Did You Hear That?

Jill was attending a party with some of her co-workers.

She was fascinated by the house more than mingling with the party attendees.

There was an elderly man sitting at the top of the stairs.

“This is a lovely old house,” Jill said, hoping to learn more about it.

“Yes, it is. It’s been in my family for generations, but my grandson, Jerod, doesn’t seem to like it much. He’d be comfortable in an apartment . . . which I just may get for him.” The elderly man drifted off in thought.

Jerod, who was Jerod? Jill wondered. She went in search of him when she suddenly heard, “GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!”

Jill and three others promptly ran for the door . . . but the majority of the party guests continued talking, laughing and drinking.

Jill left the party with her three new friends. They stopped at a coffee shop to discuss their experience. Evidently, they were the only ones who heard the old gentleman’s request.

Jill told them about talking with the elderly man at the top of the stairs.

“Jill, I saw you standing at the top of the stairs . . . talking to yourself. There was no elderly gentleman.”

“He told me he was Jerod’s grandfather.”

“Jerod’s grandfather has been dead for 20 plus years.”

Jill realized she was talking to a ghost. She was getting those side-eyed glances people give you when you talk about ghosts and hauntings and such.

“Hey, wait a minute!” Jill demanded. “What made you run to the door? You heard it, too, didn’t you?”

They slowly agreed, but that was different from conversing with a ghost . . .

Jill thought about it over the weekend. She did some research on the house and Jerod’s family history.

Monday morning she was ready to find Jerod and receive an explanation.

Well, she found that Jerod was no longer working . . . he had been confined to a wheel chair after being hit crossing the street. He was currently residing in a nursing home.

After work Jill went to pay him a visit.

She learned that Jerod’s younger brother worked at the office in the mail room. He was looking after the house until Jerod could return home. He was supposed to be making it handicap ready instead of throwing parties.

Jill, told him about meeting his grandfather and hearing him bellow from the top of the stairs to get out.

“Oh, so you heard it, too!!  Did you hear anything else . . . the women talking in the kitchen . . . the bouncing ball in the driveway . . . “

Everyday after work, Jill went to visit Jerod. They spoke of other things besides his grandfather.

Jerod’s physical therapy was going well and soon he would be out of his wheel chair and walking with crutches and later with a cane.

They eventually married and moved into the lovely old house along with the resident ghosts . . . and may I add . . . they all lived happily . . .

This was a fun Real Ghost Story!

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Daytime Ghost Hunting

I’m a daytime ghost hunter.

I prefer to do my ghost hunting during the day.  There are plenty of dark places to go and I like to be able to run out into the daylight, not the dead of night.  Maybe I am chicken. I can get scared and creeped out during the day just as easily as at night. It may not be as exciting with that “chill factor” built in during the daylight hours, but when I have a choice I choose daytime.

My friend Dorothy is a realtor and she found a 5 bedroom Victorian that she just couldn’t resist.  The house was built sometime in the 1880’s and had been empty for close to ten years. For some strange reason it kept falling out of escrow. She was paying cash, so that wasn’t going to be a problem.

She lost her husband a little over a year ago and was thinking of downsizing, but then she thought of holidays and being able to entertain her family in her Victorian mansion.  She was excited about getting repairs and improvements done well before the holidays. And with luck she’d have her house sold by the time she was ready to move in.

With all the repairs, Dorothy was having “buyer’s remorse.”  She wanted me to see the place and tell her what a great buy she made and after the repairs, she was going to have a real treasure of a house.

I love old Victorian houses, but one thing I’m not too fond of is wallpaper. Some of the designs are flowery and just too large for the space. That’s another thing about the floor plan, there are usually a lot of little rooms, but this one did have some walls taken out and the woodwork was beautiful. It was fortunate that a new roof was put on before the house was put on the market, but the yard needed work and the gate out in front gave me the creeps. I don’t know what kind of creatures those were, but they did seem like they were watching me.

That was one thing that Dorothy really liked. So I didn’t insult her gate. I did try to be as positive as possible, but the house was dark and I felt as though I couldn’t breathe in there.  I did go outside on the porch, I thought the place would catch on fire any minute.

While I was out on the porch, I heard talking.

It was unnerving. I believe whatever was in the house was talking about me.

“She knows.”


“Yes, she does.”

“Will she tell.”

“We’ll have to stop her.”

