Ravensblight Cemetery Free Paper Craft

Ray O’Bannon has been busy over at RavensBlight.

He has this cool cemetery complete with all the graves . . .

It does seem a big crowded . . . 

It would be worthwhile to take some time to check it out and read the assembling instructions before printing it out on card stock. I personally like to see how it all comes together before getting into the middle of it and discovering I glued something wrong.

This is really exciting to have a fancy cemetery to go with all the great haunted places you can make as well.

Ray has also included an interview with the caretaker. Now that is truly something.

And, the place won’t get lonely, there are lots of “monsters” you can place in and around the place.

I’m sure you remember these guys . . . I’ve even used them as cupcake toppers for my Halloween celebrations.

Be sure to take a look around RavensBlight. There are lots of haunted toys that may be of interest to you.

Besides all the haunted buildings, there are haunted ships — those are real treasures. And there are vehicles and airplanes. Keep on looking and you’ll find a lot of things you’ll want to make for yourself or a particular member of your family or even a friend or two.

And don’t forget all those great coffins you can make and fill with goodies for your guests.

I know it’s spring and Easter is coming up, but those coffins with tasty treats might just hit the spot with your ghost hunting friends and all the little ghouls you might have coming around.

Have some fun with this cemetery and the monsters . . . and whatever you find of interest.

Thanks for stopping by!