Hawaiiian Shaved Ice Snow Cone Machine

Hawaiiian Shaved Ice Snow Cone Machine

Perfect for Easter Entertaining, Pool Parties And Summer Family Fun! On a warm spring and summer day, we all want to have something refreshing to cool down naturally and in a most healthy way. You can add a favorite fruit to blend in with your delicious icy treat! If you have ice, you can make a snow cone!

Hawaiian Shaved Ice Snow Cone Machine is advertised as Kid-Friendly, but I would recommmend adult supervision. Goodness! I need adult supervision when I’m in the kitchen!

I Hope You’re Not Expecting A Big Sales Pitch

Click the image above and you can place your order or get more information. You know whether an ice shaving machine is something you want for your family. I’m sure you can find additional uses for shaved ice than snow cones. It can be added to all different drinks.

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Paper Craft Easter Bunny

This happy Easter bunny is a great craft for you to do — you may have just enough time to make a few for family and friends.

I love how these 3D models are created and then put in PDF form in order to share with others.

Paper-Replika.com is the source for this adorable bunny, The PDF comes complete with all the pieces you’ll need to make one of your own. You can, of course, add your own embellishments to make it more personal for you or for the person who may receive it. I think it’s fine the way it is, but for those who live on the beach, it may be fun to add some shells . . . you can add flowers and maybe some little trinkets to bling it up a bit. The finishing touches will make it unique and more personal.

I do like it and recommend that you click the picture to the right to be taken to the Paper-Replika website so you can get to the PDF to print it out and assemble.

Since my printer is on the fritz right now I’ll have to wait for my replacement printer, but I’ll be sure to print this out as soon as my new printer is set up. But, just in case it isn’t, I did a bit of looking around and I found this great Tree House. I don’t know about you, but a tree house has always been something I wanted to have. Now since I won’t be building one to use in my backyard, I thought a paper craft one would be fun to have.

You can click this tree house picture to the left and be taken to the Paper-Replika website where you can download it.

I do like the way Julius Perdana, the creator of these paper crafts, put the tree house in a wooded area with rocks. It does look like a cabin in the woods and a tree house seems to be a natural for that setting.

As with the bunny paper craft, you can add your own finishing touches to this tree house to make it fit your ideal — or the one you did have as a child or the one you will make for your children in your own backyard.

Well, bunnies, tree houses and spring all seem to go together. I do hope you’ll visit Paper-Replika and take a look around. I’m sure you’ll find something you like.

Thanks for stopping by and my personal thanks to Julius Perdana at Paper-Replika for these great paper crafts I found.




Have You Looked At The Calendar Lately?

Wow!! Where has the time gone?

Christmas is upon us with the New Year coming up fast.

Amazing how I can look back to this summer and yearning for fall. Then, it finally came and Whoosh! we’re into winter.

I belong to an internet marketing group where someone asked if we were taking Christmas Day off or working. Well, I know it is for celebrating with family, but I also know that working online I can celebrate and also work. That’s the beauty of the internet.

I got thinking about the New Year and spring . . . I’m really getting excited about spring . . . but I’m enjoying the weather we’re having now and the anticipation of Christmas, too.

It’s all exciting!

It’s all good . . . every season and everyday. There is always something fun and exciting to discover or finally decide to purchase.

I haven’t been much into rubber stamping or making cards, but I’m finding that I’m warming up to the idea.

I’m a fan of Tim Holtz and, of course, love my Sizzix Big Shot. The combining of the two in this set of stamps and die cuts has really gotten me excited.

Sizzix Framelits Dies Mini by Tim Holtz Bird Crazy and Things, Stampers Anonymous Mini Bird Crazy & Things Tim Holtz Cling Stamps,
Sizzix Framelits Mini Crazy Cats and Dogs Die Set, and not shown is the Tim Holtz Cling Stamps Mini Cats & Dogs by Stampers Anonymous.

I decided to go with the mini set because of the Village Dwellings I’m making and they go better with other stamp sets.

They work well for cards and mini albums and so very many other fun projects you may have throughout the year. There is always something exciting you can do with birds, cats and dogs. And, by all means feel free to get the regular sets of these as well.

Sizzix Franelits 18 Piece Bird Crazy Die Set, Stampers Anonymous Tim Holtz Cling Rubber Bird Crazy Stamp Set, Sizzix Crazy Things Framelits Dies by Tim Holtz, Stampers Anonymous Tim Holtz Cling Rubber Stamp Set Crazy Things, Sizzix Framelits Dies by Tim Holtz Crazy Cats, Stampers Anonymous Crazy Cats Tim Holtz Cling Stamps.

What about the dogs? Sizzix Franelits Crazy Dogs Die Set and Tim Holtz Cling Stamps Crazy Dogs by Stampers Anonymous.

Most people buy both the regular sets and the mini sets to go with their various projects.

I was going to say, if you hurry, you may be able to get these before Christmas, but you know something, I think it would be much more exciting to get them after Christmas . . . even if it is a gift for a special crafter in your family. You know why, because you’ll have something to look forward to receiving and so will your special crafter.

It’s all a matter of perspective, actually. You want ’em for Christmas . . . click the links!!!! Otherwise relax and don’t get all uptight about when it will arrive — it will arrive when it arrives!!

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New Beginnings

Every Spring Is A New Beginning

I find it interesting how nature takes care of itself.SpringWallpaper3

There’s the growing season and after the harvest, then a period of rest . . . then back to new growth.

So, if nature does this naturally, do we as humans run through similar cycles?

