Already Thinking About Fall

I’ve Enjoyed My Summer Months … 

But … I’m looking forward to autumn … thinking about pumpkins and falling leaves … cooler temperatures … That bit of a bite in the air … I enjoy wearing sweaters and long-sleeved blouses … 

I’m not all about fashion … but comfort … It seems easier to dress for the colder temperatures than for the warmer ones … just a personal preference …

I Do Have Thoughts Of The Upcoming Holidays …

Fall brings us Halloween and Thanksgiving … Then winter brings on Christmas and the New Year … 

It’s never too early to be thinking and preparing for the holidays … whatever form they take with your faily and friends … 

I’m Always Amazed How Many Of My Neighbors Are Already Planning Their Halloween Decorations

Some go all out with lights and all things creepy and sometimes humous displays to delight their families and neighbors …

Since I’m yearning for all … I thought I’d look around YouTube and see what I can share with you to get you thinking about your own Halloween decorations … inside as well as outside … 

I know a lot of work goes into this … some people truly go all out …

Halloween Home Tour


It’s Always Fun To See What Others Have Done To Inspire You To Get Creative With Your Own Unique Halloween Decorations

It’s never too early to begin thinking about your fall decorating … especially when it comes to Halloween … or perhaps that’s just me …

You can find all kinds of stuff … spray paint it to make it spooky and creepy … use your imagination … get the kids involved … And just have fun!

It may be worthwhile to check out some Halloeen themed children’s books … They are always fun even for adults …

I hope you enjoyed this post and have been thinking about the upcoming holidays … This is definitely the best time to get started!


Urban Legend: Halloween Is Second U.S. Holiday In Retail Sales

The largest U.S. Holiday in retail sales is, of course, Christmas.

Is Halloween second?disney_halloween-6

When you think about it . . . decorations, costumes, candy, parties . . . The whole concept of Halloween has grown in popularity over the years. There are elaborate face painting endeavors, people are fascinated by the occult . . . It’s the first major celebration after summer . . . and fall brings something in the air . . . why not ghosts and witches riding on broomsticks . . . bats turning into vampires . . .

There is something special about going out at night wearing a costume and carrying a bag to collect candy as you go door-to-door. It was a major highlight when I was a kid. And, now, as an adult, I like to pass out candy to the costumed trick-or-treaters.

Many of my neighbors go all out with lights and decorations for Halloween . . . 

The thing is, when you think about Halloween . . . the decorations, the parties, the costumes . . . and the candy . . . It doesn’t compare in retail sales as Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, Easter and even Father’s Day.

The major difference is that there is no gift giving. Christmas, as #1 is the major gift giving holiday. This is followed by Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter and Father’s Day.

That brings Halloween to #6.

halloweenbackground20Be that as it may . . . Halloween has truly captured the imagination of many . . . and there are paper crafters and scrapbookers who go all out with their cards and decorations and costumes and parties . . . How about all those pumpkins? The movies? Amusement Parks with their special Halloween attractions?

Yes, but Mother’s Day is still #2 with Valentine’s Day #3 followed by Easter at #4 and Father’s Day at #5.

I’m finding it difficult to allow a good urban legend to die . . . 

All right, so it’s not the second largest U.S. holiday in retail sales behind Christmas . . .

It is still celebrated . . . It’s a huge neighborhood celebration . . . It’s a great kick-off to the end of summer and the beginning of fall. That’s a celebration in and of itself.

I’m going to still celebrate it by reading Washington Irving’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and maybe some of Edgar Allan Poe’s Poems . . . and I may watch a Halloween theme DVD or two . . .

I do like a good ghost story . . .

Thanks for stopping by!


Beautiful Spring Day

Life is truly precious. And beautiful days are days to celebrate.

I love being outdoors with my precious Yorkshire Terrier Diva. There is something about being outside, enjoying the flowers, blossoming trees and my vegetable garden.spring

It is important to dig in the dirt from time to time and to thoroughly enjoy the abundance nature has to offer. Diva enjoys being out in the sunshine and sniffing around. Also sitting with me on the patio.

I like to work on craft projects. Gluing paper together to make 3-D houses or pop-up pages for mini albums. I never outgrew that need to make stuff. Or the fascination of opening up a page that pops up.

I wonder if this comes from wanting things to be life-like. I find when looking at pictures, i want to go beyond the flat surface and make it third dimensional so I can actually see around it. I know many people put those dimensional dots on cutouts to make them stand out . . . and doors and windows are able to be opened . . . and there may be a scene behind it . . .

