for the tween, teen and young adults.

    As I said earlier, their goal is usually to infest children, but they can infest anyone of any age depending upon the spirit’s motive. Brings to mind “Chucky” doesn’t it.

    Once you detect something malevolent about an object, get rid of it!!!

    That last one really freaks me out. These malevolent spirits can start out by being “friendly”, helping you find misplaced items or playing pranks on a bully. Then, once they gain your trust . . . all hell breaks loose.

    Be aware of ghostly visitations in dreams, nightmares, foul smells, loud unexplained noises, objects being moved or rearranged.

    One child, upon getting a new toy would find that his homework was torn up the next morning upon awaking. He also noticed the toy was never where he left it before going to bed. It appeared this malevolent spirit was always getting him in trouble by “stealing cookies”, spilling the contents of cereal boxes, dumping out the contents of the refrigerator, drawers and cupboards. Also cutting up the parent’s clothing.

    That may be why I don’t like the Christmas item “elf on a shelf”. And why many children are freaked out by it — yet it is still quite popular.

    Well, that’s enough of that!! I hope this was informative. Thanks for stopping by!


    Have You Seen A Ghost?

    That’s what we want . . . or is it!

    A great image of ectoplasmic goo that is transforming right before our very eyes into a human form.

    I was over on Twitter the other day and a “person to follow” suggestion was a woman author with a menopausal character who sees ghosts. I find it an interesting concept, but didn’t catch her name nor the title of her book. I’m wondering if she’s a “ghost whisperer” or goes out ghost hunting . . . I can only image this woman in a retirement community in Florida with all these ghosts hanging around waiting for a turn to talk with this menopausal woman.

    Or . . . perhaps it will be similar to Murder She Wrote where there were all these murders taking place in this little town . . . until Jessica had to move along and travel . . . It just got too suspicious to have murders taking place around one individual . . . I suppose we do attract our interests . . .

    Well . . . that was an interesting detour . . .  I hope you’ve had time to study the image above.

    The center left image looks a bit like Jack Skellington from the Nightmare Before Christmas. It may be his stance and those long legs.  It looks like he’s wearing a suit or tux.  Does the head look like a skeleton’s head to you?

    Then there’s the image on the left.  I think it’s too big for Sally (keeping with the film theme).  And what is approaching “Jack” from his left?  It looks like a man wearing a hat.  Are they shaking hands?  The image on the left seems to be carrying a baby.  Do you see them?

    Is that a portal they’re standing in on the grass?  Does that look like a circle to you?

    Gazing at images and gazing through hours of video recordings is much like cloud watching or trying to see through the fog.

    Why do it?

    Just on the off chance that you capture something supernatural to show your family and friends and anyone else who cares to see.  And, for no other reason than it amuses you.  As it does me.

    I remember as a child going outside and watching the fog roll in.  Years later there was a movie called The Fog.  Had I known that then . . . and what was in the fog . . .

    Have you noticed when you’re quietly communing with nature, thinking of nothing in particular, just feeling at peace and so very calm is when you see something . . . something out of the corner of your eye?

    My grandmother had this huge front porch where we would sit after dinner.  The only problem was other neighbors did the same and there were people walking by who would stop to chat.  Quiet contemplation would have to wait until everyone settled back into their homes or were content to be quiet on their porches.

    I tried to be quiet so I wouldn’t be sent off to bed, but that would have been all right.  I had the front upstairs bedroom with a lovely window seat where I could sit and watch out the window.  There was the apparition of a man riding in a wagon like in Little House on the Prairie.  I enjoyed hearing the clip-clop of the horse’s hoofs and the creaking of the wagon as it rolled down the street.

    It’s times like that when I set up my camera on a tripod, turn it on and wait.

    I don’t believe I have to go to a known “haunted” place to see what there is to see in the spirit world.  I can do it from the comfort of my own patio.  If I don’t see anything, maybe, just maybe the camera will pick something up.

    And there is always activity going on in the front of my house as well . . . but don’t tell my neighbors . . . They pretty much ignore me . . . But . . . I know what I know . . .

    It’s more difficult for me to go for a walk with camera in hand, but it’s not out of the question.  Sometimes we have to go to the “ghosts.”

    Ghost Hunting, in whatever form you choose is an enjoyable pastime.  At the very least it would be nice to have an infrared camera for your night time picture taking and video recording.  I also like one that I can use in the daytime.  Not two cameras, but one that does both.  Ghosts, in my experience, don’t only come out at night.

    Here are a few examples:

    I know, I’ve pretty much broken from my tradition of telling ghost stories and got all these random thoughts in the mix . . . but when one is looking for “ghosts” or unusual paranormal activity, one does need to clear one’s mind . . . or ramble on . . .

    Kind of the spooky thing is . . . a ghost will pop up and make a comment about something I was thinking about . . . or I’ll get a thought in my head about something else — although related . . .

    Which reminds me of a place in Alabama a friend of mine told me about . . .

    I believe it was once a restaurant with a bar . . . The woman who owned it loved the paranormal and had more money than common sense . . . She collected items from known haunted places as well as from places where crimes took place.

    I’m not talking about trinkets . . . I’m talking about the actual bar from a haunted tavern . . . An old teller’s station in a bank where a robbery took place back yonks ago . . . and, of course, people were killed . . .

    This woman welcomed all kinds of odd things into her restaurant . . . along with any paranormal “ghosts, gouls or gobblins” that wanted to come along . . . and stay for awhile.

    And, yes . . . there were ghost stories from the workers who had the opportunity to work there. One of them I really like . . .

    Every night at around 10 PM, a man would walk in and sit at the bar . . . he would order whiskey and then disappear . . . The young man tending bar would swear the man was real . . . dressed a bit old fashioned, but real . . . He never paid for the drink . . . and he never drank it . . .

    Of course, in this same restaurant, there was a basement with items the owner bought, but didn’t have a place to put them . . . well, except in the basement . . . There were always sounds coming from there . . . usually whispering and sometimes loud bangs . . . and many customers and work staff alike had seen ghostly apparitions running through the dining hall . . .

    There was also a couple who would dance . . . a waltz . . . they were dressed to the nines, appropriate for their era . . . and dance the night away . . .

    It was a lively place. Everyone was sad when the place closed its doors. A friend of mine and I would muse about buying it and reopening it . . . I think it had three stories . . . Initially, I thought I’d move there and live at the very tippy top of the building . . . but then I thought better of it . . . plus the woman had no interest in selling . . .

    I thought, too, it would make a great museum and use all the space to display the whole collection of spooky stuff. I would enjoy archiving it and making a little booklet telling the tales from each artifact as well as the stories from those who saw ghosts, ghostly apparitions, heard sounds . . . or just got a creepy feeling.

    Well, nothing came of this . . . but I still think about that place from time to time.

    Thanks for stopping by!