It’s truly amazing what you can find at Thrift Stores or after the season sales. I know, too much junk and clutter, but you can put it to use by making holiday wreaths. 

You can make them up and sell them. You wouldn’t believe how many times someone has knocked on my door wondering where I bought my wreath. When I tell them I made it, they immediately ask if they can buy it. 

I do keep a running tally of what it costs for me to make my holiday wreaths, so when the opportunity arises for me to sell one, I multiply my cost by 5 and I have a price — and sometimes I jack it up quite a bit . . . you don’t want to sell your talent too cheap.

I usually sell my wreaths from $25. and up. Sometimes I get things for nothing. Some people at garage/yard sales give away a lot of stuff by the box. Just be sure to look for stuff in the off season for the best bargains.

Have fun finding trash that you can make into a fun front door wreath.