Looking At The 1920’s


It’s about technique . . . paying attention to detail.1920ArtDeco

The image at the right is all about layering. It’s the folding and the 3-D effect that makes the image pop out. I do study a lot of “how to” videos in the realm of paper crafts. There is a steady flow of “adding dimension” with pop dots . . . or adding ribbon and bows . . . but no one takes the time to cut a piece out and make each element stand out . . . by using paper.

Or is it the boldness of the colors? There is shading, but there is definite dimension with the curl and curve of the paper.

I guess I do like art deco . . . and I like to make 3-D images . . . is it worth the work?

There is an expression that if anything is worth doing, it is worth doing right. So, with that in mind, maybe short cuts just don’t cut it . . .

We are in an age of immediate gratification. We’re in a hurry . . . we buy things that will make our jobs easier . . . it is all about progress . . . but have we been missing the details?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about priorities.

And trying to figure out what is truly important.

The image above may not wow you as it did me . . . or it may have . . . and we may reach the same conclusion . . . it’s a lot of work . . . no one would pay what it would cost to create . . . especially if they wanted a dozen or more invitations in this style. Yes, it could be automated on my part to a degree, but it would still take a long time to create. For each one, I would have to pay attention to detail.

It’s like a master chef creating the presentation on the plate . . .

Do we pay attention to the details? Is all this effort even noticed?

Are we in such a hurry that we miss the details? Do we have the time to look?

Everyday is an adventure of detail . . . the flowers in our gardens . . . how they bloom, blossom, then slowly die out . . . bringing new growth . . . When do we notice that the wood on our fence or gate is deteriorating? Usually when it is falling apart and we’re forced to notice it to have it replaced.

We do take so many things for granted . . . until they no longer work . . .

Attention to detail is something I think I’ll be noticing for awhile . . . I don’t want spring to pass me by without noticing it, admiring it and basking in it.

Just a thought.


What Are Your Dreams?

If You Can Dream It . . .Dreams

I’ve been very fortunate to have very vivid dreams.

That is, when they are positive. I’ve had some that may have been exciting, but they made me face my fears. I suppose that could be a good thing.

Things like speaking in front of a large group of people. Dreams of flying . . . without an airplane. Being out at sea . . . swimming with dolphins.

If you can think it, you can dream it . . . and maybe it may work out for you.

Many Ideas Come From Books

It’s always fun to ask, “What if . . .” and see where the story takes you.

Have you noticed when you’re reading, you do see the characters and the location and even the action. That’s all imagination. It can take you on many adventures.

Many Ideas Come From Our Aspirations

I have a number of websites and I was thinking of getting rid of a couple of them.

I may still do that, but the one that was top on my list I decided to keep. I thought it was not something I wanted to write about any longer, but I found it was very much a part of who I am and what I enjoy.

There is one that was just a whim I had . . . and I’ve decided to let it go. I’m fine with my decision to eliminate it. I may replace it with something much more exciting. It all comes down to being true to yourself, you interests and your aspirations.

Yet, I also thought that getting rid of some websites would be excellent to give me more time to devote to other websites and other interests.

As I’ve mentioned many times in this blog, I love to write and I do want to write more . . . not just for my blogs, but to write books. It’s a grand undertaking . . . one I’ve done before and is now time to revisit.


It’s important to consider priorities.

Even a schedule. I’m not a schedule person like I used to be, but it may be time for me to get back with it.

This evening I was talking with some friends in my internet marketing group.

We discussed some interesting changes from Amazon to Google. Did you know Amazon is going to be delivering packages via drones? It does seem amazing, but it is definitely workable for them to do. And Google is making some changes. Not with drones, but with what Google does best.

I guess it has to do with apps and making what we want to do easier for us to do. I don’t know all about it, but there are going to be webinars and articles written about it so we can learn as things develop.

I did find some changes have already taken place with Google+ Hangouts. I was talking with my friends on a Beta version. So I guess it is in a test mode, but it worked out and we had a delightful few hours of conversation and sharing.

This sharing with people in a hangout may be considered a waste of time, but in reality it was very productive and enjoyable. It may become a new priority for me.

It’s truly amazing how you can connect with people in different parts of the United States as well as the world. That may not be a big deal to you who have been doing this, but I’m still amazed each time we make a connection.

Yes, I’ve been doing the Google+ Hangouts for over a year once a week, but I’ve found it beneficial to connect with people far far away more often. You can spend some valuable quality time together.

This works when writing a blog or just talking and sharing.

With the internet and the imagination of these technical people, it’s wonderful what they’ve been able to do to make our lives much more enjoyable.

