Change Is In The Wind

As usual, I’m thinking of changing the “look” of

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you may have noticed some subtle changes from time to time — with the usual result of my changing everything back.

I’ve had this domain name since 2012 and during this 6 year period I’ve made some changes — some good, some not so good . . . So, I’ve been doing some serious thinking . . . and not wanting to go too far out on a limb, but to make some major improvements . . . Which could make or break this website.

Lately, I’ve been having difficulty adding content . . . 

I’m going back to my childhood and using two cans on a string . . .

When we lived in San Diego, California Dorothy and I had a hedge dividing our front yards. It was no big deal, we could walk along the sidewalk to get to each other’s house . . . but it was fun to sit in next to the hedge with our two cans on a string and talk back and forth . . . Yes, we were actually talking through the hedge, but having the cans placed as they were, we pretended to have our own private communication system.

We talked about school, the books and comics we’ve read . . . what we had for dinner . . . our favorite foods . . . holidays, vacations, just about everything kids talked about . . .

This got me thinking of this website and what you’re talking about and what interests you the most . . . 

And I got thinking of what rules my life . . . grocery shopping and recipes and having something different to eat . . . food is a major big deal in our lives and for special occasions . . . 

I thought about how I’ve neglected recipes for quite some time . . . But we gotta eat!!!

But writing out recipes is boring . . . I do have fun with them, but they do take time and I’m not really into it . . . but I’d like to be . . . I’m finding I’m kind of in a rut with my eating and food selection . . . So . . . I’ve had this brainstorm which gets me revamping my website once again . . .

I’ve always wanted to organize my recipes. Have all my S’Mores recipes where I can find them easily . . . and the number of Christmas Cookie recipes I can have for Cookie Exchanges . . . which could take place at any time of year.

And the different types of snack foods . . . We always need snack food . . .

This got me thinking of different categories of food . . .

I’m leaning in this direction . . . but nothing is going to be done until I truly decide what would be best for this website and get some feedback from you. 

I do have research to do and much to learn regarding building websites and making them work best.

There are lots of resources available . . . and I’m thinking of trying out a few things for this website and the two other ones I have. And my experimental site will be a domain name I’m not currently using. I’m finding it best to do that than mess up my existing websites.

Your thoughts are most welcome.

Thanks for stopping by!!


Is it Over?

Christmas is over, but today is a day of returns and bargains!

My grandmother used to get in on the white sales — bedding usually, but there may have been table cloths, too. I think it was primarily sheets and pillow cases.

Today it is electronics, clothing and Christmas items.

After Halloween everyone is grabbing the half price candy. After Thanksgiving there’s Black Friday when the Christmas frenzy begins.

So really, it isn’t over until . . . the stores bring in the Valentine stuff.

It’s all for making room for the next celebration.

This is an excellent time to get Christmas wrapping paper, bows and ribbons to be prepared for next year. There may be Christmas cards, ornaments and decor items. 

Fall and winter clothing may be on sale, too.

If we would shop after the great events, we could cash in on savings . . . Yes, things will be picked over . . . but you may find some real gems.

At times it can be ruthless . . . but it happens throughout the year.

It’s not for the frail, but the strong who brave the crowds and get those discounted items.

As a child I used to hate going to the tables with all the sale items. My grandmother and great-aunt and mother would paw through the items along with dozens of other women looking for their “must have” bargains.

I thought it quite ridiculous. If the stores could discount it so much, then why didn’t they sell it for that price and there wouldn’t be all this merchandise left over. But I never did seem to get the bargain hunting bug everyone else seemed to have. It’s just not my thing.

I’m not into the crowds . . . the traffic . . . the running around.

For me, the day after Christmas is a quiet relaxing day. I’m savoring the joy of the Christmas season. Looking forward to a New Year and finishing up tasks. I take down the tree and all the Christmas decor. I know many wait until after the new year, but I like to get back to normal as soon as possible.

For some they are experience winter storms . . . Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Enjoy the remainder of 2017 and may 2018 be a joyous and prosperous year for you and yours.

Until next time,


Christmas Eve Eve

Oh yes, it has finally arrived!!!

Many are traveling, many are anxiously awaiting family and friends . . . Oh yes, there will be the last minute shoppers . . . and those getting their groceries . . . and there may be a bit more tidying about the house . . . 

I’ll be doing laundry . . . Want my dining table tablecloth to be fresh and may need to iron it, too . . . along with my place settings and napkins. And, of course there are the gift box place settings . . .

It has been quite busy.

