Pop-Up Vampires Toy You Can Make With Free Templates

Have you ever considered making a pop-up toy for Halloween? This would also make a great gift for those who are interested in Vampires. You may think it foolish child’s play and not for tweens, teens, young adults and even adult Vampire fans. You may be right, but you may change your mind once you see what you can do with these Vampires that pop-up out of their coffins when you try to steal the coin.

But it’s made from paper, what good is it? You may be pleasantly surprised. I see it as a novelty gift that will be cherished because you made it.


Image, Free Templates and Instructions Compliments of http://www.ravensblight.com

Pop-Up Vampires Assembly Instructions

The Count

The Countess


I hope you enjoyed this Pop-Up Vampires Toy and it’s out waiting for someone to grab the coin so you can scare them just enough to make them realize it isn’t nice to steal from vampires.