Paper Girls — Amazon Original Series

Paper Girls — Amazon Original Series

Wow! This Amazon Original Series is Science Fiction, Adventure, Fantasy, Action, Suspense, Horror and Drama all rolled into one fantastic series. I’ve watched the first episode and I’m hooked.

There are four girls with different backgrounds all coming together the day after Halloween known as Hell Day . . . They are paper girls — delivering the morning paper — It is first set in 1988 and they time travel to 2019 . . . 

I’m not into giving spoilers — I want you to watch it and enjoy it for yourself.

All that I can say is the 2019 depicted in this series has elements I’m pleased were not part of my personal reality . . . This is a gripping tale that has you sitting on the edge of your seat.

I do like putting myself in the action and thinking about how I would deal with the situation . . . The concept of time travel is something I’m intrigued by, but don’t necessarily want to experience.

I highly recommend that you check this series out and see how it resonates with you. 

This Is An Exciting 2022 Amazon Original Series

It’s directed by Georgi Banks-DaviesDestiny EkaraghaKaren Gaviola Mairzee Almas and starring Camryn JonesRiley Lai NeletSofia Rosinsky and Fina Strazza .

The producers are Christopher C. RogersStephany FolsomChristopher CantwellBrad PittDede GardnerJeremy KleinerChristina OhBrian K. VaughanCliff ChiangSteve PrinzCarina SposatoKai Yu WuLisa AlbertK.C. PerryGeorgi Banks-DaviesKaren GaviolaVail RomeynAndrea StilgenbauerMichelle Mogavero.

The first season of this series has 8 episodes. As with other Amazon Prime Series, I am always wanting more . . . So I do hope there is more to come in the future . . .

This seems like an unlikely group of girls who would be friends. Yet they all have one thing in common — paper routes . . . And then the strange experience of some sort of invasion — They decide to stick together . . . Then they are on a quest to return back to 1988 . . .

It is interesting for them to see what 31 years in the future brings . . . And then again 21 years . . . This does make me wonder what my goals and dreams were about my future when I was 12 years old. Did I really think about the future and what work I would be doing? My concern was probably focused on getting through my school work . . . I was very much a nerd.

I do hope you check out Paper Girls. And if you do, please leave me a comment below . . .

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Do You Believe In Time Travel?

I’m at the point where I believe just about anything is possible.

Have you heard about The Butterfly Effect?brbutterflyeffect

I think this may go along with time travel . . . but, then, it may be applied to other things as well.

Basically, it’s about making one little change . . . and there could be major consequences.

There are at least 3 films that address this theory . . . I’ve seen the first one and the third . . . don’t know how I missed the second . . . but since I already saw the third I don’t think the second one matters at this point.

Well, getting back to Time Travel . . . would you want to travel back in time?

In theory I think I would, but getting in some contraption or wiring up myself to do it . . . I don’t know.

Then there’s the issue of explaining who you are . . . especially if you want to meet grandparents or even parents who passed before you were born or were too young to know them.

Would this “meeting” alter time when you return?

I would image that would be enough of a change . . . and how would I get to sit down and talk with them . . . would they tell me about themselves . . . I’m a total stranger? Could I spend several days there? Where would I stay? How would I be able to make contact?

And, more importantly, what would be the consequence(s), if any? And how would I fit into those changes?

It is a fascinating concept . . . but, if we could all do it. there would definitely be chaos . . . Possibly not intentionally . . . and perhaps intentionally . . .

I’m sure we’ve all wondered from time to time what it would be like, if only we did something else . . . it could involve a job, a date, or attending some event rather than doing something else.

I’m not complaining about my life, but I may have wanted to know other family members better . . . The problem is that we live life forwards . . . but we understand it backwards . . . So I do see missed opportunities . . . and things I’ve done that now seem foolish . . . I can say that’s part of growing up and the value of learning from our mistakes . . . But, what if?

That’s always the issue and what authors write about all the time in novels and for the silver screen.

I’m of the belief, until I receive more information, that time travel for me is not an option. Yet, I’ll continue wondering and thinking “what if?”

I hope this got you thinking about time travel and the butterfly effect. I’d like to hear your thoughts on the subject.

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