Today I want to post on my other four websites . . . plus I want to do some papercrafts just for fun . . . and organizing my craft room just a bit.

Having an inviting place to sit and reflect is what I enjoy.

A nice cup of hot chocolate in your favorite chair in front of the fireplace is ideal.

There are plenty of memories made in this room . . . and there are many more to come.

For me it isn’t about getting everything perfect . . . which is pretty much impossible, by the way . . . it is about being comfortable and enjoying Christmas. I do like the old family traditions . . . and the new ones created through the years.

I’m into comfort . . . not stress . . . not anxiety . . . For me it is more of what is, is . . . if others wanted or expected something more . . . well, that is not my problem . . .

I’ve watched many Christmas movies over the years . . . and there is always chaos . . .

It is best to just relax and enjoy.

Have a Merry Christmas with your family and friends . . . and if you happen to be alone this Christmas . . . enjoy it . . . cater to what you enjoy . . . be happy and blessed . . . This is a time of celebration which can be shared or enjoyed alone . . . Just do what makes you happy and joyous.

Too often we get caught up in the Hallmark picture perfect world . . . that is a beautiful Christmas card . . . but we are in the real world . . . and we can fill our thoughts and hearts with our own “perfect” Christmas experiences . . . there are several precious moments you can recall and enjoy . . .

Enjoy your Christmas Eve Eve.


Have You Looked At The Calendar Lately?

Wow!! Where has the time gone?

Christmas is upon us with the New Year coming up fast.

Amazing how I can look back to this summer and yearning for fall. Then, it finally came and Whoosh! we’re into winter.

I belong to an internet marketing group where someone asked if we were taking Christmas Day off or working. Well, I know it is for celebrating with family, but I also know that working online I can celebrate and also work. That’s the beauty of the internet.

I got thinking about the New Year and spring . . . I’m really getting excited about spring . . . but I’m enjoying the weather we’re having now and the anticipation of Christmas, too.

It’s all exciting!

It’s all good . . . every season and everyday. There is always something fun and exciting to discover or finally decide to purchase.

I haven’t been much into rubber stamping or making cards, but I’m finding that I’m warming up to the idea.

I’m a fan of Tim Holtz and, of course, love my Sizzix Big Shot. The combining of the two in this set of stamps and die cuts has really gotten me excited.

Sizzix Framelits Dies Mini by Tim Holtz Bird Crazy and Things, Stampers Anonymous Mini Bird Crazy & Things Tim Holtz Cling Stamps,
Sizzix Framelits Mini Crazy Cats and Dogs Die Set, and not shown is the Tim Holtz Cling Stamps Mini Cats & Dogs by Stampers Anonymous.

I decided to go with the mini set because of the Village Dwellings I’m making and they go better with other stamp sets.

They work well for cards and mini albums and so very many other fun projects you may have throughout the year. There is always something exciting you can do with birds, cats and dogs. And, by all means feel free to get the regular sets of these as well.

Sizzix Franelits 18 Piece Bird Crazy Die Set, Stampers Anonymous Tim Holtz Cling Rubber Bird Crazy Stamp Set, Sizzix Crazy Things Framelits Dies by Tim Holtz, Stampers Anonymous Tim Holtz Cling Rubber Stamp Set Crazy Things, Sizzix Framelits Dies by Tim Holtz Crazy Cats, Stampers Anonymous Crazy Cats Tim Holtz Cling Stamps.

What about the dogs? Sizzix Franelits Crazy Dogs Die Set and Tim Holtz Cling Stamps Crazy Dogs by Stampers Anonymous.

Most people buy both the regular sets and the mini sets to go with their various projects.

I was going to say, if you hurry, you may be able to get these before Christmas, but you know something, I think it would be much more exciting to get them after Christmas . . . even if it is a gift for a special crafter in your family. You know why, because you’ll have something to look forward to receiving and so will your special crafter.

It’s all a matter of perspective, actually. You want ’em for Christmas . . . click the links!!!! Otherwise relax and don’t get all uptight about when it will arrive — it will arrive when it arrives!!

I do thank you for stopping by!


How Are You Pursuing Happiness?

Talking with people, listening to others. watching movies, reading books . . . All show us something about others  . . . and about ourselves . . . 

There are kids with cancer who just want to live a normal life . . .

Aspen, CO.

There are people in dead-end jobs who can’t quit, because it pays the bills and provides for the family.

