David bought a small house a year after his wife of 40 years passed.

He needed a change. The house was a constant reminder of the life he shared with his family — the children were grown with families of their own. So, David decided he needed to move on and maybe a new living environment would help him not be so lost and lonely.

In his new home, David. noticed the rooms were filled with junk from the previous owner.  He phoned the realtor to see if they needed more time to remove all the old belongings they left.  After an hour he received a call saying they took what they wanted and he could do as he pleased with what was left.

He busied himself disposing of all that was beyond repair and put other items into another spare room, for the next trash pick-up day. He also set aside some miscellaneous items to see if at a later date he might find a use for them.

He found a set of iron shelves he put on the wall as a bookcase, he used a couple of old chests to display his wine collection and used a sofa, chair, end tables and coffee table to balance things out a bit.

He was pleased there was a dining table with chairs already set up in the dining area and the kitchen still had dinnerware, silverware, and cookware in the cupboards.

He found an old bird cage he cleaned up and decided to put candles in.

He spent most of the day and evening putting together an old broken rocking chair.

He was sitting in the rocking chair and smelled honeysuckle.  He wasn’t aware if any was planted outside, but he liked the scent and if not, he was going to definitely plant some outside.

He looked around the room, admiring all he accomplished and then wondered what was missing.  He was positive something was missing. Consciously, this was the first time he started furnishing his house, but this was all odds and ends of another life, long ago — not David’s life.  Was he remembering something?  Was some entity there directing him?

He walked into the spare bedroom for anything he could add to his living room. He found a clock he could put on the mantle and some figurines of wild life.

When he arranged them on the mantle, he was feeling a bit more “complete.”

He turned around and said very seriously, “Is there someone here? Were you helping me? I hope you don’t mind my using your furniture, book shelves and these pieces I put on the mantle.  I couldn’t throw some of this stuff out.  I didn’t mean to interfere . . .” David didn’t want to say the next part.  He really liked this little house, but he knew in order to have peace with spirits he would have to get it all out.

“If you don’t want me to be here, I guess I’ll have to sell the house and find someone else to buy it and find someplace else to live. If this is what you want, let me know, but please don’t move things around and make a bunch of noise.  That would scare me half to death.  Thank you.”

It seems everything is fine at David’s house. He’s been there for 5 years now.  He has noticed the rocking chair rocking slightly and he feels there is someone there — an older man keeping him company when he doesn’t have friends or family visiting.

Yes, it does seem possible for the living and the non-living to share a space compatibly together.  Very few mention having a resident ghost in their house, but sometimes they do seem just like one of the family.

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