Spring is a wonderful time of year . . . it’s not too cold and it’s not too hot . . .

After Easter, we’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day and Father’s Day . . . then we get into summer . . . and the Fourth of July . . . then we anticipate fall . . . and all the fun that season brings . . .

As many of you know, fall is my favorite time of year. I feel it is a new beginning, but it truth spring is that new beginning with the budding of fruits and vegetables that we’ll be enjoying through the summer and into the fall.

I guess we’re all geared a bit differently . . . . having a preference for different seasons and holidays. I do know many people who love Halloween and come alive with their creative genius in making mini albums and related craft projects. Some go with the spooky while others go with the sweetness of youth and the wonder of it all . . . and others do a bit of both . . .

And those who adore Christmas . . . that magical time of year . . . with the carols and the anticipation . . .

But, spring, I’m now beginning to appreciate more . . . the beauty of all the flowing trees and plants . . . the abundance of color springing forth . . . mild temperatures . . .

Then come the vacations of summer . . . 

And that anticipation of fall . . . Sorry . . . that’s where the seasons seem to take me. I do enjoy the moments of each season . . . but my true love is fall and winter . . . those two popular holidays of Halloween and Christmas . . . and I do love Thanksgiving that it squeezed between . . . and I’m very fond of Easter, too.

Those “lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer” with beach outings . . . picnics . . . camping . . . being carefree and fancy free . . .

Yes, each season has its advantages and its special moments . . . which you’ll notice centers around family . . . and friends.

Spring and summer seem to be the seasons of S’mores . . . but I make them the treat of all seasons . . . but there is something special about making them over an open fire . . . things “cooked” in nature seem to taste so very much better.

Whatever season is your favorite and however you celebrate traditional holidays and seasons, I would like to leave you with some links of jigsaw puzzles you and your family may enjoy:

Yes, I do go for the nostalgic . . . there are jigsaw puzzles available for all seasons and all things that are meaningful to you and your family. I find having a puzzle out, brings people together. It is a relaxing activity where you can visit, have a conversation and find pieces that will fit in completing the puzzle.

I do find them relaxing throughout the year.

Have a fun!


The Down Side Of Holidays

So You Think This Is Going To Be About Sadness . . . Wrong!!!

I’m talking about hope.Haunted7

With a whole lot of truth thrown in. You see, whenever you think of loved ones who have passed, they’re right here with you. It could be a physical touch or a sound in another room.

These are all reminders of those we loved and the connection is forever there.

We can grieve, but we’re also healing when we know there is no loss . . . at least in another form. Yes, our loved ones aren’t here to share that secret family recipe, but they are always present.

Making Me Rethink My Priorities

I was thinking of not putting up my Christmas tree this year.

Yet, I know how much a tree is a family tradition. It may not mean a lot to me, but it means everything to them.

So, Christmas and other holidays aren’t about you or me, but those who have influenced us and are now watching over us. This gives me a different perspective.

By putting forth the effort . . . just as they did for you . . . in the end will be the greatest gift you can give them . . . and a major gift to yourself. In honoring them and validating them, you’re benefiting from it as well.

Sure you have to put forth the effort  . . . but remember how many times they put forth the effort for you when they didn’t feel like it.

Stop to think for a moment of all the sacrifices they’ve made for you.

You May Not Believe In The After Life

But it does exist.

You feel it. You think it. You don’t have to believe it to make it true.

We’re visited in dreams. We’ve felt that familiar touch of having your hair brushed from your forehead, ever so gently and lovingly. There are also playful tugging of your hair or a squeezed cheek . . . you instantly think of a loved one who has passed.

Yes, we do think of them more around the holidays. Yes, they are still around, watching us and protecting us.

They’re not judging. They want us to live our lives, to love, have joy and happiness. Not guilt, grief and sadness. Let go of all the what ifs, if onlys and should haves . . . it does no good. Lift that burden from your mind and shoulders this holiday season.

Honor your memories and celebrate the good times you had. Love is never=ending.

Just think about this . . . honestly . . . think of the strange or unusual things that have happened . . . coincidences . . . a sound or fragrance . . . a dream . . . something that reminded you of someone . . .

The list could go on and on, but this is your moment to remember and reconnect within yourself . . .

You may think I’m nuts . . . that’s fine . . . but with a few minutes of searching your  memory of any unusual event . . . you’ll know . . .

