I got caught up watching YouTube today — So many people with interesting regression therapy to discover past lives they may have lived. There are also children who know so much about a past life — it is frightening for the parents to hear, but the child needs support in dealing with such memories or visions.

I don’t have definite memories of a past life — I’ve had some crazy dreams about different places of the past . . . I just find the  concept interesting.

What are your views about reincarnation? Leave me a comment.


I hope you find this video interesting. It makes me want to find someone in my area who does regression therapy — also research to help prove that what was experienced could indeed be true.

I don’t know how I’d feel after learning about my past life . . . I suppose it all depends upon how different my past life was from my current life. I wouldn’t want to have bad karma . . .  but perhaps this could be why some things don’t work out as one might prefer.

I’d like to know how you liked the video. Leave me a comment. Has this video changed how you feel about reincarnation?

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