I had no idea what they were talking about, but that was enough for me. I stayed on the front porch and even went into the driveway so I wouldn’t hear any more of the conversation. I knew it was none of my business.

I did tell Dorothy when she asked why I was outside that I had trouble breathing in the house.  I was afraid the whole thing would catch on fire and I hoped she had smoke alarms installed.

Then she got this wild idea to have a séance in the house.  I told her I would prefer to pass, but it was a good idea for her to learn all she could about the house.

I refused to step foot in the house again. I felt sorry for Dorothy, but I knew I wasn’t welcome there and I didn’t want to offend the spirits that were in the house.

As it turned out, that night, the house did catch on fire from poor wiring. It did burn pretty much to the ground, but the fireplaces and chimneys were still standing . . . and the gate.

Dorothy was heartbroken. Her dreams pretty much went up in smoke, but I was relieved. There was something evil in that house. I don’t believe Dorothy would have been comfortable there.

I did go look at the old burned out place recently. Dorothy had it cleaned up nicely. It’s a vacant lot with that ugly gate. I don’t know what she plans to do. There’s no For Sale sign up on the property yet. I think it’s only a matter of time, but I do believe the property is cursed.  I would like Dorothy to have her séance, without me, to find out what is on her property.

I thought it strange how such a lovely house would give me the creeps … but it did and I honor my instincts. I have no idea about the spirits in the house or what secret they were keeping … I’m a bit curious and also cautious when it comes to investigating haunted places where I know I’m not welcome.

I do hope you enjoyed this real ghost story in a real haunted house.

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Haunted Museum

As I was taking my barrels out to the curb in front of my house earlier today, I could hear voices. None of my neighbors seemed to be out … other barrels were out … I couldn’t understand why I was hearing talking. This got me thinking about Mike’s real ghost story when he was working at a museum.

Art Museums are well known for the portraits and the comments of how the eyes seem to follow you. It does give you an uncomfortable feeling after awhile, but when there is a conversation going on when the room is supposed to be empty adds a whole new dimension to this room of portraits.

Mike worked at a museum.

He would conduct tours, but late at night when he was making his rounds to hurry along stragglers he would hear strange sounds. Sometimes there were footsteps echoing along the corridors. Other times he would hear conversations in hushed tones. He tried to make sense of it. He joined one of the security guards one night to make sense out of the sounds he heard.

Pete, the security guard, was interested in the paranormal. He showed Mike a security recording he found interesting. On Mike’s last tour, there was an apparition of a woman following him. Mike was unaware of her at the time. They went through other tapes and found the same ghostly figure following behind Mike. She appeared in the lobby where the tour started. She would appear in other parts of the museum, too on other days.

They tried to get a clear picture of who this ghostly woman was, but had no luck.

After midnight Mike and Pete conducted an experiment with the Ouija Board.

They wanted to contact this woman to learn who she was and why she was following Mike day after day.

It took several tries with no results. They decided to call in a professional psychic to hold a séance. They had to get permission and they also had to show the administrators the security tapes of the apparition that followed Mike around. None of the other museum staff seemed to have a ghost attached to them. They did get permission to hold a séance in the museum with a number of staff members and administrators who wanted to participate. Coordinating schedules was a problem, but several months later they were able to get together with the psychic to hold the séance.

The night of the séance everyone was excited in anticipation of finding out the identity of this ghostly apparition.

The museum administrator set up a buffet table to allow everyone to eat before or after the séance. There were no alcoholic beverages. This was to allow everyone to relax a little and mingle with the psychic before the séance. It was a nice touch for everyone to be comfortable around each other.

Before the séance began, there was the faint echo of footsteps and whispering down one of the corridors. They thought there could be more than one ghost haunting the museum.

During the séance there were many spirits in attendance. Mike’s ghost did appear towards the end. She told of her story of always coming to the museum with her father since she was a little girl and later with him with her children. As time passed and the passing of her father, the growing up of her children and moving away, she would pass the time by visiting the museum from time to time. She was pushed down the steps one day on her way out. She had been in a coma for quite some time from the head trauma and died. She was at the museum trying to find her father — maybe he was there looking for her.

When asked why she attached herself to Mike, she said she just liked him and wanted to be consistent in her search for her father. She wanted to crossover, but didn’t know how to do so and the other spirits in the museum weren’t interested in helping her.

It was a beautiful ending to the séance when the psychic was able to bring the father and daughter together and experience her crossing over. The candles flickered and everyone heard her say, “Thank you.”

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