Holidays Are To Be Celebrated

Over the years I’ve met many people who are extremely sad during the holidays.WinterBridge

They dwell on the loss of a loved one or a divorce or other form of break-up.

Those who have walked through their pain, loss and sadness have created holidays that suit them. Many people are alone . . . they are joyous and carefree . . . they made their holidays joyous. It’s not easy, but worth the effort.

It’s like having a make-over.

You’re making over the holidays. You’re creating new traditions that suit you and make you happy. You may be celebrating it alone, but you’re having a good time without expectations or obligations.

It’s a freedom I hear echoed by many. You’re free to eat what you want . . . relax and enjoy yourself however you wish.

Many don’t have a big meal. They break it up in small courses. Some begin with dessert . . . wouldn’t that be lovely!!! Life is truly grand without rules.

You can relax with a good book, watch the fire in the fireplace, drink a hot beverage, take a walk or stay in your pajamas all day.

It’s your new tradition of doing what pleases you . . .

And it can change from year to year. You can keep some traditions, but you can create new ones . . . just for you.

No matter how you celebrate this Christmas, make it meaningful and worthwhile for you . . . and your family.

I wish you much happiness this Christmas and throughout the New Year.


Sunny Day With Forecast Of Rain

Feeling A Bit Lost After HalloweenAutumnDay2

It’s interesting how the let down of one holiday event drives one forward to another holiday.

I have been anticipating Thanksgiving prior to the Halloween celebration. Then, once Halloween arrived, I was at a loss to proceed forward to Thanksgiving.

I believe the weather has a lot to do with it. We’ve been experiencing warm days — still summer, early fall type of forecasts. The rain, then the wind and the heat . . . now the forecast of rain . . .

I can get into the rain. It seems appropriate for the onset of the Thanksgiving season.

Strange How Thanksgiving Is A Transition Holiday

We’re bombarded with Christmas ads . . . Thanksgiving seems to be the forgotten holiday.

I do enjoy Thanksgiving. It’s a time of reflection for me. A time to get together with family and be very grateful for the love, caring and sharing the holiday provides.

I reflect on all holidays, actually. Thanksgiving seems to have this quality built-in. Yet, it seems to have become a “transition” holiday. A prelude of sorts for Christmas.

In my family, Thanksgiving was celebrated as a major holiday. We would get together for either Thanksgiving or Christmas, rarely both. It seemed to always coincide with work schedules.

This may be true today and also flight schedules and various other factors. The media puts much more focus upon Christmas . . . and all the songs associated with the holiday . . . and the sense that one must be home for Christmas.

For me, the weather makes a big difference in how I feel about the holiday season.

If we can get some rain and maintain colder temperatures, then I’m good to go.

I remember having a warm Thanksgiving and Christmas . . . it just didn’t seem the same. I feel myself with this lackluster feeling.

We did celebrate as usual, but something was entirely different within me. It may have been better for us to celebrate in another location where the temperature was a bit or quite a bit colder.

I don’t know if this is common for most people. Perhaps they just flow with it. I’m happy for them. I need a complete package to completely the embrace the holiday.

My Local Market Has A Sign On The Door “The Turkeys Are Coming”.

It’s our notice to reserve our Thanksgiving turkey.

But, the sign doesn’t amuse me as it once did. Maybe it’s no big deal. Or the weather has me in a funk.

I dislike it when I get this way. I ran an errand and stopped at the park to reflect for awhile. I thought the change of scenery would give me a more positive perspective.

I thought it would be good to get out in nature and perhaps among the population and see if I could catch some of that holiday enthusiasm.

Nope, not there.

Even the clerks in the various stores don’t have that holiday spirit.

Weather Has Much To Do With How We Feel

There has been scientific research that has proven this fact.

I don’t know if they’ve studied weather we’re experiencing with the specific anticipation of a holiday season. I’m doing my own unofficial research and I’ve found sales were down for Halloween and during this transition period before Christmas the stores are relatively empty.

Unofficially, in my area, others are feeling the same lack of enthusiasm as I am.

People involved in various sports and the fans are into their team games. This seems to bridge the gap.

For me when the weather becomes a bit cooler, I’ll get into my stride and get the holiday spirit going full steam ahead.

Thanks for stopping by. Please leave me a comment to let me know your thoughts about the weather and the holidays and whether it affects you or not.

Until next time,