Imagination and Technology

We’re in a magical age . . . not just a magical season.

Even non-technical individuals can take advantage of all the wonderful facets of the internet. I am truly amazed and overwhelmed.

This must be how people felt with the telephone . . . to actually be talking with someone miles away.

I do wonder when we’ll be able to discover about heaven and connect with those who have passed. Wouldn’t it be great to speak with loved ones or people in history to get the real story.

Maybe this is beyond the realm of the technology we have available today, but I would imagine at some point this would be a reality for us. I’m sure from time to time you’d like to talk with a loved one . . . get to know them better or ask them questions about their life . . . and perhaps learn that they may have moved on . . . there is definitely a lot we have to learn.

I know that could be a bit science fiction for some of you . . . but “what if . . .”

I don’t know if I’d really like to travel through time . . . but it could be an interesting concept to explore.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if someone was working on that right now. Just as some have found and others are perfecting the ability to speak to the dead . . .

I do believe that just about anything is possible.

Yes, even life on other planets and in other galaxies. It may be a bit far fetched, but so very possible.

I may have gone a bit too far, but with imagination who knows what can be done . . . and what we can learn . . .

What Are Your Dreams?

It’s definitely something to think about.

You can leave a comment if you desire to share your dreams . . . or write them down some place for your future reference. It may be fun to go back from time to time to see how your priorities have changed . . . or your dreams, goals and aspirations.

This is an excellent time to imagine the future and your role in it. What do you truly want in your life? What would you like to be or do?

Dreaming is always fun . . . and who knows . . . they may even come true.

Until next time,



Catching Up

Have You Noticed That You’re Always Catching Up On Tasks?

I am.

I promised my brother I’d print out some pictures for him . . . that was months ago . . .

I finally decided to get to it. Once I got started it wasn’t that big of a deal. Maybe you’ve found the same to be true for you.

It’s embarrassing how I put things off. I know it is a bit early for New Year’s Resolutions, but this procrastination is one thing I need to stop . . . or at least get a handle on it.

I used to be much more organized and task oriented. I’m not sure what happened. Maybe getting involved in too many things.

It’s difficult to go back and discover when it all started, but it may be a sense of overwhelm I was experiencing or maybe starting something new that took up most of my time.

I’m not looking for excuses, but an explanation. What I know for sure is that procrastination hasn’t worked out for me. I’ve let others down and myself as well.

I don’t remember what was so important. That’s the truth of the matter. Sure I was taking a writing course, but that shouldn’t stop me from doing other tasks.

Yes, I was building websites . . . there was room to do other things right along with it.

I have no explanation and no excuse for procrastinating on important tasks. Have you found the same to be true for you?

Sorry For Making It Personal

I’m frustrated with myself for procrastinating.

It’s also embarrassing to be called on not following through. Even with the best of intentions, I don’t like letting others down.

It’s not right, in my way of thinking, to essentially tell someone that what I’m doing is much more important than what you asked me to do. It’s not how I felt at the time, but my lack of follow through showed that or conveyed that thought.

I’ve found that when I truly want to change my behavior, I make up my mind to do it.

At this point I’m tired of catching up. I want to be more organized and maybe get on a schedule . . . maybe that’s going a bit too far . . . but I may have to do just that to achieve the change I’m seeking.

Life Demands Multi-Tasking

I don’t know if the days, weeks and months seem to go by quickly for you, but they sure do for me.

It’s always “I’ll get to that tomorrow” mindset that has me catching up all the time.

I have found some priorities, though. It has to do with bill paying and answering letters, but when it comes to other tasks, I’ve found I’ve messed up.

Having a schedule may be important to get started. I want to eliminate procrastination from my behavior habit.

I’m all right with a flexible schedule. Maybe one that has the tasks written down for the whole month and then checking them off as they’re done. And maybe numbering them to get the most important ones accomplished first . . . but also squeezing in other tasks along with them. It may make my time more productive.

My websites are a priority. I love blogging, but find I’m not as dedicated as before. It may be due to having more websites than I can handle or losing interest in some and this frustration has resulted in allowing my favorite ones to suffer as well.

I know I’ve been struggling with a couple of websites that have gotten me down. This has been weighing on my mind for quite a long time. I think it may be time for me re-evaluate them and let them go to give me time to devote my time to those websites I enjoy.

Yes, there is a time to let go when you find things aren’t allowing you to progress.

Have You Noticed How Your Priorities Change Over Time?

I’m sure this is only natural.

