G Team Investigation Video

I was excited to see Patty and Omar doing an investigation together.

They made the video below for their fans.

Omar recently moved his family to their new home, but they did visit his previous residence to make this video.

His haunted dolls are in his old residence and very much the subject of the video. Now, I’m not a real fan of dolls — they creep me out generally, however, I do have a couple in my home that I don’t find especially creepy … but the new ones Omar acquired is another story entirely.

An empty house can be creepy all on its own without being haunted.

Sometimes spirits become active … or we just hear the echo of a house creaking … But I believe more was going on …

We have to have an open mind about the paranormal vs. “normal” activities. Patty and Omar look for reasons why they’re hearing or seeing certain events … hearing a sound — a car driving by … a slamming door … coat hangers moving … a clicking sound …

Was it the dolls? A spirit or spirits living in the house? A demonic spirit that came out of the dolls?

You can decide for yourself … 

Paranormal Activity — G Team Paranormal Investigators …

What do you think?

I enjoyed the video. I thought it worthwhile to share here with you. I would appreciate your comments.

As I mentioned earlier, dolls are creepy to me … I doubt I would willing transport haunted dolls to my home.

Did you receive any creepy vibs from the dolls?

I truly can say I didn’t … but this was from a video … but my precious little Yorkshire Terrier did bark a few times during the video … and after viewing it and writing this blog post I was hearing some strange sounds … I’m not sure if they were inside my house or outside … thankfully it wasn’t tapping or music box music … but it was movement of some sort I couldn’t place.

Well … I do hope you enjoyed the video …

And the picture I selected for this post … kind of like the crypt keeper of years ago …

Thanks for stopping by!