Out In The Woods

I Find “The Woods” To Be Both Fascinating And Creepy

Taking a hike in the woods is an excellent time to take pictures … But what is there that you may not see …

There’s such a wonderful beauty in nature … but what may be lurking about … stalking you … observing you …

Are you feeling a bit creeped out?

Take a look at Jessii Vee’s Video …

Found Camera In The Woods


It’s Always Interesting To Take A Good Look At Pictures You’ve Taken

This applies to pictures in your home, yard, neighborhood … and while you’re out and about with your daily chores … and you choose to take some pictures or vlog for your family and friends …

You’d be surprised what you might find … perhaps something paranormal … or something that is merely interesting …

Taking pictures is always nice … this gives you a record of a particular event or just a normal day … With digital cameras built right into our cell phones, we’re never without a camera to take a few pictures …

Many people vlog or facetime while shopping or waiting for doctor appointments. Others notice strange lights or shapes in the backgrounds of normal everyday settings … 

It may seem a bit creepy and unsettling … but there is definitely more than our eye can see out there …

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How Many Ghost Hunters Are There?

I’ve been watching some YouTube Videos.

I’m truly amazed by the number of people who go out to explore haunted locations.

I have always been fascinated by haunted stuff and haunted locations. Some people are into cemeteries, hospitals, schools … roads, tunnels, bridges … I get creeped out by abandoned places, too. I like ghost towns and malls that have shut down due to lack of business — this is truly sad when a city or town can’t get enough business to support a mall.

I know, at one time how I didn’t like how “down town” turned into a “ghost town” because the malls took away all the business … Now, perhaps due to the internet and people preferring to shop “online” rather than in physical stores, this is going to be a reality in most towns and cities.

So … How many people actually like going ghost hunting and have started their own YouTube Channel?

This is obviously something they truly love. Otherwise they wouldn’t do it. Getting the wits scared out of me isn’t something I truly enjoy … but it is interesting for me to watch.

I truly am grateful for all the paranormal investigators out there who like going to various haunted locations to film whatever it is they capture on tape or audio.

Below I have a couple of video I’d like to share. The first one is because I could hear the train whistle … it was kind of cool and also a bit creepy. I do like trains and train whistles,

The second video shows clips taken from different individuals who wanted to share the paranormal activity they caught on tape.

Waverly Hills Sanitorium Paranormal Exploration

Ghosts Caught On Tape In Abandoned Places

I believe just about every time I watch “haunted” videos or “ghost” videos or those of abandoned properties and places, I discover more and more people have picked up this interest in “ghost hunting” or investigating the paranormal.

It truly is exciting to watch these videos in the comfort of your own home without having anything jump out at you or getting a creepy feeling as doors slam and shadows dart across windows or in hallways. It is truly creepy to hear footsteps causally walking or running … Equally unnerving is having someone or something touching you with icy cold fingers … or getting scratched.

And how about that loud ringing or noise heard in the first video?

There are a lot of strange things that happen to those investigating haunted places … Many feel they’re being watched or they get a creepy feeling with the hair on the back of their neck standing up … or breaking out in goosebumps. It is truly scary when one is pushed or hit … this happens more often than not … What makes these paranormal investigators continue … The love of sharing their videos and perhaps discovering something about life after death.

It is a scary business of going out to abandoned haunted places. I’m glad so many do … This allows me to share real ghost stories from various places.

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