Impressive Coffins You Can Make — Free Templates

Coffins and Skeletons come to mind when the word Halloween is spoken. Well, those same images come to mind when the word Cemetery is spoken, too.

These are impressive coffins that you can make with the free templates. Select the ones you like or make them all by printing them on a thick white cardstock.

The words that come to mind when you see these coffins have more complex dimensions feeding the imagination with sinister words or of Halloween icons. The chained coffin may bring thoughts of something evil inside that should never be released. There’s a simple rusty coffin and more elaborate ones. Each is unique and would appeal to someone on your party list. The serious question is what will you put inside of each one . . . and who is to receive each one.

I have my collection on a shelf right now, but I’ll be moving them around as the days get closer to Halloween. I may make more, because they do attract attention and they’re so irresistible that friends and family ask to take one home. Some have been bold enough to ask for the whole set.

coffins1(Coffins measure 6 inches long, 2 1/2 inches wide and 1 1/4 inches deep)
Image and Templates Courtesy of

Free Templates for the Peculiar Coffin Boxes:

Assembly Instructions

Black and Gold Coffin

Black and Silver Coffin

Gold Filigree Coffin

Silver Filigree Coffin

Rusty Coffin

Chained Coffin

Now that you have the templates and the instructions, you can have a quiet evening of watching television or listening to music and putting a few sets of these coffins together.

But wait, has Deluxe Coffin Boxes to go along with the Peculiar Coffin Boxes above. I do like the wood grain finish on this Deluxe Coffin Boxes collection. They do have interesting names that make them quite appealing.


Here are the Free Templates for these 6 inch Deluxe Coffin Boxes

Deluxe Coffin Boxes Assembly Instructions

Modern Mahogany Casket

Oak ‘Toe Pincher’ Coffin

Mahogany ‘Toe Pincher’ Coffin

Walnut ‘Toe Pincher’ Coffin

Weathered Crate

Now you have eleven different coffin boxes to print out on heavy card stock, cut out and assemble. They each come with a skeleton, but you can add candy and trinkets to these boxes as the mood inspires.

To be honest with you, does have smaller Coffin Gift Boxes to add to your coffin boxes collection. These Coffin Gift Boxes are 4 inches long and there is a 4 1/2 inch stone tomb that will allow one of the other three coffin gift boxes to fit inside. These are for smaller gifts, but they are just as interesting to make.


These Coffin Gift Boxes may be smaller in size, but there is an added surprise template for you to print out.

Coffin Gift Boxes Assembly Instructions

Pine Coffin Gift Box

Cherrywood Coffin Gift Box

Mahogany Casket Gift Box

Tomb Gift Box

Gift Box Coffin Occupants

Now you have 14 coffins and one tomb to print out, cut out and assemble for a very nice collection to decorate and delight your friends and family.

Do you feel like something is missing? I was wondering if there were any trinkets that could be made to fit into the gift boxes since they deserve to have something special added to them. didn’t disappoint. They have a collection of rings that seem just right for the occasion.


Oh yes, these Spooky Rings are exactly what I had in mind.

And there are Free Templates:

Spooky Rings Assembly Instructions

Spooky Rings

How would you like some Spooky Pendants? They do seem to go well with these Spooky Rings. delivers once again:


Spooky Pendants

Except for putting everything together, I  believe you have enough to keep you busy for some time.

The coffins along with the Spooky Rings and the Spooky Pendants would make creative party favors. You may also find other uses for them as well.