How to Fold a Square Napkin Into An Elf Shoe Video Tutorial

Elf Shoe Napkin Tutorial

Elf Shoe Paper Napkins

I find it amazing what can be done with paper and cloth napkins that will make your holiday dinner table interesting and exciting for family, friends and guests.

I believe napkin folding is an art form, not unlike origami, but a bit less complicated . . . so I tell myself.

Here’s a video tutorial that explains the process in 8 steps:

What’s great is that you can play it over and over again until you get it!

I hope this was fun and informative for you.

Napkin Folding For Your Next Party

I like my table looking glamorous, right down to the folded napkins.

Triple pocket napkin fold tutorial from #Smartyhadaparty.


I especially like this design and it isn’t that difficult to do.

  1. Get your freshly washed, starched and ironed linen napkins out.
  2. Fold in half, left to right.
  3. Fold in half, bottom to top.
  4. You made a square — so far so good.
  5. Fold the top right layer (you should have 4 layers) down diagonally to the opposite corner. It will make a triangular shape.
  6. Fold down the next right layer and tuck it behind the first one you just made.
  7. Fold down the next right layer and tuck it behind the second one you made.
  8. Congratulate yourself! We’re almost done.
  9. Turn your napkin over fold the right side toward the center about an inch.
  10. Then fold the left side toward the center overlapping the right side about half an inch.
  11. Turn your three pocket napkin over and put in the silverware.
  12. You can follow the illustration with the spoon at the top, knife in the center and the fork at the bottom.

Now, wasn’t that easy and so impressive!

You see, with all the crafts you’ve been doing this was a definite piece of cake!

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