Usually a new school year begins in the fall . . . the spring brings a closing . . . then summer vacation which sometimes brings catching up or getting a head start on the fall . . .

I’ve always thought of fall as the new beginning, but as I walk in nature I see new growth all around me. The rains come to water and nurture the new growth . . . and our thoughts go to spring cleaning . . . and maybe new beginnings by taking care of things that need to get done . . . or thoughts of beginning a new life with someone special . . . or planning a vacation to rest and reflect . . . even contemplate one’s future.

Change Is Something That Occurs Regularly

Maybe I’m thinking of “change” because of the political climate.

An election year . . . change . . . perhaps . . . We won’t know until election day in November. But the summer will bring the opposing candidates together in debate and discussions . . .

With the new elected officials being announced in November, but not taking office until after the New Year.

It seems we do have to wait . . . wait through the seasons . . . and with each season . . . experiencing the changes nature brings . . .

When it comes to change . . . we can only change ourselves . . . our behavior . . . our thoughts . . . our actions . . . We’ve probably made adjustments throughout the year. I know when I was attending school, I was in a constant state of change . . . focusing more on one subject or another . . . then once I got a handle on that, gave more time to another subject . . .

School was probably preparing us for life . . . for work . . . for our own homes . . . our families . . .

This Spring I’ve Been Thinking A Lot About Paper Crafts And Mini Albums

I’ve thought about taking more pictures.springwallpaper

I did get a new printer . . . and I haven’t used my “new” camera as much as I anticipated when I bought it a couple of years ago.

I’ve been thinking of making videos. I’m not much of a vlogger, but I thought recording paper craft projects would be fun. Perhaps a reason for doing paper crafts in the first place.

I’ve decided not to get caught up in the news casts and all the election stuff. I like being informed, but I don’t need to get all tangled up in it. Many of my friends have found that just being informed is enough. When they spend half a day listening and watching, they find they become anxious and unhappy.

They worry . . . they become very concerned . . . So, it’s best to be informed and then do something that is enjoyable and relaxing.

The thing is, we can’t control the beliefs and actions of others. We can only do that for ourselves and our families. And we need to make our life as pleasant and enjoyable as possible for ourselves and for those around us and those who mean the most to us. We can’t help others if we’re anxious and angry. And we need to unplug from the “noise” and do something relaxing.

You can play a card or board game, make something out of paper, cook . . . learn something new . . . something you’ve always wanted to do. Or even relax with a jigsaw puzzle . . . or a good book or DVD . . . maybe even listen to music.

Spring is an excellent time to enjoy nature and to move away from the stresses of life . . . Yes, and life does bring us unpleasant things to deal with from time to time.

A friend of mine is grieving the decline in health of her father. It is very difficult for her, but she keeps herself busy . . . doing things that allow her to relax and sleep so the next day she will be there for her father. He depends upon her as does her own family and siblings . . . They work together to support one another . . . as does her friends . . .

This spring does remind me of a spring 10 years ago when I lost my mother and another spring 8 years ago when I lost my father. Time does heal, but . . . even after the grieving . . . there are times I do feel the void. It’s not that I want to fill the void, but to reflect positively and productively . . .

And for many of you, you may have a different season of loss . . . remembering . . . and reflection . . .

I’ve always wondered about “spring fever” . . . is it only during the spring or does it occur at different times?

I thought mine was in the fall . . . wanting to do so much more than what I was supposed to be doing . . .

Isn’t that what “spring fever” is about?

Thoughts wandering . . . instead of focusing upon tasks at hand . . .

This post is a wandering piece of my thoughts . . . ramblings . . . perhaps sorting out what is truly important and what isn’t.

Are you going through something similar?

I appreciate your stopping by and reading this post. If you’d like to leave a comment, please do.

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Looking At The 1920’s


It’s about technique . . . paying attention to detail.1920ArtDeco

The image at the right is all about layering. It’s the folding and the 3-D effect that makes the image pop out. I do study a lot of “how to” videos in the realm of paper crafts. There is a steady flow of “adding dimension” with pop dots . . . or adding ribbon and bows . . . but no one takes the time to cut a piece out and make each element stand out . . . by using paper.

Or is it the boldness of the colors? There is shading, but there is definite dimension with the curl and curve of the paper.

I guess I do like art deco . . . and I like to make 3-D images . . . is it worth the work?

There is an expression that if anything is worth doing, it is worth doing right. So, with that in mind, maybe short cuts just don’t cut it . . .

We are in an age of immediate gratification. We’re in a hurry . . . we buy things that will make our jobs easier . . . it is all about progress . . . but have we been missing the details?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about priorities.

And trying to figure out what is truly important.

The image above may not wow you as it did me . . . or it may have . . . and we may reach the same conclusion . . . it’s a lot of work . . . no one would pay what it would cost to create . . . especially if they wanted a dozen or more invitations in this style. Yes, it could be automated on my part to a degree, but it would still take a long time to create. For each one, I would have to pay attention to detail.

It’s like a master chef creating the presentation on the plate . . .

Do we pay attention to the details? Is all this effort even noticed?

Are we in such a hurry that we miss the details? Do we have the time to look?

Everyday is an adventure of detail . . . the flowers in our gardens . . . how they bloom, blossom, then slowly die out . . . bringing new growth . . . When do we notice that the wood on our fence or gate is deteriorating? Usually when it is falling apart and we’re forced to notice it to have it replaced.

We do take so many things for granted . . . until they no longer work . . .

Attention to detail is something I think I’ll be noticing for awhile . . . I don’t want spring to pass me by without noticing it, admiring it and basking in it.

Just a thought.