The imagination goes a bit wild when in the dead of night there is thumping on the wall.

There have been several stories where people have been buried in the wall of a basement or in a wall of the house, perhaps sealing a closet. It’s not something I like to think about or consider, but . . .

Rosie joined us at the coffee shop one morning to tell us her story.

“I know this is a strange story, but it is 100% true,” she said. “It was about 11:30 at night. I was awakened by the sound of thumping on the wall.”

Rosie’s husband Charlie was watching a movie in the living room when he ran up the stairs when the thumping started. It echoed through the house. He was afraid something had happened to Rosie.

They sat on the bed listening. Then they heard, “Please, let me out.”

They opened the sliding closet doors, dresser and chest drawers, but there was nothing they could see stuck inside. Charlie checked the back of the closet and noticed a place where it had been patched.

Although it was close to midnight or just after, Charlie used a hammer to break out the drywall in the back of the closet. In between hammering and pulling out the pieces of drywall, they heard, “No, no, no escape.”

Rosie said it was such a pitiful sound that she couldn’t help answering. “We’re opening the wall, be patient. We’re helping you get out.”

They got the back of the closet opened to the studs, but found nothing.  Rosie was disappointed.

Again, they heard, “I’m still here, but you can’t find me,” coming from behind the studs. That was the closet of the room next door.

Again they broke through the drywall to expose the other closet.

Nothing. But there was thumping and crying.

Charlie and Rosie couldn’t stand to stay in the house. They packed an overnight bag and stayed in a motel.

They didn’t want to go home. It unnerved them enough to think about putting the house on the market to sell, but they needed to replace the drywall and paint inside the closet.

They hired someone to replace the drywall, but while he was working he heard, “Help me, please.”

He called the police.  The police came to investigate, but just saw a house that had drywall removed from inside a closet.

Before the police left there were thumps on the wall in the living room. There was no voice, but it was evident that something was in the wall wanting to get out.  With an axe, the living room wall was opened up. If that wasn’t enough, there were more thumps. Before long the whole house was gutted down to the studs.

Nothing was found, but the thumping continued.

The foundation of the house was excavated and Rosie and Charlie contacted the contractor and the realtor. They were wondering if they had a poltergeist situation.

This wasn’t something Rosie and Charlie could keep from the neighbors.

Rosie and Charlie’s house was leveled and a bare lot with evidence of lots of digging and then filling in. They were looking for answers and also needed a place to stay. They rented a house on the other side of town.

After several months, other houses in the neighborhood were destroyed. Others were hearing the thumping on the walls of their houses. There was no explanation, but the neighborhood that was built up just a few years prior was now barren land.

Some paranormal investigators were brought in and, of course, with that many crack pots.

There was a class-action lawsuit brought against the housing development, the contractors and anyone else they could name. It was not a suitable settlement for the homeowners, because there was no explanation to the thumping on the walls. The homeowners volunteered to open up the walls and to open up the foundation. They also voluntarily gutted their homes.

It makes you wonder if it was mass hysteria or an overactive imagination. If you heard thumping on the wall in the middle of the night and during the day, would you open up the walls or would you bless the house?

There are a few houses standing on the outskirts of the neighborhood. They opted to bless their house and set the trapped spirit free.

Rosie and Charlie agree they may have acted rashly, but you had to have heard the pleading voice. And once you experienced this, would you be able to live in that house?

This story is just too real . . . It may have happened in other neighborhoods, too.

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