SunWatch Astrology Sundials Pendant Necklace

  Have you ever wanted to break away from all the fancy gadgets and get back to the basics when times were not so hectic? A time when nature showed you the signs you needed to know from the time to the weather — much more accurate than the forecasts I’ve been listening to lately. Even Aunt Milly’s knee was an accurate predictor of the weather. And our stomach’s told us the time. Time to get up, time to eat and time to go to bed. We fit everything else in there, and quite productively, too.

This is really a cool pendant you can wear — you’ll receive some strange looks, but it may open up conversation. You’ll be delighted to learn others share your vision of relying on nature rather than all the gizmos that are either telling you what to do or interrupting you when you’re busy doing something else.

It’s time to say “enough” and unplug from all the techno-gadgets to truly get in touch with yourself and nature. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how liberating it is!

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