I have a Tarot Website and I’ve been studying the Tarot lately in those posts. I’ve also looked into the books by Vincent Pitisci. I’m obviously quite impressed by his research in critical, creative, conceptional thinking. That is primarily the reason for this posting — We do have this genius within us. We don’t need to consult the Tarot . . . just think quietly . . . We do have our own way of receiving clarity within our own thoughts.

As Vincent Pitisci explained, we can discover something new from something old . . . or find a different use for something . . . There are lots of new ideas out there — a new invention is within your grasp — even finding a solution to an important issue in your life . . . We seem to always have decisions to make in our everyday life.

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Besides critical thinking, we need a random stimulus — a blueprint or structure that spreads out the concept or the problem or issue. We can tap into our imagination which opens up our intuition . . . We are all intuitive . . . we all have an imagination . . . Much depends upon how often we use them — or allow them to come out.

Our imaginations may go wild when we watch a scary movie . . . every bump in the night — the heat or air conditioning turning on — a creek from the house settling . . . depending upon what we may be watching, we’ll make an association of what is going on within our home with what we see on the television. Even going outside at night, we may imagine a sense of being watched or feeling unsafe . . . it may be true . . . or your imagination . . . or your intuition . . . 

I remember visiting with friends one evening a having a strong sense that I needed to go home NOW! So I excused myself and went home. Nothing was wrong at home . . . No accident happened on the drive home . . . Nothing in the newspaper or on the news that anything happened around my neighborhood . . . I may have avoided something . . . or maybe not . . . I just honor those thoughts and act on them . . . I believe those random thoughts have made me safe.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope this was interesting for you.