Do you believe it? You can actually cook hamburgers in your waffle iron!!waffleburgers

I found this really good article that shows all kinds of stuff you can cook on your waffle iron. Seeing is believing. Check it out.

I wasn’t too sure about all the things, but you know, it does make sense. It’s also good to know how versatile a waffle iron can actually be.

You may need one. I’ve checked out some waffle irons:

This definitely goes into the category of learning something new. So I’ve fulfilled my quota for today. I’m really delighted to learn this. Also, you may already know this, but some of these waffle irons comes with pancake plates, so you have a choice of pancakes or waffles. That’s really cool.

Please check out the article. Hopefully, you’ll be as delighted as I was to see all the things you could cook in your waffle iron. Some people are really clever and don’t mind cleaning up a mess if their little experiment doesn’t work. That’s why I don’t come up with clever ideas — I don’t like cleaning up messes . . . and I’ve made plenty of them over the years.

It was always a treat to have waffles at my house. It was cooking at the table which was so very strange to me, but it worked and there was always a fresh supply of hot out of the waffle maker waffles for us to enjoy.

Appliances have really come a long way over the years to fulfill our needs.

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