Paranormal Vs. Crazy

Have you watched a movie with a paranormal theme . . . and then discovered that the lead character was actually mentally ill?Attic

For those of you who have seen, The Attic . . . I don’t want to ruin it for those who haven’t . . . so this is a spoiler alert!

There is a woman who sees a woman . . . a dobbelganger? or a twin? . . . that prevents her from leaving the house . . . but she’s also in the house . . . and in the attic . . .

I can accept the fact that others may be messing with her mind . . . but in the end . . . a new family look at the house . . . initially the daughter expresses her fear of it . . . but does go into the attic and meets a spirit . . .

When Delving Into The Paranormal Are We Walking A Fine Line?

Our experiences are not usually prove-able.

We see things, we feel things . . . we get scared by things . . . is it real? . . . or figments of our imagination?

I believe in the paranormal . . . I’ve had too many experiences not to . . . plus I’ve met too many people with similar experiences . . .

I just know that when a house tries to possess you . . . is that even possible? It’s time to seek professional assistance.

There is usually a logical explanation for many disturbances within a house . . . but there are also things that can’t be explained . . . and the simple solution is to say the person is mentally ill. This is unfortunate . . . or the person has no choice but to do as the woman in the movie did . . . Don’t want to do a total spoiler here.

As I’ve said before and most likely will say again and again . . . what is the creepiest for me are homes and common areas where we go regularly. Places that are supposed to be safe.

I had once thought that spirits can’t harm you . . . but they can . . . and they do . . . sometimes on purpose and sometimes by accident . . . maybe due to our own fear we fall down stairs or out a window . . . but when knives are being thrown . . . that’s no accident.

I’d like to tell you a true story . . . not one about scary stuff . . . something light and reassuring.

A good friend of my mother’s was in a nursing home suffering from cancer.

Harriett was unable to walk and care for herself. Her daughter had no choice but to put her mother in a nursing home. So my mother visited her daily. She helped her eat . . . and sat with her while she slept.

One morning I saw Harriett’s ghost walking around the house. She seemed to be looking for something . . . or someone . . . probably my mother who was out shopping before going to visit Harriett.

When my mother returned home, I told her I saw Harriett walking around the house, looking for her.

My mother took it as a sign that Harriett had passed and was able to walk . . . her way of letting my mother know she was all right. A few minutes latter, Beth, Harriett’s daughter called to tell my mother Harriett had passed in her sleep.

Not all ghosts are scary or manipulative. They do come around to let you know they’re all right . . . and sometimes to check up on you . . . just to let you know they still love you.

It is reassuring that there are psychics and paranormal investigators available to contact if you find you have spirits in your house that need to move on . . . there are those that are harmful and cause disturbances in our lives. Some have brought on illnesses . . . sometimes the removal of these entities don’t take the illness with them . . . they remain for the living to deal with . . . so the sooner you can rid your house or work place of these entities that affect your health, the better.

We are living at a time where there are still skeptics, but there are more with open minds . . . we aren’t immediately labeled crazy.

Until next time,