Kelly’s Special Gift

I believe my local coffee shop is haunted.

It seems that every time my friend Kelly comes to the coffee shop, before she gets to our table a chair is pulled out. It’s almost as though one of us kicks the chair out in greeting for her to sit down. The first few times this happened, I thought nothing of it. I did believe someone did push it out with their foot. A few weeks ago, I was the only one at the table and I didn’t notice Kelly approaching me. I was busy writing on my laptop.

I did look up when she greeted me and as if on cue, the chair was pulled out by an invisible force inviting her to sit down.

We don’t always sit in the same place, but this happens every single time Kelly comes to join us.

Barbara came next, but her chair wasn’t pulled out. I don’t remember my chair being pulled out when I arrived. I asked Kelly if she noticed that no matter where we sit, a chair is always pulled out for her.

“Oh that,” Kelly said. “It’s been happening for as long as I can remember.”

We were thinking it was telekinesis, but Kelly wasn’t aware of doing it.

“Do you decide where you’re going to sit when you come to the table?” Barbara asked.

“No, not really,” answered Kelly. “I just know where to sit when the chair is moved out.”

“Does this happen everywhere you go?” I asked.

She thought for a minute and said, “As a matter of fact it does.”

We decided to do a little experiment. We went out on the back patio.  Kelly selected the table and a chair was pulled out while Barbara and I stood back.

“Can you make anything else move?” I asked.

“No, just chairs.”

“Well, pull out a chair for me,” Barbara said.

“I can’t,” Kelly replied.

It was a strange phenomenon, but I have another friend who can always find a parking place. No matter how crowded a parking lot is or a street, she just says, “Where am I going to park?” and someone pulls out creating a parking space.

It may be quite rare or people just don’t talk about it. My father knew a man who also had the gift of finding a parking space.

This could be either conscious or not, but the results are the same. Some people may have a special gift or they have angels around them or poltergeists or spirits — or it may be their personal energy level.

I haven’t perfected it. I can’t get the gate to open when I have my hands full. Or anything else to open or close at will. If it is mind over matter, it seems with practice one would be able to consciously manipulate objects.

Please leave me your thoughts on the matter below in the comments. I would love to learn more about this and similar phenomena.

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