Been Busy Revamping A Website

I’m sorry I haven’t been adding content here in quite a while.

I started a new business venture with Stampin’ Up!

I needed a website and thought I would revamp one domain I already owned.

I find it interesting how working on one website makes me want to change my other websites, but I am fighting it. I like things as they are here. I think over the years I’ve messed with this website enough.

I have been thinking about fall while others are all into Christmas in July.

As you know, Halloween and actually fall gets me excited. I do like Christmas, but there is definitely something about fall that seems to energize me. It may be the end of summer and the anticipation of the holidays. I may be a rare one when it comes to Thanksgiving. It is truly worth celebrating in my house.

Since the 4th of July has passed, we have nothing coming up except back to school and Labor Day.

So, why not start planning ahead for fall.

Before joining Stampin’ Up! I bought some stamp sets for the upcoming holidays — you may find them interesting too for your paper crafting ventures:

I hope some of them made you laugh as they did me. I’m into the fun side of Halloween. For some it is about the candy and for others the decorating and dressing up. I tried not to get too carried away . . . but I did . . .

Wherever you are in your holiday preparation, have fun and make the most out of this summer season.

Oh, I can’t let you go just yet. I’m sure I have an appropriate ghost story to tell you that you can retell to your friends as you’re sitting around having a nice visit.

 Some friends were sitting around Annie’s house one evening bored to tears. Alex suggested they go out exploring an old abandoned farm house he saw on one of his trips out of town.

He explained how it was supposed to be haunted. I guess some guys went out there are got scared away. Maybe it wasn’t ghosts, but the homeowner not taking kindly to trespassers.

In any event, Annie and her friends hopped in Alex’s truck, Annie, Barb and Sissy sat in the cab with Alex while Bob and Hank sat in the back truck bed.

The boys could feel the air shift as they got out of town. The closer they got to their destination, they were cold — freezing in fact.

Sissy was feeling uncomfortable just looking at the outside of the abandoned old farm house. Her imagination was running over with all the movies and scary stories she had watched and heard over the years.

There was a barn a few yards from the farmhouse. Hank nudged Sissy to encourage her to join him into the barn. Alex joined them, leaving Annie, Barb and Bob to explore the farmhouse.

Bob was busy in the kitchen trying to open an old tool box while Barb and Annie went exploring the house.

They heard footsteps upstairs.

My personal instinct would be to either shout out or run out the door, but these kids did the unthinkable. They went upstairs.

They looked around and as is usually the case saw nothing . . . but Annie felt something hit her in the back on her left side. The pain was awful which dropped her to her knees.

She wasn’t aware of screaming . . . maybe it was Barb . . . within seconds, they heard Bob shouting and running up the stairs.

Barb noticed blood soaking into Annie’s blouse.

“You’re bleeding!! What happened!!”

“Something hit me.”

To Barb, it looked as though Annie was stabbed by a knife and she needed immediate medical attention.

They got to the emergency room at the local hospital. Of course, they had to explain where they were and what happened.

“You mean that old farmhouse out by the freeway?” an orderly asked.

“Yes, that’s the one,” Alex answered.

The orderly just shook his head and walked away.

“Hey wait a minute,” Alex called out. “What about that old place?”

“It’s haunted! You guys got off lucky, Most people don’t live to tell of their experience, but I know a guy who was outside waiting for his brother who got the stuffin’ kicked out of him, but no one saw anything, just his body jumpin’ from the kicks . . .”

I should stop the story right there . . . and you can in the retelling, but this isn’t the end of the story . . . not that there is an ending . . . Those kids never returned to that old place, but they did see a black figure from time to time watching them.

Oh Annie got all stitched up and spent the night in the hospital. She was fine, but she, too, felt as though she was being watched in and outside her home.

I suppose the moral of the story is not to go looking for trouble in abandoned buildings.

Oh, I almost forgot!! Remember that old tool box Bob was fiddling with in the kitchen? Well he did get it opened and he did the unthinkable. He took a tool out of the box and took it with him.

That may explain why they were being “haunted”.

Thanks for stopping by!