Camping and Ghost Stories Are A Natural Fit

With spring, it is only natural for you to get all excited about your camping trip.

And, the fun thing is, you don’t have to leave your own backyard.

This is wonderful for the whole family to enjoy. I know of one family who does a whole Friday night to Sunday camping trip in the grandparent’s backyard. They run movies — like the old drive-in and have tokens for the kids to buy snacks and each family has their own tent for sleeping.

It’s an excellent way for the whole family to get together and to spend some quality time together without going far away and spending a lot of money.

This works out well for slumber parties, too.

Having your own tent set up in the backyard is a natural vacation you can take anytime . . . and have your ghost stories ready!!

Here we have the Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Screened Tent

It is polyester and has two rooms which sleeps 6 campers comfortably. It is designed for easy setup.

The one thing we’re all worried about is rain and if this tent will keep the rain out — Yes, it will. This boasts the Coleman WeatherTec System:

  • Leak-Free Seams
  • Weather-Resistant Fabric
  • Protected Seams
  • Waterproof Floors
  • Zipper Protection
  • Wind Strong Frame

It wouldn’t hurt to set the tent up and give it a bit more waterproofing protection — most seasoned campers do this automatically when they buy a new test. It’s best to do your due diligence.

I’m excited about this tent — and having room to move. So, wherever you plan to do your camping, give Coleman tents a serious look in the size you want and need for your family camping trip.

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Thanks for stopping by — and set it up in your own backyard to get more use out of it.


Ravensblight Cemetery Free Paper Craft

Ray O’Bannon has been busy over at RavensBlight.

He has this cool cemetery complete with all the graves . . .

It does seem a big crowded . . . 

It would be worthwhile to take some time to check it out and read the assembling instructions before printing it out on card stock. I personally like to see how it all comes together before getting into the middle of it and discovering I glued something wrong.

This is really exciting to have a fancy cemetery to go with all the great haunted places you can make as well.

Ray has also included an interview with the caretaker. Now that is truly something.

And, the place won’t get lonely, there are lots of “monsters” you can place in and around the place.

I’m sure you remember these guys . . . I’ve even used them as cupcake toppers for my Halloween celebrations.

Be sure to take a look around RavensBlight. There are lots of haunted toys that may be of interest to you.

Besides all the haunted buildings, there are haunted ships — those are real treasures. And there are vehicles and airplanes. Keep on looking and you’ll find a lot of things you’ll want to make for yourself or a particular member of your family or even a friend or two.

And don’t forget all those great coffins you can make and fill with goodies for your guests.

I know it’s spring and Easter is coming up, but those coffins with tasty treats might just hit the spot with your ghost hunting friends and all the little ghouls you might have coming around.

Have some fun with this cemetery and the monsters . . . and whatever you find of interest.

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Put On Your Dancing Shoes

I just love modern technology!!

When I found these rhythm shoes, I couldn’t stop laughing!!

They’re great!! It’s like in the old days when there were dance lessons kits where you set the shoe patterns on the floor and would step on them to music.

Well, this has the dance steps in the shoes!!

You can learn many different dance styles, too. It is truly amazing!

You may want to see it for yourself and I have a great video to share with you. No, I’m not dancing, but I can relate to having two left feet and looking awkward.

What do you think?

I have no idea where to buy them or at what price, but I’m sure in time they will be all the rage and you’ll know about them first!! Because you saw it here at!!!

I know I need to be careful not to break my arm from patting myself on the back 🙂

It’s always fun to find something new and cutting edge that could be the next hot item on your Christmas shopping list. It’s never too early to plan ahead. And think about those summer weddings you’ll be invited to . . . or just social gatherings. Dancing often times is at play and you won’t want to be a wallflower, now would you.

These “rhythm shoes” may make a positive difference in your life.

I hope this blog post was informative for you.

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Light Up Flashing UFO Spinning Tops with Gyroscope

Wow! It’s always fun to buy Party Favors in bulk — especially novelty items.

I like having something different for kids and adults to enjoy when celebrating birthdays, holidays and get-togethers.

These novelty items would be great for just about all occasions.

  • You get a set of 12 of these UFO Gyro Spinning Tops
  • The LED lights change patterns as they spin
  • Peg-Top Spinners with Gyroscope
  • The set has 4 blue, 4 green and 4 red

This is a fun novelty party favor for ages 3 years and up.

They’re great for Easter Baskets, Christmas Stockings, Halloween Treats!!

It’s a great price for a great fun time.

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