I’m finding “stuff” doesn’t make us happy. Maybe for the moment or when someone compliments us on what we’re wearing or how we look or where we live . . . But, it truth, it isn’t about “stuff” it’s about you and what truly makes you happy. It could be playing a musical instrument or singing . . . You may not become rich and famous, but you enjoy it nevertheless. It could be making paper crafts or some other hobby using clay or wood, glass or some other medium. Or walking with your dog out in nature.

You may be a sweatshirt and jeans type of person . . . but you know you need to dress better when you leave the house. You may just want to live in a comfortable home in a nice neighborhood with comfortable furnishings — nothing fancy and impressive. You live within your means and drive an older car, but it runs well and looks good. You may not be beautiful or handsome, but you don’t frighten people. You’re happy more days than not. You have a wonderful family who loves you just the way you are.

That appears as though you have found happiness. Your pursuit is over.

Yet, others may not view you as successful or affluent . . . they may judge your appearance and not allow you to join some community clubs or groups. There is a standard . . . and you may not match up to it.

Initially, my thought is who cares about their opinion . . . and then I think how important it is to fit in . . . but then, if the goal is to be happy and you’re happy with yourself . . . Why do you need this club or group?

I can go back and forth with this until my head spins . . .

We are social beings . . . and that means interacting with others . . . joining in and being , , , social . . . The alternative is being alone . . . isolated . . . secluded . . . excluded . . .

No one really chooses the latter . . . but some people have made it work . . . at the expense of being referred to as odd or strange or a recluse. And perhaps some unflattering judgmental terms . . .

I don’t have answers . . . just thoughts and observations . . .

For me, this began when I found this picture of a Tim Holtz Village Surf Shack . . . It has its charm and appeal . . . but would you want to live there? Would you be embarrassed to invite your friends and family?surfshack1

It’s kind of like Gilligan’s Island . . . Do you remember that television sit-com?

They made due with what they had . . . and their daily goal was to get off of the island . . . But life also happened on that island. They had good times and hard times . . . They had fun and adventures . . . They made it work . . . and knew they would make it for however long they needed before being rescued. So, basically, they made the best of an unfortunate situation.

There is something appealing about that . . . to a degree . . . villagedwellingbayoushack

And, here is another Tim Holtz Village Dwellings that someone made . . . and got me thinking about what I’d like to make and how that contradicts how I would like to live . . . I don’t want to be embarrassed by my home, but I don’t need to live in a mansion. But there is an appeal about a bungalow or a place on the bayou . . . or an old log cabin . . . a place in the woods . . . Nothing fancy, just functional . . .

I love the bricks holding up the dwelling, the hides on the side of the house, the barrels . . . the steps going into the shack . . .I may want to add some crates . . . 

It does have a certain character to it . . . makes you wonder about the person who lives there . . .

I’m beginning to think that what appeals to be is the structure and how creative I can be when building a shack as opposed to building a nice place.

I have a friend who lives in Alabama who has a non-functioning still in her front yard. It is a work of art . . . she decorates it for Christmas. I imagine in its day it brewed plenty of moonshine . . . A relic of long ago . . . And maybe the type of village pieces I want to create have that same appeal , , ,  I may not want to live there . . . but there is something unique and genuine about it . . . Maybe I came from very simple roots . . . That’s why I don’t go for the fancy or give much thought to what people think of me . . .  What’s important is what I think of myself . . . and whether I’m happy . . . And yes I am very happy.

I’m a blogger. I’ve been out in the world of work and keeping up appearances  . . . but now that I’m retired . . . I don’t have to dance to the tune of others . . . and I don’t have to fit in . . . I can be me . . . genuine, honest without pretense . . .  It makes life easier . . . and much happier.

During this fall/autumn season before Thanksgiving, it is positive to take a moment to reflect . . . Think about how truly fortunate you are . . . You may have goals to achieve and things to do . . . but deep down at this moment, you are happy . . . It doesn’t mean you don’t have to achieve your goals or do the things you want it do . . . it means that you’re happy now and you know how to achieve happiness in your life . . . That is truly an accomplishment . . .

I share my random thoughts from time to time . . . Just to get you thinking . . . As I’ve been thinking and striving for clarity and understanding . . . It’s not about being right or wrong . . . it’s about understanding here and now . . . and maybe tomorrow or next month or several years from now, you’ll find your thoughts and ideas and goals and aspirations have changed . . . You have a different perspective . . . which is neither good nor bad . . . it just is . . .

It’s comforting to live without judgment . . . from yourself or others . . . because it doesn’t really matter . . .

Thanks for stopping by!