Tree Decorating Guideline

Ever Wonder How Many Lights And Ornaments To Put On Your Christmas Tree?

Here’s a handy guide that will get you moving in the right direction.

It is also a matter of taste. Some people like more lights while others like more ornaments. Garland may be your thing. Can you imagine stringing 54 feet of popcorn garland for your 6 foot Christmas tree?

It’s truly amazing how some studious person figured this out. I hope it is helpful for you.

I may go a bit overboard with ornaments. It’s not that I put them all on the tree, but I buy plenty — especially during those 50% off sales. I like to have them on hand in case I break one and want to change the theme of my Christmas tree.

I may get into garland this year. Of course I can buy it, but I’m wondering about making my own. One year I did paper dolls. I’m sure you’re familiar with the ones cut out of paper and holding hands. I found it fun to make and interesting on my tree. I assure you I didn’t make 54 feet of them . . . goodness.

I was a bit skimpy in the garland department.

Christmas is an exciting time of year where you can follow the old family traditions of tree decorating. I enjoy getting the whole family involved.

Well nothing was said about tinsel . . . I’ve heard so many stories about the care of putting tinsel on the tree . . . one strand at a time. The putting it on is time consuming, but getting it off is another matter.

As I said earlier, I hope this gives you a starting place in purchasing the right number of lights, ornaments and feet of garland to make your Christmas tree a true masterpiece.