Thank Your Lucky Stars

I can’t believe these things are still around . . . 

As long as parents and grandparents and great-grandparents are around to share these Lucky Stars with their kids, grand kids and great grand kids, these will be around for generations to come.

I learned how to make them in elementary school. One of my friends couldn’t walk, so we made stuff during recess. We made all kinds of things out of paper. Maybe that’s why I love paper crafting so much. Thank you, Susan!!

We did lose track of one another, but I remember some of the things we made. I imagine she’s gone a long way in her life — she was a good friend and taught me how to make things out of strips of paper . . .

As the tradition goes, when you give someone a jar full of these lucky stars, you’re giving them good luck. I hope by giving you the link to download these lucky stars instructions some of that good luck will rub off on you. Just click the image and you’ll be taken to the print out tutorial. If you’re looking for some paper to print out to make your lucky stars, click here.

Well, that was a delightful trip down memory lane for me. I hope it was enjoyable for you as well.

Thank you for stopping by!