What Do You Do When Things Aren’t Coming Together?

We’ve all been knocked down from time to time.booktree11_edited-1

It doesn’t make it right or pleasant, but it is an opportunity to regroup and take a closer look.

I’m no Pollyanna, but I choose to look on the bright side of every situation . . . not that everything has a silver lining. Some stuff just stinks! But we can move on from devastating situations.

There is that expectation to move on. Not that it’s easy . . . and don’t believe it when people say “it will get easier.” Each loss, each disappointment isn’t easy to accept . . . even if you’ve experienced it before. You grieve, you lick your wounds . . . and you move on . . . through your grief and disappointment.

Life Offers Opportunities And Challenges

Nothing comes together effortlessly.

Some opportunities turn your priorities on its ear. Re-evaluation of those priorities seems to be a constant in my life. I think I have things in order to find new information that sets me back.

You may have experienced the same.

It seems with every opportunity there’s a challenge or two. Some may be spelled out. Others entirely elusive.

Or you believe you’re on the right track only to find it leads to a dead end.

The majority of the time, you can make your life work giving you happiness and success in all aspects. It does seem we do get tangled up in the web of missed opportunities and struggling with the challenges before us.

It has been said and proven that what we think about most often comes to pass in our lives. If we’re constantly worrying, we bring upon us more to worry about. That’s why a positive viewpoint is essential.

I’m Not A Firm Believer In Affirmations Unless I Make Them Up Myself

I’ve read some great affirmations over the years that sound wonderful and are easy to memorize.

These work for the person who wrote them. They are their affirmations. Use them as a model to create your own.

Here are some examples:

  • I Live a Positive Life and Only Attract the Best to Me.
  • I Am Peacefully Allowing My Life To Unfold With Love, Success and Abundance.
  • I Am Making Positive Choices in My Life.
  • I Am Successful.
  • I Am Loved.
  • I’m a Magnet for Success and Good Fortune.
  • I Am Breaking Through Old Habits of Behavior and Moving Forward With My Life.

You know what you want out of life and you know what positive thoughts you should be saying to yourself on a daily basis. It’s nice to begin your day with a positive affirmation and several times throughout the day as well as close your day with it, too.

I remember an exercise from a self-help book I read that advised throughout the day to say, “I can buy that!” It could be a house, a car, something in a shop window, etc.

It didn’t work for me. The reason being I’d add “but I don’t want it.” I was giving the Universe the message that I didn’t desire material goods . . . including money to buy expensive items.

An affirmation only works when you believe what you’re saying.

I know people say to “fake it until you make it.” I’m not a firm believer in that. I believe what you say and repeat must be heartfelt. It must apply to you.

It must resonate within you.

Change Your Thoughts And Actions To Change Your Life

There are phases in your life when you notice that you’re attracting the wrong stuff to you.

I was attracting the wrong people and the wrong opportunities. I knew I had to change this. The mind is a powerful instrument. Make up your mind to change . . . and change will come.

You need to guard your thoughts and your actions must match your thoughts. Not an easy task, but do-able.

It also helps to visualize yourself doing or being what it is you want. See yourself in that car or outfit, with a special person or in a particular job.

Only attract those things to you that don’t belong to others. I would never want a job held by another person or the spouse of someone. I don’t want what belongs to others.

Have you noticed that the life of another person isn’t as wonderful as you might think. People always put their best spin on their situation — hiding what they don’t want others to see or afraid others will discover.

It’s not my intention to lie about my life nor is it my intention to reveal everything. I know many politicians say they’ll be “transparent.” This isn’t true and they knew it wasn’t true when they said it.

Quite honestly could you go around being completely transparent? Would you want everyone to know your thoughts, dreams and aspirations?

Of course not. Once you’re in a committed loving relationship you can reveal what is necessary, but I don’t think you’d want to know every single detail about another person’s life . . . maybe if there’s something dangerous or illegal. It’s something you need to decide.

Live Your Life With Purpose

It’s nice to know where your’re going.countryroad_edited-1

It’s great to have goals and priorities. A plan is wonderful, if it can also be flexible.

There is always something new we learn about what we’re doing.

I had a major revelation about affiliate marketing that completely knocked me for a loop. I was devastated for days. I was even unable to work on my blogs.

I had some major decisions to make. I had to make adjustments in my thinking and to gain more information for me to create something positive and productive.

I had to take a long hard look at my priorities and how they stacked up against this new information.

I’ve made some changes and I’m still working on others. It is a process I’m going through. Sure, I could throw it all away and start over, but I don’t know if down the road I could find a way to salvage and improve what I have.

I know I need to let go of some things. That’s difficult for me, but it has been weighing on my mind for quite some time. When I’m ready, I will.

That’s important for you, too. Don’t go off making changes without giving it considerable thought and making adjustments along the way. This is a journey. You want to end up where you want to be . . . and if it isn’t what you thought it could be, you need to make the necessary changes. It is definitely a process with no easy answers.

I wish you all the best,