We’re always learning something new. This could be conscious or subconscious or even unconscious. We’re picking things up from all forms of media as well as snipits of conversations we hear when we’re out and about.

Something clicks within our minds without us being aware of it at times. And I believe it gets us thinking about it on some conscious level to make sense about it and how it applies to us.

Not to sound selfish, but honestly it is about you and about me. We’re always wondering how something is going to affect me. It’s natural, not selfish.

It’s a basic part of human nature. We hear about a drought and wonder how it affects us personally. We want to know what we can do to help the situation rather than make it worse.

We do want to play an active role in many issues, mainly so it won’t impact our lives  or lifestyle unfavorably. I like being comfortable and not worrying about things.

I want to improve my life and my skills. I want to continue learning, but not at the expense of other things that are equally important.

There are only so many hours in the day. I know I need to be as productive as possible. And also to give myself some time to relax and recharge.

My priorities have changed to some degree. And in order to be true to myself, I need to address those issues that are draining me and putting me into a procrastination mode.

For me it’s some websites that are draining rather than fulfilling. Yet, it’s difficult to let go . . . that’s my struggle right now. But wouldn’t it be wonderful to let go of that struggle and other struggles that are dragging me down?

It’s almost a no-brainer . . . so why is it so difficult?

When I figure that out, I may have something important to share that will be helpful to others.

If you have any suggestions be sure to let me know. I’m eager to learn something new and beneficial that makes my life easier and easier for others as well.

Thanks for stopping by,


January, A Time For Reflection

I’m finding January to be a time for reflection. Lots of thinking with little being accomplished. It may be the weather or just the mind and body’s way of slowing down from all the holiday hoopla.

It’s interesting how an ordinary day can bring inspiration. The routine outside my window is normal with the power walkers swiftly walking down the hill talking away. I once thought they exercised their jaws more than their legs, but they’re still at it, every morning at first light in the morning.

A few years ago, I had a little difference of opinion with one of the girls. She would pitch her energy drink cup in my roses. I confronted her and told her I didn’t appreciate her littering my roses with her YooHoo drink. She refused to pick up her discarded cup, but got huffy about me calling her energy drink YooHoo. Her friend teased her about drinking YooHoo during their morning walk.

I started drinking my coffee on the front porch, waiting for the power walkers. I could see them walking. I got up and stood by the roses, daring the young woman to pitch her drink cup in my roses. Seeing me, they cut across the street. As I stood there, I wondered how I became that old women who told passers by to keep off her lawn. The scenario was different, but the sentiment was the same.

 I had no more trouble with the power walkers and I no longer drank my morning coffee on my front porch, but I watched from the window. There were the dog walkers, joggers and older couples going for their morning walk. They would return in the early evening.

My morning routine changed. I no longer watched the morning sun rise and evening sun set over my view from the breakfast nook window. I got into my blogs, crafts and daily routine. But today, I’m at my window with my coffee and my spinach, tomato and scrambled egg breakfast with a lightly toasted English muffin. Comfort food with a bit of strawberry jam.

The telephone’s ringing, but I prefer not to be disturbed. It will go to voice mail, if a message is important enough to collect. Most of the time there is no message. That’s fine with me. I have my novel to write, errands to run and my house to tidy up. 

I took a leisurely walk around the neighborhood with my little Yorkie. She loves to be out exploring all the smells left by the walkers and dogs. It might seem a bit disgusting, but I’ll never truly understand a dog’s life as she may never understand mine. We continued around the block. A woman called out from her window. I guess I’m not the only one who watches. 

Hollywood has made movies about “watchers” which usually has a sinister twist, but this particular woman probably has no more sinister motive than I have, it’s merely a beginning of a day.

It did make me wonder how many others “watch,” but say nothing. Many may be gone to work, some may work at home. I do enjoy the leisure of working at home. I choose my own hours and do as I please. It is true freedom from the 9 to 5 routine of a regular job. But working outside of their homes may have its perks. It is all a matter of perspective. A choice perhaps.

Just as the morning news . . . nothing inspiring, just complaining . . . always unhappiness about the world . . . no one satisfied . . . our happiness or sadness may be a choice. It’s all a matter of perspective. There is much to enjoy and admire within our own environment. Fresh air, being outside, walking leisurely around without a care in the world. I do learn much from my little Yorkie. She looks for adventure, or so it seems. Having her nose to the ground one moment and in the air the next, but moving along. She follows the sidewalk, her pace quickens as we approach our street. 

Soon our walk will be over and she’ll settle down to her morning nap. Such a grand life she leads without a care in the world. 

Have a great day!